Originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, (Buy Bitcoin) the tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology.
Bitcoin has been known as “digital gold,” and for a good reason. To date, the total value of the currency is close to $112 billion US. And blockchains will build alternative sorts of digital worth. Like the net (or your car), you don’t need to know how the blockchain works to use it. However, having basic information about this new technology shows why it’s thought-about revolutionary. So, I hope you enjoy this before proceeding.


We’ve built a network to help your company segment and target customers.
Projecton could be a client relationship Management (CRM) Platform designed to assist investors, traders and market professionals develop customer relationships, drive business growth and improve customer loyalty. In today’s era of advanced CRM, every organization needs a 360-degree view of their customers to deliver relevant experiences. In today’s world, customers refuse to share sensitive data due to security and other threats as most of the CRM databases today are hosted on cloud servers. Of course, cloud safety protocols have come a long way, but cloud-security issues remain a prevalent concern. Centralized servers like Cloud ar the preference for the normal client Relationship Management thereby exposing business house owners and customers to supererogatory risks.
Projecton is the future of Customer Relationship Management, because of its decentralized system. Our platform permits businesses to attain their goals by serving to them store immense amounts of knowledge from their individual customers. Projecton assures that every piece of information is safely collected and impossible to be accessed by external abusers. Leakage of knowledge and outdoors change of state is unlikely to happen, because of the distribution of all data. The Projecton platform can concentrate and organize relationships between companies and their customers, partners and any party associated with them. The platform can method as of knowledge for businesses to consult quickly and transparently. Financial establishments or any third-party won’t be necessary thanks to our platforms automation.


We have a vision of a world wherever businesses will predict all the wants of their customers, promoting a great relationship between them.
Wear making a redistributed client relationship platform which will modify business house owners, customers, companies, firms, etc, store information in an encrypted form and decide which information to share and with whom to share. Projecton fuses the basic features of Blockchain technologies with Customer Relationship Management, creating a much efficient system. Our Crm answer apps have a customizable operate which can modify the users to customise it the manner that’s appropriate for them. Projecton seeks to deepen relationships between firms, customers, partners, suppliers and business colleagues.


Better Transparency
Projecton is decentralized enabling agencies to deal with their clients transparently. Furthermore, there is no need for any “middleman” such as financial organizations or institutions, bringing additional efficiency and velocity in all dealings.
Data Cleansing
Every company should cope with false or duplicate knowledge at the time of their existence. Projecton gives customers the ability to have a personal Wallet. This Wallet offers individuals and corporations the opportunity to unify and store photos of their private information, past transactions, subscriptions and interactions.
Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs are wont to enlarge firms profits by enhancing their customer’s expertise. With Projecton system, customers can have a single decentralized wallet, compatible with all brands. This wallet doesn’t need to be bound by rules and restrictions of individual brands and point redemption is simplified.
Improved protection
All data stored by Projecton will be encrypted and distributed by the chain. Data decentralization disables any hack or manipulation returning from the skin. Projecton is cryptographically secured such that participating customers are assigned network keys so one can restrict unauthorized entry.


Projecton is tokenized as xn35 token to be employed in transactions by business owners, companies, government companies, hospitals, etc.
XN35 token may be used thus:
Online and offline businessperson can use xn35 for client loyalty programs through our crm answer dapps.
Both little and massive companies with multiple lines of product can use xn35 token as a payment fee for product provide integrated into our crm answer dapps.
xn35 token are going to be wont to subscribe for our crm answer dapps for monthly or yearly payment fees.
We square measure building associate degree exchange (crmex) wherever xn35 are going to be used as a commercialism try to different altcoins and as a payment fee for tradings.
With projecton market solutions dapps, customers can buy merchandise with xn35 token and
upon the acquisition, each dealing are going to be sent to the blockchain once valid (ie committed to blockchain). valuation and merchandise data are going to be displayed from our crm answer and as products square measure bought inventory are going to be updated in real time once committed to blockchain when which associate degree invoice may be generated from our crm answer.


Token Name: Projecton
Token Symbol: XN35
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Minimum Purchase: 35,000 XN35
Minimum Price: 1 Eth


Token-sale: %60
Team: %5
Bounty Campaign: %6
Airdrop: %4
Reserve: %25

Road Map

2017 Q3
Idea Concived ✓
Team Assembled ✓
2017 Q4
Studying CRM market ✓
Studying how blockchain should be used in CRM ✓
2018 Q1
Survey Form to get ideas from CRM users ✓
Interviewing CEO in some companies about the problem they face in their CRM Platform ✓
2018 Q2
Problem solved
Problem Identified ✓
Solution mapped-out ✓
2018 Q3
Website Development ✓
Smart-contract Development ✓
Smart contract auditing with the lastest testing tools ✓
2018 Q4
Release of the main website ✓
White-paper ENG relase ✓
Projecton Launch
Announce Projecton Project on Bitcointalk ✓
XN35 first Exchange Listing ✓
Airdrop and community program ✓
2019 Q1
First Product
Xn35Wallet Launch
White-paper relase in Hindi, Indonesia, Chinese, and many more.
Creating volume on exchanges
Distribution of Airdrop coins to the community
More team joins the project
2019 Q2
creating Indonesian and Russian interface for the website
Increase use cases of NX35 Token
2019 Q3
Loyalty program
Customer loyalty program using our xn35 wallet and token
xn35 as a reward by downloading our wallets
New Website development
2019 Q4
Crmex launch
xn35 will be giving out to the first 20,000 crmex accounts
New release of MacOS and Windows wallet
Relase of Crm solution dapps
2020 Q1
mainnet launch integrated with crm solution dapps functions.
Launch an active PR campaign
Relase Code on Github so Devs can build dapps ontop of it
Organize meet-ups and conferences
Build partnerships with online and offline businesses


Dwayne Austin
Argan Megariansyah
Gupta Lokesh
Dheeraj Nuka
Victor Pliego
Thayne Swindell


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