PUREGOLD is the first Cryptocurrency supported by Gold and runs it using secure and transparent Blockchain technology. PUREGOLD was originally an e-commerce that sells gold and silver under the name Puregold.sg and Bullion Currencies Puregold.sg which was established in 2010. But in line with the development of this Platform and started winning awards like Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand in 2012, PUREGOLD developed its Platform even more, by issuing a first Cryptocurrency supported directly by gold. The PUREGOLD platform has branches already scattered in several countries, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

This platform is famous for its value-added bars and coins made in Singapore, it also works their best to add good quality premium gift products. Headquarter of Puregold is located in Singapore and there are many retail shops found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. A machine that dispenses gold has also been launched in the headquarter country.

The Idea behind PUREGOLD

Team PUREGOLD developed this platform with several features, such as Users can transact, buy and sell their cryptocurrency in the market provided by PUREGOLD. People will be able to save, spend and exchange Gold in the same way as other currencies, but in more renewable, fast, cheaper and safer ecosystems than is available now in traditional banks or paper currencies. The PUREGOLD platform provides 2 tokens as a valid payment instrument within the Platform; firstly, PGT can be used for transactions and second, PGG as digital physical gold form. PGG is a digital gold issued by Puregold and fully follows the current global gold price and has been certified for authenticity. For the sake of security of digital gold deposited on the PUREGOLD Platform, Safe House Pte Ltd is selected as a third party company that directly deposits the gold contained within the PUREGOLD Platform. The PUREGOLD team also developed a card that can be used to store PGG and PGT and can also be used as a transaction tool at PUREGOLD Machine Dispenser. The PUREGOLD team developed the Platform using Blockchain technology and the Ethereum smart-contract system, which ensures every transaction is fast and secure. Puregold will commence its operations by sending Gold’s best current mobile money payment application. With this mobile app, PUREGOLD hopes that Users can make payments safely and quickly through the devices they use.

PUREGOLD believes that with a solid and reliable team and system, PUREGOLD can provide to Users, a fully-fledged Sales and Payment Platform that is fully supported by Gold, secure and powerful, and provides the Users with diverse benefits and conveniences. The PUREGOLD team also believes that with systematic and professional development, the PUREGOLD Team can build a better platform than similar platforms.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a technology that distributes an open ledger to all nodes connected to the network. In the financial management world, a source of the ledger forms the basis of a trusted system where all related transactions originate from. The same can be said about blockchain. But instead of existing in a large leather bound tome or in a financial management application, blockchains are managed by a distributed set of computing resources working together to maintain that ledger. That is where the relationship between Puregold Tokens and the custodian of the gold assets form the basis to the operation of PG-Pay – the gold payment gateway.

Pure Gold ICO token details:

• 10% bonus is offered by Puregold’s ICO and they have also sponsored a match

• The expected rate of Puregold token is 1ETH=700 PGT

• A total of almost 50,000,000 PGT are expected to be sold

The company has raised a total of 5.18 million USD until now


A majority of us are extremely well travelled Singapreans with an Asian and Global mindsets. From the East to the West, our team members bring to the table a diverse range of top-expertise, knowledge and experiences from Finance, Asset Management, Technological, Marketing and Communication. We’ve built an amazing team at Purgold.io that will make our vision come true.

For more information, follow these links:

Website : https://puregold.io

Whitepaper : https://puregold.io/doc/Puregold%20ICO%20White%20Paper%20v1.0.pdf

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/puregoldio/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/PuregoldICO

Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/G6LYPxIjyzw5AOX7f1BVRw



BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1971452


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