Protect Your Privacy in Social Media Via Toqqn Platform

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Billions of individuals all over the world doesn’t have any crypto coins or know how or where to get it? Toqqn is out to change that. That is for what reason we’re going to utilize this platform to place crypto in the hands of Toqqn members.


Toqqn is a little advance towards a major mission to give users privacy and ads free social media experience. Also, users are compensated with crypto consistently, through a new activity based ecosystem.

What’s special about Toqqn is that doesn’t store any user information, it doesn’t follow you, nor does it tail you wherever with ads.

Why Toqqn?

The significance of a platform that doesn’t store user information increases daily as a result some major social media platform that abuses user data for evil purposes or monetized it without any reward credited to the account owner or user.

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In the same vein, we need to reach the masses with crypto, on the grounds that we feel it is the payment system of the future. So as opposed to misusing users who add to our social platform, we remunerate them with crypto.

Breakthrough Technology behind Toqqn

The technology behind Toqqn is a combination of the web 3.0 and the convectional technologies based on blockchain. Information is decentralized and the system does not store any data or information in a central store like servers.

Much the same as the conventional social media platform anybody can utilize the system. The main different from other social media platform which is also the unique feature of the platform is your information can’t be manipulated or access by third parties without your direct consent. Since your data isn’t store, you have nothing to worry off online.

How Toqqn Platform Works?

As a result of current restrictions in technology Toqqn platform was designed with the best of convention and blockchain technology. This guarantee user’s privacy is protected, while facilitating to bring the adoption of crypto to the masses. Running the platform entirely on the blockchain, currently isn’t possible. In no distance time, we’ll be doing our best to transform the platform entirely to a DAPP or decentralize most crucial data, when a robust platform is achieved. A machine learning algorithm will work on users’ crypto rewarding system.

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In addition, plans are in place to create a services marketplace where Toqqn users can offer digital services to earn additional toqqns. This will offer true utility to toqqn crypto token, also it will aids the overall adoption of cryptocurrency as across-border payment technique that eliminates irrelevant third parties. Charges from this marketplace will be including funding the platform.

Token Details

Token Name: Toqqn Token

Token Symbol: TQN

Token Price: $0.005

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Type: ERC-20 compatible utility token


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