Qilimanjaro is providing a platform so that every individual can have access to quantum computation. Quantum Computing is a sector which focuses to upgrade computer technology based on quantum theory. Quantum theory explains the nature and behaviour of energy on atomic and subatomic level. The Quantum computers can be accessed at high cost thus limiting this technology to everyone. Qilimanjaro is removing this barrier and thus giving the benefit for every individual and company to use quantum computing without buying an expensive quantum computer.

What is Quantum Computer?

Quantum computers work with quantum bits or Qubits just as classical computers work on bits. Theses Qubits have special characteristics which help computers to process very fast. Bits can take a value of either 1 or 0 but in case of Qubits they can operate both 1 and 0 at the same time. This make quantum computers fast as compared to classical computers.

Qilimanjaro Ecosystem:

Qilimanjaro Computing Service (QCS)

QCS will be focussing on to develop quantum annealer. Quantum annealer will help individuals and company to access quantum computing at low price. QCS will build quantum annealer which will be used to host the cloud platform and openQ which will help remote user to use quantum processor.

Qilimanjaro Software Services (QSS)

QSS will help users to use Quantum computers. They will find the problem which the users want to benefit from by using quantum computers. QSS will convert this problem in quantum algorithm and will then run this on the quantum computers.


Qibo aims to reach out to all the possible users who have interest in quantum computing. Qibo is an interface where all the programs will be rum. Qibo is a metalanguage which will connect all the compilers.


The problem of quantum computing was that only rich institutions or companies can access or use quantum computing. Qilimanjaro is solving this problem by providing an open platform where everyone can be benefitted by the power of quantum computing. It is also providing opportunity for developers where they can research and give their own algorithm. OpenQ will also rewards the participants for their contribution.

QBIT Token:

QBIT token is a utility token which will be used in Qilimanjaro ecosystem. It will be used by users to take help to convert their real-world problem into quantum algorithm. These tokens can also be used to reward developers for proposing their own algorithm on this platform.


José Ignacio LATORRE: CEO

JIL got his PhD in Particle Physics at Univ. Barcelona. He has written over 100 papers on Particle Physics and Quantum Information and has directed 12 PhD thesis. He worked as a consultant on Artificial Intelligence for the private sector. He was one of the founders of the NNPDF collaboration that serves parton distributions based on neural networks to CERN.

Pol FORN-DÍAZ: Head of Quantum Computing Services

Pol leads the experimental team at QUANTIC at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. He has a background in superconducting quantum devices for quantum information applications and quantum optics. He obtained his PhD from TU Delft in 2010, with a study of superconducting flux qubits and the limits of the interaction strength to a superconducting resonator.

Artur GARCÍA-SÁEZ: Head of Quantum Software Services

Artur García-Sáez got his Ph.D. at The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) working on classical and quantum correlations. He is currently working at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center on optimization problems and Machine Learning applications. He is the head of the QUANTIC algorithm team.

Token Matrix:

Token – QBIT

Price – 1 QBIT = 0.185 USD

Accepting – ETH

Soft cap – 9,900,000 USD

Hard cap – 25,000,000 USD

Country – Estonia



• The concept of making quantum computing accessible to everyone with the help of blockchain seems to have potential but the feasibility of the project can be understood once the prototype will be available.

• The team has good experience and background of quantum computing

• Whitepaper is explained well, and the structure also has a good format.

• Their road map has detailed information about the upcoming tasks the project will accomplish.


• The social media hype of this project is low. It has 1382 members on Telegram and around 1150 followers on Twitter.

• The MVP of this project is currently not released.

• The team of advisors do not have experience in blockchain technology. It would have been more useful for the project if the advisors were from blockchain background.

• The telegram group of this project is not active at all.

For more information, look at:

Website: https://qilimanjaro.io/

Whitepaper: https://qilimanjaro.io/static/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/qilimanjaro

Bitcointalk Username: Chinedum

Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2010004

ETH address: 0x1f23fAF845C17F6Ac67054E1B2FA7e15E9c7A9B4


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