Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM) designed to help investors, traders,

What is a projection?

Projecton is a Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM) designed to help investors, traders, and market professionals develop customer relationships, drive business growth, and increase customer loyalty.

In the current era of advanced CRM, every organization needs a 360 degree view of their customers to provide relevant experience. In the world today, customers refuse to share sensitive data because of security and other threats because most CRM databases are currently hosted on cloud servers. Of course, cloud security protocols have evolved considerably, but cloud security issues remain a common concern. Centralized servers such as the Cloud are the preference for traditional Customer Relations Management, exposing business owners and customers to unnecessary risks.

Projecton is the future of Customer Relations Management, because the system is decentralized. Our platform allows businesses to achieve their goals by helping them store large amounts of data from their respective customers. Projecton ensures that every information is collected safely and cannot be accessed by external actors. Information leakage and outside damage is not possible, because of the distribution of all data. The Projecton platform can concentrate and regulate the relationship between the company and their customers, partners, and any parties associated with them. The platform will process every bit of data so the business can consult quickly and transparently. Any financial institution or third party is not needed because of the automation of our platform.


Projecton Tokens are issued on ERC20 technology and fulfill various functions within the platform. ERC-20 sets a list of standard rules for all Ethereum tokens to follow. These special tokens empower developers from all areas to predict how new tokens will function within the larger Ethereum Structure. They meet the requirements of ERC20 which means that they are also compatible with third party exchanges, as long as they are in accordance with the ERC20 standard. The Projecton Token serves as a fuel for our platform that opens all its potential. Our tokens are flexible for our clients to have a maximized experience without compatibility issues.

The security of personal data is always at stake, so our system handles
it very carefully. As a decentralized platform, Projecton has a natural platform. Projecton can store / encrypt personal information and verify without sharing details with related parties. This
allows users to have greater authority over their identity.
Every company must deal with fake or duplicate data at a time when they are. Projecton provides the ability for customers to have a personal wallet. This wallet offers individuals and companies the opportunity to unite and store photos of their personal information, previous transactions, subscriptions, and interactions. All data stored by Projecton will be encrypted and distributed by the chain. Decentralization of data disables any hacking or manipulation


Introducing XN35 tokens

Projecton is tokenized as xn35 tokens for use in transactions by business owners, companies, government companies, hospitals, etc. The Xn35 Token can be used as follows:

  • Online and offline traders will use xn35 for customer loyalty programs through our CRM solution dapps.
  • Both small and large companies with many product lines will use the xn35 token as a payment fee for the supply of products that are integrated in our CRM solution solutions.
  • xn35 tokens will be used to subscribe to our CRM solution for monthly or annual payment fees.
  • We are building an exchange (crmex) where xn35 will be used as a trading partner to other altcoins and as payment fees for trading.

With the projectapp market solution, customers can purchase products with xn35 tokens and after each transaction a transaction will be sent to the blockchain after being validated (ie committed to the blockchain). Price and product information will be displayed from our CRM solution and when products are purchased inventory will be updated in real time after committing to the blockchain after which invoices can be generated from our CRM solution.


Projected key features of a decentralized system

Better transparency

Projecton is decentralized which allows institutions to handle their clients transparently. Furthermore, there is no need for “intermediaries” such as financial organizations or institutions, bringing additional efficiency and speed in all transactions.

Data cleaning

Every company must deal with fake or duplicate data at some point in its existence. Projecton gives customers the ability to have a personal wallet. This wallet offers the opportunity for individuals and companies to unite and store photos of their personal information, past transactions, subscriptions, and interactions.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are used to increase company profits by enhancing their customer experience. With the Projecton system, customers can have one decentralized wallet, compatible with all brands. This wallet does not need to be bound by individual brand rules and restrictions and simplified point exchanges.

Enhanced protection

All data stored by Projecton will be encrypted and distributed by the chain. Decentralization of data disables hacking or any manipulation coming from outside. Projecton is cryptographically guaranteed so that participating customers are given a network key so that people can limit invalid entries


Token Information


Token Distribution


Compatible Wallets
Here are compatible wallets that you can store your nx35 tokens.


Our team works hard to ensure we achieve all this at a certain time.

2017 Q3

  • Concept
  • ✓ said Concived
  • Assembled Team ✓
2017 Q4

  • Study the CRM market ✓
  • Learn how blockchain should be used in CRM ✓
2018 Q1

  • Survey Form to get ideas from CRM users ✓
  • CEO interviews in several companies about the problems they face in their CRM Platform ✓
2018 Q2

Problem solved
  • Issues Identified ✓
    • Mapped-out solution ✓
2018 Q3

  • Website Development ✓
  • Smart contract development ✓
  • Smart contract audit with the latest testing tool ✓
2018 Q4

  • Main website release ✓
  • White-paper ENG relase ✓
  • Launch of Projecton
  • Announcing Projecton on Bitcointalk ✓
  • XN35 List of first exchanges ✓
  • Airdrop program and community ✓
2019 Q1

First product
  • Launch of Xn35Wallet
  • White-paper relase in Hindi, Indonesian, Chinese, and more.
  • Make volume on exchange
  • Distribution of Airdrop coins to the community
  • More teams join this project
2019 Q2

  • create an Indonesian and Russian interface for the website
  • Increase the case for using the NX35 Token
2019 Q3

Loyalty program
  • Customer loyalty programs use our xn35 wallet and tokens
  • xn35 as a gift by downloading our wallet
  • Development of a new website
2019 Q4

  • Launch of Crmex
  • xn35 will share the first 20,000 crmex accounts
  • New release of MacOS and Windows wallets
  • Relase of the Crm dapps solution
2020 Q1

Chain block
  • the launch of mainnet is integrated with the dapps CRM solution function.
  • Launch an active PR campaign
  • Relase Code on Github so Devs can create dapps on it
  • Arrange meetings and conferences
  • Build partnerships with online and offline businesses


The Projecton team combines passion in industry experts & proven records in Software and Blockchain development. More of our team will be announced in Q1-2019

Dwayne Austin

CEO & ESTABLISHMENT in market analysis and market research

Argan Megariansyah

Blochain experts have built a numerious project on the Blockchain

Gupta Lokesh

Blockchain experts He has worked in many blockchain projects.

Dheeraj Nuka

Blockchain Expertheeraj Nuka is an idea, when it comes to the blockchain Project.

Victor Pliego

Blockchain Expert $ DDEX Developer He has experience on how to build DDEX and smart contracts and many other blockchain projects.

Thayne Swindell

Marketers & Advisors Blockchain Advisor, one of the founders of Cesirae Blockchain, Chief Strategy officer, HTMLCOIN Social Media Marketing.

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