Qilimanjaro is a quantum computer available to everyone.

Hello friends, let’s reflect. Remember the first computers? When these miracle machines could only do some simple tasks and occupied the floor of the building. When the hard drive for a few megabytes was the size of a room. Remember how it all began? Then people could not imagine that they would have laptops with several terabytes. Over time, technology has been improving, in principle, all areas of life are flourishing. But the computer sphere is developing especially fast. Of course, to work on a powerful computer much nicer and more convenient than on the old one, with 2 gigabytes of RAM. I recently changed the computer, worked on a laptop, which had already been several years old, and you know what he had parameters. Processor was of the 4th generation, there were 4 GB of RAM. In general, the programs that worked on my laptop terribly slowed him down. When I bought my brand new desktop computer, I was just delighted. I collected it for myself, so I took powerful parts. My old laptop and new computer were night and day, how could I manage my work on the laptop. I think it doesn’t make sense to say that now all the programs are just flying. For example, before the video processing took an average of 30-40 minutes, now it takes me for 5 minutes to do everything. The difference is palpable, I’m not talking about how much nerves I spent when everything hung.

But I, I need a computer for everyday needs, so to speak. What kind of computers are used by large organizations and research centers? I think they have the most powerful computers, because they do complex work. But as I said above the progress did not stand still and there appeared increasingly powerful computers. But where to get money for them? After all, constantly update computers are very expensive. Not every company will be able to afford it. And if we are talking about small developers who prepare an excellent, modern product, then its implementation requires large computer power, which they do not have. In most laboratories there are computers that need to be changed, but there is no money for it. What to do in this case?

I want to introduce you to Qilimanjaro:


Qilimanjaro is a blockchain platform with which we will be able to use huge computer powers. Qilimanjaro are creating a quantum computer. Yes, yes, now a new generation of computers are being created, the largest companies such as Amazon or Google are working on their developments, but they create them for themselves, not for private use. Qilimanjaro company will lease the power of quantum computer. All this will happen with the help OF the qbit token. That is, we buy tokens, pay for power through the platform. And we can use the quantum computer over the Internet.

If we consider it as a business, I believe that this is a promising niche, since it is in demand and it is not occupied by anyone. With the growth of demand for the

company, the price of the token will also increase. I think it is not necessary to enumerate in what areas it will be possible to use a quantum computer. Because there are a lot of such areas and the target audience of this business is huge.

I will leave the links for the study of the company under the article, so that you can independently study the technical documentation, the roadmap, study the team working on the project, and of course read the ICO details.

Ps: Remember that I give you only information and reason for reflection. I do not call for anything. Investments are always connected with risks, but who dares wins.

✅Website: https://qilimanjaro.io
✅Whitepaper: https://qilimanjaro.io/static/whitepaper.pdf
✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/qilimanjaro
✅Telegram Group: https://t.me/qilimanjaro
✅Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3738302

BITCOINTALK PROFIL LINK : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1953653


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