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The initial coin offering (ICO) is an unpleasant cryptographic money space, comparable to an IPO in the world of standard speculation. ICOs are a kind of pledge; an organization hoping to make another coin, application or administration, sends an ICO. Intrigued financial experts then purchase the offer with either cash or pre-computerized tokens, such as broadcast. In exchange for their help, financial experts receive another digital currency token, clearly indicated in the ICO.

Blockchain and cryptographic forms of money are moderately new achievements that open up emerging markets. Due to the fact that recently digital forms of money themselves and the standard enthusiasm for them are developing rapidly, this innovation has offered to rise in many new companies, to attract assets through ICO or with the help of more and more familiar choices. Most enterprises are identified with the alleged tokenization.

In addition, for users, thanks to the integration of API exchanges, the function of transferring cryptocurrency from one exchange to another will be available, easily secure and affordable. In addition, cryptocurrency assets are created to improve the lives of ordinary consumers, provide privileges to business owners by using a simple Product Protocol program and simplifying the process of paying for goods and services, crowdfunding / crowd Project Project Project based on the publication of digital assets, integration with all business processes, fund management and financial operations. which will provide a simple use of cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services through crowdfunding / crowding programs, will make new steps in the development of market relations and digital assets.

The principle of the product protocol project

Product Protocol is an innovative financial system that includes several applications designed to solve problems existing in the field of cryptocurrency. A universal token for any asset allows you to instantly create digital assets and decentralized markets that will allow people from all over the world to buy them. Despite the rapid growth in the popularity of virtual currencies, their use in everyday life is still a problem. The main reason for this is the high level of volatility of digital assets, which makes it impossible to use them as a reliable means of paying for goods and services. It should be noted that not every market participant is ready to accept cryptocurrency as payment, since fluctuations in value per day can be from 7 to 15 percent.

Platform Services:

  • Product Evaluation Services: Evaluation Administrations for assessing and tokenizing resources, collecting first benefit data, scientific data and resource tokens.
  • DAsset system: this is a distributed structure that checks data on physical and additional resources, owners of the Advanced level are substituted. Moreover, there are associations with compartments and resources.
  • DAsset: a circulating computerized compartment or set of metadata that sets out everything that produces.


  • PPO = 0,5$
  • SoftCap: 5 000 000$
  • HardCap: 32 500 000$
  • ICO: 25.04 – 25.06

Team Product Protocol

Project Development Plan

Let’s take a look at the Roadmap for the Product Protocol project. She points to the plans and goals of the project developers, both intermediate and major. The stages of financing and tasks for which it is directed are indicated. Acquainted with this card, we see what the company has already managed to do, at what stage is in the current moments and what are its plans for the future.

In conclusion, I would like to say that such a project has every chance of success in a crypto-community and bring profit to its investors in the near future. A team of professionals that stands at its origins, a clear development plan, ideology and relevance make the Product Protocol an advanced platform that helps the cryptocurrency sphere make a breakthrough in the future.

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