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What is Profede ?

Profede is a decentralized protocol that can be used by companies to obtain data on people’s professional behavior. This project was designed to eliminate the need to use the services of intermediaries, which make the process of recruiting employees more difficult and more expensive. According to the developers of Profede, the services of such personnel agencies are ineffective.

As a result, it was decided to develop a platform whose goal is to create a decentralized professional ecosystem that can compensate users for the provision of their data without the need to use the services of intermediaries whose main goal is their own enrichment. Blocking technology allows such platforms to competently organize the protection of user data from hacking or theft.

Profede-The next generation of professional data privacy

On the Profede platform, the user is given a lot of opportunities for self-realization: professionals in one or another sphere control the data in their profile and decide who can access their data. They also have the right to determine which companies or users can buy their personal data for their specific purposes.

Thanks to the blocking technology, the project developers managed to create a decentralized protocol that allows users to easily store profile information and manage their data, which will be available to third parties. In addition, the use of blockchain will help in the integration of the service with third-party resources and applications. Since all the data is recorded in the unit, the company will only receive reliable and reliable information when purchasing data.

The Profede protocol for storing and processing professional data will allow companies to make appropriate payments for user data regardless of the platform on which this person’s information is located. In this case, there is no need to use intermediaries, since the interaction between the two parties is due to the ecosystem itself.
Instead of paying for the services of intermediaries, companies can automatically make personal offers to selected users based on their rating and feedback in the profile, using a decentralized application for working with the platform.

Problem and Solution

In the current professional ecosystem, “middlemen” are software creators that use the data of their users (the professionals) to sell on to businesses that pay large amounts of capital in return. During this exchange professionals do not receive anything, except the service itself. This is a lose-lose scenario for professionals and businesses, while the traditional professional networks and recruitment intermediaries get richer in the process.

Inside the Profede Protocol, businesses directly market to professionals and professionals upload their data and can earn PATO tokens in exchange for this data.

Profede technology enables:

  1. Scalable search through massive datasets.
  2. Data privacy and professional anonymity.
  3. Incentives to participate in the recruiting and social selling markets.
  4. Portable professional profiles and feedback ratings.

Token Sale

Fundraising Conditions

Volume (finite amount created) 6,000,000,000 PATO
Tokens on ICO sale 3,000,000,000 PATO (50%)
Hard Cap: $20M
Soft Cap: $1.5M
Presale Discount: Presale Discount: 30%
PATO Price: $0.01

Crowdsale Period

The public crowdsale will begin on June 1st, 2018. The fundraiser will continue until the hard cap of $20 million is met (or for 105 days). If there are remaining tokens after the crowdsale period these tokens will be transferred to the long term bucket. Register at for the latest announcements regarding the fundraiser.

Lock-up Period

Presale Investors will have a three months lock-up period. Crowdsale Investors will not have lock-up period.
Advisors will have a three months lock-up period, and in the case of the team members, they will have a two years lock-up period, with 25% of their tokens being unlocked every six months.
In the case of Profede’s reserve, these tokens are destined to stimulate the platform, so Profede will lock those tokens one year.

All these lock-up periods will be enforced through a smart contract, that will be published and audited.

Roadmap and Milestones

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