QDAO- A cryptocurrency based trading platform


Trade as a regular stable coin in the secondary market.

Low volatility cryptocurrency trading, such as USDQ, can help traders work more efficiently and stay safe no matter what happens in the secondary market.


Secure your cryptography and get a simple stable trading asset. After trading, simply return it and return the crypto.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies can not guarantee its minimum value. Therefore, protect it in our ecosystem until you are sure of their stability. USDQ holders will have a reliable coin that will protect against market volatility until it is ready to start trading again.


Join the community of miners and decision makers, Q Dao!

Join our community of miners and immediately begin mining the Q DAO tokens. Now you have a chance to become a miner in a growing community. Make your voice heard by becoming part of our decision makers by developing a new revolutionary cryptocurrency of the future


How the system works

1. Trading on exchanges

Trade USDQ in the secondary market like any other stable coin.

2. Get a loan

Secure your cryptography and easily get stable USDQ coins. After completing the trade, simply return USDQ in exchange for your crypto option.

3. Open the Q BOX

My Q DAO tokens, grow your own AI-based robot that helps you make predictions.


Decentralized. All decisions are made by the DAO community.

The Q DAO community provides full democracy without centralized control. You can change everything you see fit, if the community supports your initiative. You have the right to vote. Everything and everything is decided solely by the community for autonomous decentralized decision-making.


Crypto provided. No more mythical deposits on private bank accounts.

Transparency in its simple meaning. You can track all transactions in real time and know for sure that a particular stable object is supported by a certain cryptoactive


Self-stabilizing. Always stable. Environment does not matter.

According to the nature of a decentralized stable coin, it cannot fall or take off with large fluctuations. Self-stabilizing algorithms and the market itself will always keep the price stable.


  1. coinsuper
  2. hitbtc
  3. binance
  4. huobi
  5. exrates
  6. coinbene
  7. topbtccom
  8. lblnk
  9. btcalpha
  10. yobitnet
  11. latoken
  12. Bits
  13. quoine
  14. okex
  15. cobinhood
  16. mercstox


Management Company

  1. i-chan huang
  2. Jijun kim
  3. Eddie Argut
  4. Jitendra Ratod
  5. Martin saldamando
  6. Howard H. Kim
  7. Takeshi Ito
  8. Inna Halahuz
  9. Herri woo
  10. Maria Danilova
  11. Julia Della Scala
  12. Artem Finko
  13. Anton Dzyatkovsky
  14. Dan Khomenko
  15. Daria Volkova


Engineering team

  1. Slava Mic
  2. Eric Risthisen
  3. Slava Zhelt
  4. Khalil Risthisen
  5. Nick Crash
  6. Alex Adil
  7. Den Udot
  8. Ivan Borisov
  9. Jack McEvoy
  10. Mike Kinum
  11. Victoria Robert
  12. Nick Moreau
  13. Russian inoz
  14. Eunchae Jang
  15. Rinat Res
  16. Kate et
  17. Nick Pisarsky













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