Rapid globalization accelerates change and adoption to technology. Effective makers depend upon their enterprise resource designing (ERP) resolution to contour business operations, to scale and adapt as their business changes. Enterprises nowadays want a business resolution that isn’t solely climbable however additionally efficient and provides nimbleness and potency in their major purposeful and operational areas like producing, Supply Chain, Finance and CRM. QAD Enterprise Application may be a complete ERP suite designed to handle the wants of world makers. In addition to the core feature, QAD ERP focuses on process, and information flexibility by providing insights across the operation leveraging analytics.


What is the QAD ERP?

QAD Cloud ERP may be a international, full-featured Enterprise Resource Planning platform built for the manufacturing sector. Its current crop of corporate customers is spread out all over the world spanning production and manufacturing industries such as automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, high tech, industrial, and life sciences. QAD software adopts Lean Manufacturing principles and inter-operates with other systems, and in 2003 the corporation came out with its Supply Visualization product, making it one of the earliest players to provide SaaS software for manufacturing.

The combination of best producing practices and advanced technology was place into the QAD Cloud ERP to come back up with a versatile suite of producing solutions to handle the wants of specific industries. The platform can manage all forms and types of manufacturing processes, handle demand and supply chain, streamline customer management, oversee international finance operations, provide analytics, and undertake system integration. Although it’s a cloud-based application accessible by any web-connected device (it contains a native smartphone app for iOS and automaton devices), there’s additionally a machine deployable application that runs on Windows for users requiring an on-premise system.



Realize greater business benefits with QAD ERP Application

Kalibroida helps enterprises leverage the power of QAD ERP to achieve effective alignment of people, process, data and technology to keep pace with the existing demands while preparing for the future. Our extensive industry experience, supported by robust QAD techno-functional capabilities has enabled Kalibroida to manage and execute complex end-to-end enterprise solutions across multiple geographies. Our QAD practice at Kalibroida provides services that are aimed at managing and optimizing the performance of Customer’s ERP environment and related IT services. Kalibroida offers an extensive range of services across QAD ERP, which encompasses

  1. End to End QAD Services
  2. Strategic Consulting
  3. Implementations
  4. Rapid Proof of Concepts & Value Assessments
  5. Global Rollouts/Extensions
  6. Data Migration
  7. Managed Services for Application Development and Maintenance
  8. Upgrades to latest QAD releases
  9. QAD Integration to existing IT Landscape

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