ProBit, the Global Asset Exchange

ProBit, the Global Asset Exchange


The world of finance is changing fast. In the past year, there has been an explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies around the world. The world is dynamic constantly shifting, and presents new opportunities. We aim to build the ProBit platform that will guide this new technology into the future, starting with a new innovative cryptocurrency exchange.


In building the ProBit platform, we sought to distinguish the platform from the numerous copycat exchanges that have proliferated the market. In our vision of ProBit, we have sought to build a platform that would be the most global, professional, and secure digital asset exchange for traders.


ProBit aims to be truly global with digital asset exchanges in each of the major financial markets. will be a global Coin-to-Coin (C2C) exchange that will be the center of the ProBit’s upcoming local fiat-to-coin exchange set up in several country.


ProBit built a world-class trading engine to provide fast and robust trading experience. With abundant liquidity and trading pairs, ProBit will be the most efficient market for digital assets. The features built into the exchange will help traders analyze and determine the right trades to make. These features include a customizable dashboard and multi-lingual customer service, and future developments such as margin trading and ICO platforms.


A key characteristic that differentiates ProBit from as margin trading and ICO platforms. other digital asset exchanges is solid security. ProBit will offer a wide array of options for traders to secure their digital assets so they can feel safe to store and trade assets on the exchange.


PROB is a utility token at ProBit. The main usage of PROB is to pay for fees on the ProBit exchange. ProBit will issue 200,000,000 PROB, never to increase. PROB can be acquired at the issuance of the tokens as described in the following section or at ProBit exchange. PROB will be an ERC-20 standard token.


PROB is a payment token at ProBit Exchange, by which the trading fee, listing fee, etc. can be paid. Furthermore, PROB provides a number of utilities within the exchange platform, which include but are not be limited to:

Trading fee discounts (as prescribed below)

Voting rights for listing of new tokens (dependent on PROB holding)

Increased referral bonus (dependent on PROB holding)

Early access to new features (dependent on PROB holding)

ProBit will implement a tiered membership system for users. The tiers will consist of “Standard” users and multiple levels of “Premium” users depending on the PROB holding by users . The service will provide enhanced benefits for those “Premium” users that hold the required PROB balance . The membership level will be adjusted on a daily basis. Premium users will qualify for enhanced fee discounts and referral bonus, listing voting rights, and priority access to new features and trading products.


The ProBit platform will continue to develop and expand in scope over time. This roadmap provides an estimated timeline of when the team will achieve development goals






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