PUBLISH Protocol – The Most Viable Blockchain Based Media Platform.

Hi guys! I will be giving you a review about the PUBLISH PROTOCOL Project, About the company, token information, features, roadmap and many more. So i begin by explaining exactly what PUBLISH PROTOCOL entails.


PUBLISH Protocol’s mission is to create a highly-accessible and global blockchain-based media platform that fairly rewards writers and readers, and serves as a realistic and economically viable model for publishers to adopt and build on. The protocol will also serve as a deterrence to fake news by offering greater transparency and accuracy of news and information that derives from its participatory mode of news.

PUBLISH Protocol is an innovative and progressive blockchain-based media platform for the next generation. This platform was created by qualified representatives of the media space, namely, the press. And it is intended specifically for the press. It’s written on the company’s website that this is the most viable media blockchain media platform built for the press. The company’s mission is to create an accessible, transparent and equitably rewarded global media ecosystem so that it can be fully used and developed by existing publishers. Publishers can support their business and develop independent decentralized journalism.

The first use of the PUBLISH Protocol technology will be a well-known blockchain-media Korean company called TokenPost.

In the course of its professional activities, the company will use the NEWS token. Token NEWS was created by the PUBLISH Protocol team’s own forces for the convenience of its users.


Features of the Platform

  1. Distributed offline news. Now, talented news content creators are free to post their articles and express their opinions.
  2. Intensively – concerned news production.  On the platform it will be profitable and interesting to conduct its publishing activities. Because content producers and consumers will be systematically evaluated and receive a fair reward for distributing and producing news.
  3. Delegated Drafting Committee. With the permission of the publisher, any member in the ecosystem of the PUBLISH Protocol can access the editing rights.

Protocol PUBLISH soft

PUBLISH soft is a complete independent integrated publishing system. This system includes convenient and up-to-date news production software and workflow protocols based on blockchain technology. There are seven main points:
Cloud CMS. Providing reporters and editors with the most up-to-date news content production tools, customizable toolbars and user-friendly interface.


Advertising management and analytics. The ability to connect to a growing network of online advertisers and monetize your content. You can manage and control your ads directly using the PUBLISH soft interface.


Adaptive website templates. You can choose from a variety of modern mobile web templates created specifically for publishers.


Hosting comments. Readers can leave comments, vote for and against. In addition, they can even write microchips to authors for good journalism and other users for their high-quality contributions to professional discussion of news articles.


Distributed file storage. Publishers can store their content in a secure and distributed peer-to-peer blockchain network. And this is a fairly reliable modern storage option.


Strong encryption. The hash value of a file stored in a distributed registry can be securely encrypted. It is also not possible to change the content.


Release token. Publishers can issue their own tokens based on the PUBLISH protocol. This will uniquely stimulate the growth of the platform. You can raise funds by selling the initial supply of tokens and launching your platform.


Publish Protocol Token Economy

Token Allocation


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