ProBit platform is a one of a kind computerized resource exchange that has strived to be not quite the same as the different copycat exchanges that has advanced into the market. It is a stage worked to end up the most worldwide, proficient and secure advanced exchange for traders. Probit is outstanding in every one of the major budgetary markets. It is a worldwide C2C (Coin-to-Coin) exchange that will be the significant piece of its future nearby fiat-to-coin exchange set up in numerous nations. Probit made a top score trading motor to give fast and vigorous trading knowledge. In addition, its copious liquidity and trading sets made it the most proficient market for computerized resources. The stunning features joined in the exchange helped traders amid investigation and basic leadership about the decision of exchange. A portion of the features are a customizable dashboard and multilingual customer benefit, and also the forthcoming improvements like edge trading and ICO stages.

What Makes It Unique?


As expressed before, ProBit is unique. A strong security makes it unique in relation to other advanced resource exchanges that has multiplied the market. ProBit offered various choices for vendors or traders to defend their advanced resources with the goal that they can feel safe to keep and exchange their benefits in the exchange. ProBit stage did not joke with security. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency exhibited an enormous potential for traders however we as a whole realize security is as yet the essential worry that upsets the general acknowledgment of cryptocurrency as a venture resource. ProBit has tended to the issue since it was made to be the most secure stage where traders feel secure to contribute their advantages.

The mystery behind ProBit’s security

It keeps in any event 95% of advanced resources in chilly wallets (disconnected storage). Disconnected or chilly storage is an extraordinary strategy to prevent against burglary or misfortune.

It upheld FIDO U2F equipment security keys and programming based 2FA, for example, Google Authenticator. For example, if a customer makes an equipment key, a programmer can’t approach the exchange without the key.

Information is stored with the best encryption calculation. That implies protection data and wallets private key is scrambled on many occasions for most extreme security.

Great Processing Speed

ProBit is an extraordinary trading platform that performed past desires dependent on unrivaled innovation. Its coordinating motor is prevalent among its competitors. It can process above 1.5 million exchanges for every second. It is solid with a quick handling velocity and that gave its clients an incredible favorable position in the market.

Great trading condition

ProBit has a ground-breaking comprehensive interface for expert traders. It is helpful and easy to use with the end goal that even novices thought that it was anything but difficult to utilize. ProBit utilizes a key programming which is a secluded dashboard that will empower full customization. With an accessible customizable design, the dashboard bolsters adjustments that suits every merchant. All investors can rapidly place arranges on an amazing framework with the completely customized interface.

Advantages of PROB Token Holder

•Trade charge rebate (as indicated)

•Voting rights to enlist new tokens (contingent upon PROB possession)

•Increased referral reward (contingent upon PROB proprietorship)

•Initial access to new features (contingent upon PROB)

The ProBit stage and investigate the accompanying conceivable outcomes for new features when the stage is prepared:

Trading Edge – arranged

Including more cash sets – arranged

Exchange File – examining

Prospects Trading – examining

ICO Marketplace platform – arranged

Membership Level; Each client has different rights, this will be changed in accordance with a few dimensions to get more limits and different rewards.

To wrap it up, ProBit furnished clients with a few alternatives of the most trusted coins (e.g Bitcoin , Ethereum and the preferences ) .


The ProBit token (PROB) is the utility token at ProBit Exchange. PROB provides benefits for traders including trading fee discounts, voting rights for listing of new tokens, increased referral bonus, and early access to new features on the platform. PROB is currently in the Pre-Sale phase where participants can get a special 10% bonus upon purchasing the ProBit Token.

The PROBIT TOKEN (PROB) is a utility token which will serve different purposes on the exchange. PROB would be used as trading fees for traders who use the exchange to carry out trading transactions. The PROB TOKEN would also be used to pay users who refer other people to use ProBit exchange.

The TOKEN SALES; Pre-sale and Private sales round of the ProBit token were very successful. ProBit Exchange has currently scheduled its one day Main Sale event for the ProBit Token (PROB) which will take place on the 11th of December, 2018. The ProBit Token would be sold to buyers at just 0.2$ per token during the main Sale period. Participants will not get any bonus as the Pre-Sale round has offered 10% to those who purchased Tokens. If you would like to make a purchase, kindly visit

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