Crypto currency is a digital asset intended to fill in as a medium of trade that utilize cryptography to secure its exchanges, to control the making of extra units, and to check the exchange of benefits. Cryptographic forms of money are a type of computerized monetary standards, elective monetary forms and virtual monetary standards. Digital forms of money utilize decentralized control rather than brought together electronic cash and focal managing an account frameworks. The decentralized control of every digital currency works through a blockchain, which is an open exchange database, working as a disseminated record.

The legitimacy of every cryptocurrency’s coins is given by a blockchain. A blockchain is a persistently growing list of records, called blocks, which are connected and secured utilizing cryptography.



Productivist’s Blockchain Project aims to innovate the way we currently work, creating a new standard for smart manufacturing production. Thanks to the Blockchain, our open eco-system will manage the manufacturing 4.0 chain of command, decentralizing the production.

Productivist is a Blockchain platform designed specifically to form an open data stream. It will allow manufacturing companies and private organizations to find the clients across the globe and power the industrial revolution. The manufacturing industries around the globe have started presuming that only expensive investment, aggressive management, and relocations can help them in gaining a good profit.

The team at Productivist does not believe in such an expensive solution. It believes that your business organization can have many other great opportunities to gain profit without investing a huge amount. Productivist is offering an open and global alternative to those expensive solutions. The journey was started with It is a collaborating network that offers potential clients to the 3D printer owners across the globe. There are over 3000 certified companies, individuals, and Freelancers using this platform to offer impeccable solutions to industrial and private clients.

Features that make Productivist perfect for your needs:

To shortlist a few of many features, we have chosen the given benefits.

  • Affordable sourcing
  • Effectiveness of all the procedures
  • You can choose any order quantity
  • Rigorous IP protection
  • Confirmable work records
  • Quality manufacturing and affordable transportation
  • Real-time progress tracking to assure on-time delivery of the product
  • Over 3000 verified and certified 3D printers

All of these features turn Productivist into a great platform for the manufacturing sector that is struggling to find reliable manufacturing industries. Many industrialists have chosen this platform and found it beneficial for their business.

How the Productivist Work?

The mechanism of Productivist is quite easy. First, Creating a project. The buyer as one of the Productivist stakeholder will create a project, and automatically blockchain technology will verifying the capability of the buyer whether they can complete the transaction or not.

Second, when the buyer’s project has been accepted by Productivist’s platform, the platform will automatically be selecting the best manufacturers for completing the buyer’s project. This selection is based on the track record of the manufactures, certifications, the technical aspects of the project, and the capacity that available. With this automatic selection, it can be believed that this mechanism will be increasing the transparency and efficiency.

Third, Pricing. After the best manufacturers for have been chosen for buyer’s project, the manufacturers will be given the opportunity to customize and negotiating the price by themselves. Fourth, after the three previous step, the next step is Project management. This step has marked the starting and closing of the project, and this step is allowing the manufactures to allocating a slot in the manufacturing flow and informing the buyer about the progression of his work.


Token Sale Structure

• Symbol: PROD

• 1 PROD =0.10 €

• Hard Cap: Equivalent of 20 million € EUR;

• Soft Cap (Minimum Raise): If less than the equivalent of 2 million € EUR in proceeds have been received by the Token Sale End Date (the “Minimum Raise”), then all funds raised will be returned to participants (less any applicable transaction costs). Any refunds due to failure to meet the Minimum Raise will be refunded within a reasonable period of time from the end the Token Sale End Date;

• Maximum Supply: 385,000,000 PROD tokens.

The final number of ProducTokens created will be determined by how many tokens are distributed during the ICO.

The Productivist Token Sale will take place on S1 2018. It should be noted that (ii) until the amount of contributions received reaches 20 million € EUR the Productivist reserves the right to extend the Closing Date, in its sole discretion, up to 3 times with each extension being 30 days (the “Token Sale End Date”). If on the Closing Date or on the last occasion that Productivist extends the Closing Date (as the case may be) and Productivist has not received a minimum of 2 million EUR in contributions, this will result in contributions being returned to contributors.


In conclusion. roductivist platform get the chance to purchase smart manufacturing, modeling, and designs as well as consultation services.

Download the Whitepaper: and visit the below links for more information;






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