Projecton, A Customer relationship Management Platform




Projecton is a Customer relationship Management (CRM) Platform intended to support financial specialists, brokers and market experts create client connections, drive business development and improve client reliability.


In the present period of cutting edge CRM, each association needs a 360-degree perspective on their clients to convey significant encounters. In this day and age, clients won’t share touchy information because of security and different dangers as the greater part of the CRM databases today are facilitated on cloud servers. Obviously, cloud wellbeing conventions have made some amazing progress, however cloud-security issues remain a pervasive concern. Brought together servers like Cloud are the inclination for the conventional Customer Relationship Management in this way uncovering entrepreneurs and clients to superfluous dangers.


Moreover, The Projecton stage can focus and compose connections among organizations and their clients, accomplices and any gathering related with them. The stage will process all of information for organizations to counsel quickly and straightforwardly. Money related foundations or any outsider won’t be vital because of our stages robotization.


The Projecton stage works uniquely in contrast to different stages that work by replicating information. Copying data is a standout amongst the most critical variables that produces false measurements, advancing business shakiness.




We are making a decentralized client relationship stage that will empower entrepreneurs, clients, organizations, firms, and so on, store data in a scrambled structure and choose which data to share and with whom to share. Projecton wires the essential highlights of Blockchain advances with Customer Relationship Management, making a much proficient framework. Our Crm arrangement dapps have an adaptable capacity which will empower the clients to tweak it the manner in which that is appropriate for them. Projecton tries to extend connections between organizations, clients, accomplices, providers and business partners




To help the customers with understanding the essential features that make Projecton develop, a summary was made:


Better User Privacy


Singular data security is constantly being referred to, so our structure watches out for it with much thought. As a decentralized stage, Projecton has a sheltered nature. Projecton can store/scramble singular information and affirm without offering any nuances to the concerned social occasions. This engages customers to have progressively significant authority over their character.


Data Cleansing


Every association needs to oversee false or duplicate data at some point or another of their world. Projecton empowers to customers to have an individual Wallet. This Wallet offers individuals and associations the opportunity to unite and store photos of their private information, past trades, participations and interchanges.


Improved security


All data set away by Projecton will be mixed and passed on by the chain. Data decentralization debilitates any hack or control beginning everything considered. Projecton is cryptographically checked with the true objective that taking an intrigue customers are named framework keys so one can limit unapproved segment.




Projecton is decentralized engaging associations to deal with their clients clearly. In addition, there is no prerequisite for any go between, for instance, cash related affiliations or establishments, securing additional efficiency and speed all dealings.


Endurance Programs


Endurance programs are used to develop associations benefits by improving their customer’s inclusion. With Projecton structure, customers can have a single decentralized wallet, great with all brands. This wallet shouldn’t be bound by models and constrainments of individual brands and point recuperation is unraveled.


Upgraded security


All information put away by Projecton will be encoded and appropriated by the chain. Decentralization of information incapacitates hacking or any control originating from outside. Projecton is cryptographically ensured so partaking clients are given a system key with the goal that individuals can constrain invalid passages.

Token Information

  • Token Nama  Projecton
  • Token SymbolXN35
  • Decimal  18
  • 100,000,000 total supply
  • Minimum Purchase  35,000 XN35
  • Minimum Price  1 Eth


Token Distribution



2017 Q3


✓ said Concived

Assembled Team ✓


2017 Q4


Study the CRM market ✓

Learn how blockchain should be used in CRM ✓


2018 Q1


Survey Form to get ideas from CRM users ✓

CEO interviews in several companies about the problems they face in their CRM Platform ✓


2018 Q2

Problem solved

Issues Identified ✓

Mapped-out solution ✓


2018 Q3


Website Development ✓

Smart contract development ✓

Smart contract audit with the latest testing tool ✓


2018 Q4


Main website release ✓

White-paper ENG relase ✓

Launch of Projecton

Announcing Projecton on Bitcointalk ✓

XN35 First Exchange List ✓

Airdrop program and community ✓


2019 Q1

First product

Launch of Xn35Wallet

White-paper relase in Hindi, Indonesian, Chinese, and more.

Make volume on exchange

Distribution of Airdrop coins to the community

More teams join this project


2019 Q2


create an Indonesian and Russian interface for the website

Increase the case for using the NX35 Token


2019 Q3

Loyalty program

Customer loyalty programs use our xn35 wallet and tokens

xn35 as a gift by downloading our wallet

Development of a new website


2019 Q4


Launch of Crmex

xn35 will share the first 20,000 crmex accounts

New release of MacOS and Windows wallets

Relase of the Crm dapps solution


2020 Q1

Chain block

the launch of mainnet is integrated with the dapps CRM solution function.

Launch an active PR campaign

Relase Code on Github so Devs can create dapps on it

Arrange meetings and conferences

Build partnerships with online and offline businesses



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