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WILL TOKEN — A Crypto Asset Settlement Service

The much talked-about case of the Moodys, where the son died leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin, but the father had no means to access his son’s crypto-wealth, spurs the billion-dollar question of inheritance planning in the decentralized and unregulated realm of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-investors today, while they may be earning great returns from their investments and revelling in their crypto-wealth, there is one major cause of concern which is bound to give them sleepless nights — The issue of transfer of their crypto-wealth to their rightful heirs in the event of their death. While the cryptocurrency market has evolved significantly in the last few years, there still is an absence of a reliable mechanism for cryptocurrency inheritance.

Questions, which typically bother any crypto-investor, who has been investing with the purpose for securing the future of their family, are –

  • What will happen to my purchased, stored or traded currencies when I die?
  • Who inherits my cryptocurrencies when I am no longer alive?
  • How do I rightfully pass on my crypto-wealth to my loved ones without any hassle to them and without any unlawful interference?
  • How will the receiver, who has no idea about the crypto world, receive, store, convert and use the cryptocurrency?
  • How will my beneficiary (the receiver) handle necessary legal and taxation issues or convert the inheritance into a legal tender?
  • Who can be trusted to manage the process on my behalf?
  • How can this whole process be executed with complete confidence, trust and faith in a third party?

The good news is, that these issues have finally got a resolution after all these years — Will Token. WILL token is a utility token whose ultimate goal is to provide an uncomplicated, fully automated, simple-to-apply and non-invasive crypto wealth assignment as well as settlement service to all investors in the crypto-community. Will Token utilises Ethereum Blockchain, Hyperledger Sawtooth and Artificial Intelligence to enable complete crypto-wealth access and settlement services for crypto-investors.

Using the services of Will Token, crypto-investors can ensure a safe beneficiary nomination, transfer of crypto assets to the beneficiary via a seamless technology-powered process without sharing their most crucial information, such as the details of their crypto-investments, with third parties including Willtoken. They can also complete this process without an unreasonable loss of time and value to their intended recipient.

Will Token foresees a future where the appointment of beneficiaries will become a regulated and mandated feature for every crypto investor. Will Token will play a vital role in shaping such a future for crypto-investors, thus making the cryptocurrency market more secure and conducive for new entrants.

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We will keep updating this space on the progress of product development and the upcoming ICO.

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