ProBit Exchange understands how security is an essential consideration for cryptocurrency traders in selecting their platform of choice. Thus, ProBit places need in ensuring that only a profoundly reliable Coin-to-Coin (C2C) exchange platform is offered to its users. ProBit’s trading environment is characterized by strong security utilizing key features and protocols that give its users peace of brain in storing and trading a wide range of digital assets on the exchange.

Cool Wallet Storage

More than 95% of ProBit digital assets are stored in cool wallets. Cool wallets are a type of offline storage which makes them less vulnerable from security breaches of online theft. Since these wallets are not connected to the internet, they are ultimately secured from hackers endeavoring to access accounts through the internet. What’s more, ProBit’s information, especially private data and wallet keys, are encoded multiple times utilizing a solid encryption calculation.

While a large portion of user assets are securely stored and safe from hackers in the harsh elements wallet, they are able to proceed with their standard trading exchanges conveniently with only some of their digital assets in the online wallet. And because only a little segment of digital assets are stored online, it does not pull in attention from online thieves as the hacking resources needed outweigh the overall additions.

Hardware Security Keys ProBit supports two-factor hardware security keys as an added layer of defense against hackers. Two-factor authentication requires both login credentials, for example, username and secret word, and a physical item that only the user has. For ProBit users who choose to embrace U2F, they will need the run of the mill login data when marking in to the trading environment, in addition to the U2F USB hardware device. As Universal second Factor (U2F) – which uses USB and NFC technology – is supported by ProBit, software-based two-factor authentication (2FA, for example, Google Authenticator may likewise be used. These security standard specifications are hosted by the open-authentication industry consortium known as the FIDO Alliance.

Having FIDO U2F hardware security keys provides added protection against session seizing and phishing among other online assaults, without adding complexity to how users typically log on to normal websites. The U2F technology has been deployed to the most commonly used browsers, and enables moment authentication without the need to write extra codes or introduce specially appointed drivers.

Standard Security Protocols


ProBit deploys standard security protocols and practices to its trading environment. To start with, session management ensures that access is available only when needed and session captures are prevented as the platform initiates time outs when idleness for an extended period of time is detected. Second, you will notice that HTTPS is seen on the URL interface upon login wherever you go on the platform. The use of HTTPS proves that secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate has been installed on ProBit’s server and ensures that any data, especially sensitive ones, are communicated to the user’s client server or web browser over an encrypted connection. Thusly, when login or trade order data is passed on between the user and ProBit, these are transmitted securely and are not susceptible to hackers interested in making use of the data.

With these security features and protocols, ProBit ensures each of its users that they are trading in a completely secure environment where they may basically concentrate on their triumphant trading strategies without stressing over getting hacked. Join to and experience straightforward trading today!

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