ProBit will be a worldwide coin-to-coin (C2C) exchange based on a world-class trading engine that will provide users with a quick and powerful trading experience

Initially, Probit is formally responsible for a more secure blockchain technology utilized by generally cryptocurrencies. The very essence of probit exchange is for world class trading and users to make smarter choices and be up and coming on market trends. In making use of the blockchain technology, traders are able to uncover fundamental data about every exchange that takes place. Presently, this will change the manner in which decisions are made and business is done for the two new companies and already established associations. Probit exchange, information science and investigation are emerging disciplines… and so is the blockchain technology.

PROBIT platform seeks to enable enterprises and traders to easily construct and deploy their very own blockchain exchange inside the cloud. These marketplace will be responsible for purchasing and selling of information based on cryptocurrency tokens. These tokens can be cashed out or used to purchase other services available on these marketplace. All exchanges are properly tracked on the blockchain safely. PROBIT Exchange is very much needed in understanding the large measurements involved in genomic information gathering too.

The Team behind the PROBIT are experts in computer technology with long years of experience. They have had venture portfolios in the areas of business and trading programming .They can factor into the best models for a successful business. This Probit Exchange platform provides flexibility to traders as they foster different exchange for different sorts of use case scenarios.

Here are some of the key Features that the PROBIT platform will offer:

An accessible, yet advanced platform for application developers

A quick and secure cloud network that supports private and open blockchains

An independent, open ecosystem where business and outsiders can connect and direct business exchange

Authenticity: it has mechanisms that provide businesses and end users (people) very quality information.

The Unique Tokenization System

The Probit blockchain coins tokens will be really used to complete all exchanges on the Probit platform and likewise as a medium of remuneration to authentic information providers.

The PROBIT Coin token will likewise serve as a very crucial tool for marketing operations and will likewise be used to rewards, incentivization all supported by the keen contract.

The PROBIT Exchange

It will adequately serve as a market for coin to coin exchange, processing related services and a large group of every single other service that are designed to completely operate on the PROBIT chain. ProBit Exchange is worked to be the most professional, worldwide and secure marketplace for digital assets. ProBit provides traders with the best trading experience through its top performing coordinating engine, superior security utilizing FIDO U2F hardware key, completely customizable dashboard and 150+ digital currencies ready to be listed. ProBit’s vision is to become the most innovative platform that will create waves in the worldwide cryptocurrency market. Aside this peculiarities mentioned above the Probit marketplace will likewise serve as a bridge in which all the third (outsiders)/service providers and vendors alike can really offer their services for PROBIT users utilization.

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