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QOMPASS is a block-chain platform aimed at offering dishes to financial marketers. The Net uses original Qken tokens, token sales for QPS starting in April 2018. Consumers will interact with QOMPASS payment systems through mobile applications and QOMPASS cards. This platform will have a hardware wallet and a hybrid card system, where your app has a feature as a wallet that allows you to load your card every time.

How does the Platform work?

The goal of QOMPASS is to harness the power of AI, natural tissue, and leverage that is alive while offering an in-depth application system and API protocol. Through all of these products and services, the platform will drive capital and financial markets on a worldwide scale. The site and white paper are covered with unclear and flowery information like this:
QOMPASS long-term goal, according to whitepaper is too completely block-chain linking financial marketers 294 trillion USD worldwide, restoring confidence and eradicating corruption and manipulation. It was an ambitious goal, to say the least. So how is the idea of ​​QOMPASS to achieve that goal?
• Faster than ETH or BTC
• Supports more than 30,000 transactions / sec
• Decentralization and full anonymity
• Low transaction costs
• AI self-support block chain
• Fully customizable & scalable
• Safe and sound explorer that prevents everyone from spying on your assets, enabling you to practice true anonymity & privacy
• Cross-chain intelligent contract support (smart contracts working on many chain blocks)
• Made to support financial transactions & top frequency trading
• Zero
QOMPASS also trusts a feature called POS (Proof of State). The main purpose of the QOMPASS node is to identify the state of the contract & determine the POS. in its place following the usual method of mining the new block and removing the time-cycle without a case, this platform requires only a licensed node to identify the creation of a new block. Here is how the white paper explains in detail:
“Instead of considering fresh blocks to be mined, state adjustments can occur at any time, which actors and consensus identifies together receive in less than 10 milliseconds, even on a large scale.Each contract can take concurrent action without affecting and blocking all other contracts, which hold on to the fact that every contact holds their own country chain.The communal change of the state forms a directed cyclic sketch that forms a chain of blocks. “
There are many trusted actors in this procedure, including nodes when combined create something named with the QomPASS C-Chain ledger and Cloud Notary client.
The platform will also support smart contracts and intelligent algorithms. The block chain will store an executable info script, in the tree system. A tree of intelligent contracts forms a smartcontract chain representing a set of intelligent contracts that verify references to each other.
The platform intelligent algorithms, meanwhile apply the nervous system and AI to predict the movement of costs even before they actually occur.

Qompass Services and Products

The QOMPASS block chain will lead to the creation of a large number of services and products, including:
Crypto P2P Exchange:  The QOMPASS platform claims to have partnered with more than 20 financial institutions worldwide to conduct P2P exchanges. You can “monetize” your virtual income through this financial institution.
Qompass Trader:  The Trader Platform is an AI supported system that will examine & analyze the trading signal 24/7, then suggest trading for maximum profit.
Open API Platform:  The API platform enables financial institutions, banks, and investors to connect directly to the platform.
Crypto Payment Cards: The  Platform will offer a crypto money payment card which is a hybrid debit card & smart hardware wallet, allowing direct access to the chains.
Block-Based Funding:  QPS can be applied as collateral for loans in other virtual currencies or fiat money.

Investment Packages

The platform will provide a number of diff investment packages:
Alpha Package ($ 1-10,000):  Earn up to 100 percent ROI every month, 40: 1 leverage, and pay 25 percent of your performance bills to QOMPASS
Delta Package ($ 10,001- $ 100,000):  Earn up to 200 percent ROI every month, 60: 1 leverage, and pay 20 percent performance fee to QOMPASS
Omega Packages ($ 100.001 & More):  Earn up to 300% ROI every month, leverage 100: 1, and pay 15 percent of your performance bills to QOMPASS

Sales of QPS Tokens

The platform sells its QPS token during token sales starting April 6, 2018. There is a total supply of 33 million QPS tokens, with over 20 million avails during token sales. More than 60 percent of complete token supplies will be sold to the crowd, with the remainder allocated for development and research (20 percent), 5% advisers, 10% marketing and 5% legal fees.
The previous QOMPASS platform has collaborated with KuCoin, Cryptopia, Binance, OKEX, HitBTC, and Huobi as all of these are listed as expected crypto exchange on the official QOMPASS website. Although, we can not find any evidence that this crypto currency exchange will register QPS at any time in the future.
• Token: QPS
• Price: 1 QPS = 0,0013 ETH
• Receive: BTC, ETH
• Bonus: Available
• Platform: ETH
• Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
• Hard stamp: 10,000,000 USD
• Whitelist / KYC: No There
• Country: Hong Kong

Siapa platform Behind Qompass?

QOMPASS is headed by Emmanuel Lim, an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in crypto graphy and encryption information. He is CEO of Qompass platform. Some other members listed on the QOMPASS team include CFO (Selena Neskovic) and CTO (Vladimir Okhrimenko).
Emmanuel Lim, CEO, has limited information available on the internet. On his LinkedIn page only has 2 entries before creating the Qompass platform. He worked in the Cyber ​​Security system at SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) between 2005 and 2015, for example, and earned his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the Singapore Institute of Technology between 1987 & 1992.  It is difficult to find more information about some members other QOMPASS teams online. CTO, for example, has no working knowledge of its LinkedIn account other than its CTO place on the Qompass platform.

Qompass Blockchain

For more info visit:
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1929500

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