A cryptocurrency digital assets exchange is a platform to purchase or sell crypto assets, which may be a website or application where Bitcoin and numerous other cryptocurrency are being traded. Crypto exchange provides buyers and sellers the chance to trade their main coins or assets against other altcoins and those tokens can likewise be converted to varrious famous fiat like the USDT for nearby and domestic use.

It promisingly serve as a connection between buyers and sellers, enabling them to exchange digital and fiat money for bitcoin, ether and Litecoin. An exchange can likewise serve as a cryptocurrency store for most digital assets, as every token as its very own digital wallet where its tokens are stored.

Crypto exchange has been the start in cryptocurrency as it defines the value of the total crypto worth and at the moment it seems as though most crypto lovers and big time investors are moving towards the exchange aspect of cryptocurrency rather than other aspect like mining. This has caused high spike in the number of exchanges that has been launched over the most recent couple of long periods of 2018, we get to see multiple exchange jumping up step by step. The rise in the nunber of crypto exchanges additionally comes with a price Of which some developers dispatch insane exchange based on a poor framework which can not survive every day inflow of users and customers purchasing and selling activities, one of the biggest challenge of crypto exchange is hackers and security breaches yet at the same time yet among the increasing birth of exchanges some developers still dispatch exchange which have numerous vulnerabilities for hackers to explore thereby endangering the assets of numerous Traders.

I will like to feature some of the different challenge and mistakes most crypto exchange developers make when propelling a cryptocurrency exchange.

● Absence of fortified security features.

A large portion of the exchanges arround entails a single purpose of failure which gives most hackers the chance to explore any loophole they see and thereby make away with investors reserves. With the current state of cryptocurrency this are not the times to condole any type of misfortune as a result of hackers activities, for crypto currency to pick up the much waited madd market selection and visbility its cutting for there is need for traders and investors to feel secure and have the assurance that Their investments and assets are kept secured out of the reach of hackers and cyber hoodlums.

Probit have seen the decay in the like of crypto exchanges and would need to adress it by building an exchange that will be a better improvement to existing ones. Probit exchange promises to stand out among other exchange in terms of service delivery security and professionalism.


Every investors would love to invest and trade on a crypto assets where his assets and investment have guarantee of safety. And this is the thing that many exchange does not have, the ability to provide ideal security for safe guarding investors assets. This is where probit stands out. Probit is ready to provide varrious security choice to traders where there crypto assets will be safe and they can trade freely without fear of lossing their assets to hackers. The safety of users assets is guaranteed.

People with financial assets love to keep their assets safe and probit has taken it upon themselves to create a cryptocurrency exchange which can coordinate with the current financial wave.


Since the inception of crypto currency numerous private and institutional investors have dive into the creation and development of exchange. Which has made the number of low end exchange and trick related exchange to increase over time there by causing misfortune o assets to the users. Probit platform is being developed to correct this error, by building a masterpiece exchange that will stand rest of time and deliver to the customer what they really need.

In achieving this probit exchange is being developed as a worldwide phenomenon. Probit exchange is as worldwide coin to coin platform which will support fiat to coin exchange in several countries.

Probit exchange is being developed to compete with the elites of crypto exchanges so varrious trading pairs will be integrated into it in order to help liquidity and purchase volume. In the midst of these features probit will likewise have a customisable dashboards and will likewise support multi-lingual customer support system to easily address customer issues and protestations easily.

Probit security features will be top score in order to ensure that all customer assets are securely safe guarded.


Probit isn’t like the rest exchange we have seen, probit is coming into the crypto space with a whole new way to deal with crypto exchange, with special features that will guarantee top performance and greatest customers ssatisfaction.



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