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What is Pkore?
Pcore is a peer-to-peer discount account platform that is integrated into blockchain technology to combine transparency, trust, speed and security of the blockchain with registered smart contracts and directly combine invoices and creditor vendors
Pcore seeks to unite modern technology in a niche, but a growing market. As we know, market conditions are currently experiencing difficult times. Because more and more companies are turning to alternative financing, in addition to banks, they are expected to be able to provide them with a platform where they can exchange accounts faster to receive the required amount. In turn, help them grow, grow and compete with business costs.
Get paid faster using basic software for
billing Pcore team accounts is working on an innovative invoice program, which will change the way businesses pay. Link this to the main trading platform. PCC PCC Coins is a convenient payment method. INNOVATATION
What does the Pcore provide?
P2P P2P global invoices at discount prices
allow companies and Pcore investors to trade regardless of their geographical location, eliminating the need for any third party.
High speed and low cost
Eliminating the need for third-party companies helps Pcore maintain low sales and high collection and speed costs. No need to wait long, instant income for business development and instant profits.
Closing and Pcore security
All invoices uploaded by the invoice seller are listed on the Ethereum blockchain, which eliminates errors and misuse. Companies taken from the coverage of Pcore guarantee the promised funds for this date at the expense of investors.


Reduced Platform for Bill Pence P2P (Peer-to-Peer) integrated with Blockchain technology, with the aim of connecting Blockchain transparency, trust, speed and security with registered Smart Contracts and bringing together seller and lender invoices directly. At Pcore LTD, we want to combine current technology in a niche, but a growing market. With more and more companies choosing other financing alternatives besides banks, we want to give them a platform to trade their invoices faster to get the amount they need. In return, they help them grow, grow and follow operating costs.


The pchain blockchain (distributed book) technology uses smart contracts to set “unique fingerprints” for each transaction. This allows the company to automate the billing process and utilize factoring services on the platform. Each account has a unique record that is transparent to all participants. Because of transparency, credit worthiness can be built on the Blockchain platform: Core is an end-to-end platform that gives SMEs easy access to short-term financing and turns their exposure into tradable assets. With 24-hour income, creditors can benefit from interest rates while sellers receive significant liquidity for their daily operations. The pcore platform supports issuers, owners and payers. Therefore, invoices can be available as a source of general liquidity for factoring. By loading the date of income, the creditor can set the duration of factoring and the interest rate of the smart contract. Tokens connect pages from all over the world and ignore this process boundary.

However, only companies or recipients of invoices can provide access to detailed financial information about the company or certain invoices. This allows for real-time audits, improves credit evaluation processes, and speeds up credit approval. Companies with a positive credit history will easily attract creditors while giving incentives to their business. This algorithm is based on XBRL company data and the results of risk assessment.

In   the seller’s voice


After registration of an investor, Pcore will ask for some evidence to verify the identity to protect the seller’s account.


After verifying the investor, they will be notified by email.

accounting research

Investors can search bills and filter searches by industry, bill amount, star rating, closed value, and so on.

Offer bills

Through the Pcore web platform, investors can submit bids for bills that they consider profitable, and make replies to companies to reach agreements that are consistent with both parties.


For some invoices, investment collections are available and investors can contribute a portion of that amount. To see the return they received for their investment, a calculation bar is displayed on the platform next to the billing page that they can access.
ETH is accepted at the crowdsale. You must have an Ethereum wallet, which will be directed to the token / crowdsale address to attend the crowdsale. The development team works with the security auditor to complete the contract. When the analysis is complete, Pcore announces the date. Note that the PCC crowdsale parameter is related to the number of blocks. So time depends on the mining level of Ethereum. The contract will be transferred to the Ethereum main network 3 days before the crowdsale starts.
ETH received Crowd Sales ETH by Pcore for the development and construction of an invoice-based invoice platform system used by PCC as an exchange unit.

Detail Pcore ICO

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Project Name: PCORE

Symbol: PCC

Category: Factor Platform Factors

Type: Token

Platform: Erc20

Limited countries: China & US

PCC Base Token Price: 0.39 USD per 1 PCC

Payment: Ethereum

Total Token Supply: 52 Million Pieces

Reserve Token: 20 Million Pieces

Tokens For Sale: 20 Million Pieces

Gift Token: 500 Thousand Pieces

Reserved Tokens for Teams: 11 Million Pieces

Soft Cap: 1 Million USD

Hard Cap: 5 Million USD

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Profile    M. man


Mr. Contact sezgin directly

Founder / CEO / Director
Sezgin @pc


Mr. Akin Aydin

Co-founder / Marketing Manager
I am @ PCO


Mr. Vang YangPao

Co-founder / Development Manager
Vang @pc

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