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Today is a special day friends for all of us, since today I will talk about a very special coin that I am ready to add to my farm. This time has come, this time has come. You have so long asked me to tell about it, and this is it, please …

The project SUQA recently appeared on the cryptocurrency market and the company is very young and at the same time extremely ambitious, as we are with you, however. In such a short time, the company managed to attract about 9,000 customers, and this figure is constantly growing …

At the moment, for each mined block, the miner’s reward is 5,000 SUQA tokens. At the moment, this is the equivalent of $ 25. (At the time of writing of article 1 coin SUQA costs $ 0.005). In the future, the price for the extracted block will decrease in accordance with the range of awards that the team has established.

SUQA is an advanced Bitcoin blockchain. It was this blockchain that was taken as the basis for the team developers. During the development, the SUQA team removed all the vulnerabilities and refined the functionality. As a result, the SUQA blockchain has been perfected, and the speed of transactions exceeds the speed of bitcoin transactions tens of times.

Coins are mined using the X22i algorithm. What does this mean and what does it give us? This means that it is possible to extract currency not only on a video card, but also on a conventional processor. One of the main advantages of such a protocol is the low cost of power consumption. Also, it is worth highlighting the fact that this blockchain is completely protected from quantum attacks, which makes it invulnerable to external factors.

In order to join this project and feel all the delights of this mining, I advise you to get additional information for each of you on the official website of the project. All the necessary links, see below, under this article.

And on this I have all my friends. Bye everyone See you in the following reviews.


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