One thing that is sure and constant in our world today is change. The world is changing every day. We have seen the changes that have occurred in the cryptocurrency market in these few years. It has gone from a state of few million market cap to a market cap of over 700 billion in the recent times. Different countries have started making use of cryptocurrencies in one way or another. The cryptocurrency market is now more popular than ever before through the emergence of many new cryptocurrencies, exchanges and blockchain projects. But the question I have right now is that even with the changing environment, why is it that many cryptocurrency exchanges have continued to Lag? Why do they find it difficult to leave their comfort zone and upgrade? You know when you login to a cryptocurrency exchange to deposit, trade or withdraw your funds and its acting all sluggish and keeps refreshing and refreshing, that can be very annoying to cope with. Many users have complained about several issues affecting them while they make use of different exchanges but these complains have fallen mostly on deaf ears.

Every day, more and more exchanges emerge, but is that what is really needed? It’s not about the quantity of the cryptocurrency exchanges that are available but of the quality of the few that are available to trade in. Today, I have found an interesting project I would love to share with you named PROBIT EXCHANGE.


ProBit exchange is a new generation exchange created by leading professionals who are well schooled in the blockchain industries and have adequate knowledge of cryptocurrency exchanges and how to run them. Probit exchange was born out of complains and inadequate corrections of the issues facing cryptocurrency traders who make use of already existing exchanges daily. Let us now look at what Probit has come to solve and what Probit is offering traders and users of cryptocurrency exchanges.


Having heard the complains of current exchange users, the ProBit team decided to bring out something that will satisfy the needs of exchange users using the power of the blockchain technologies to create and step up security, user interface and many other necessary features needed on a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange.


Security is the first thing every intending trader looks out for when going to sign up an account on the exchange. No one wants to put their funds in an exchange that is susceptible to hacks or security breaches. We have often heard of major cryptocurrency exchanges losing users funds due to hacks and not duly compensating them. Some exchanges have had to shut down operations due to these sad security issues. Such instances have further made cryptocurrency and blockchain look like a scam.

The team behind ProBit exchange knows that their users are very important to them and their funds are not to be joked with in any form. This is why they have decided to place about 95% of their exchange offline in cold storage to avoid hackers gaining access and stealing funds. Probit has put in tight security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the exchange. Also, 2FA security such as Google Authenticator and Universal Factor Authentication is enabled on the exchange in order to further secure its users accounts and funds. The exchange automatically logs out users who are idle and not active but remain active. All these layers of security measures are what makes ProBit stand out from its peers.


Another thing I look out for as a cryptocurrency trader is the ease of use of an exchange. Not all traders are equal in terms of experience. Some traders are beginners and others are experienced, so you cannot expect everyone to easily use an exchange in the same manner. But sadly, most currently existing exchanges don’t seem to understand this point.

Probit has made their exchange with are simple to use for both Noobs and experienced traders. The ProBit exchange has the Advanced and Basic user interface. Also, the exchange allows its users to design and customize their own dashboards as they wish to by making use of provided features. It is quite an interesting and user friendly exchange if I must say.


When we want to trade on most exchanges, what we usually find are just BTC and ETH pairings. This is rather weird now looking at it from the same angle as the ProBit developers and team. Why should it be just those two? Is it because they are the most commonly used cryptocurrencies or because they are everyone’s favorite coin? Well, with ProBit exchange things are different. For a start, ProBit offers its users 5 major trading pairs. They are Bitcoin, Etherum, Tether, EOS, and ProBit Token. This gives traders the ability to easily convert their tokens when needed without having to spend more converting from one currency to another. This multiple trading pairs allows for flexibility on the Probit exchange.

It is also worthy of note that ProBit exchange would be accessible to all and sundry no matter the device you use in accessing it unlike some exchanges that do not accept some certain operating exchanges.


The ProBit token (PROB) is the utility token at ProBit Exchange. PROB provides benefits for traders including trading fee discounts, voting rights for listing of new tokens, increased referral bonus, and early access to new features on the platform. PROB is currently in the Pre-Sale phase where participants can get a special 10% bonus upon purchasing the ProBit Token.

The PROBIT TOKEN (PROB) is a utility token which will serve different purposes on the exchange. PROB would be used as trading fees for traders who use the exchange to carry out trading transactions. The PROB TOKEN would also be used to pay users who refer other people to use ProBit exchange.

The TOKEN SALES; Pre-sale and Private sales round of the ProBit token were very successful. The team has decided to have a one day main sale which will be coming up soon.

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