Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Active Leverage

“At its core Qompass will provide a rich ecosystem of API protocols and applications to drive financial and capital markets on a global scale, Our Ambition is to pave the way to fully Blockchainize the $294 Trillion Global Financial Markets , restoring trust and eradicating manipulation and corruption.”
     Qompass is an advanced, new generation, crypto investment platform that supports trading, Financing and Peer-To-Peer (P2P) exchange in the crypto economy. Built on its own Qompass Blockchain, it is designed from the base to offer phenomenal speeds of over 30,000 TPS (Transactions per Seconds). Our goal is to facilitate financial transaction within a cross Blockchain architecture that extends support by means of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Contract implementation. Qompass through the employment of the latest cryptocurrency Blockchain technology offers a comprehensive service that allows trading, lending and exchanging of cryptocurrency into fiat, in the most reliable and easy way. Qompass is built to support the easy transformation of Financial markets applications and Services from traditional means to blockchain technology. At its core Qompass will provide a rich ecosystem of API protocols and applications to drive financial and capital markets on a global scale, Our Ambition is to pave the way to fully digitalizing the $294 Trillion Global Financial Markets.
    The world of Blockchain and the digital currency has paved the way for a new understanding of decentralization. This not only poses a challenge to the traditional perspective of financial transactions but also focuses on eliminating the loopholes inherent in traditional financial systems. This proves how sophisticated the blockchain technology has been lost, and also how it is able to reduce global boundaries by offering an opportunity to have a different and better future for the whole world. Although blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and encounters some barriers in terms of service quality, ease of use, and performance, each generation of Blockchain is innovative, which makes it a better choice. The main strength behind Blockchain’s technology is how it is able to utilize a decentralized system. However, the lack of real-world applications, and the limitations of business and technology, has become one of the weaknesses for full adoption of Blockchain technology. Qompass thrives to provide a solution to the hitch that the early generations of Blockchain faced, and also offers a more innovative platform that can help create a bridge that connects the shared world.
    With the growing importance of digital currencies in our world today, the Qompass platform offers the latest generation of cryptocurrency fanatics and the average investor unlimited access to funding sources that leverage the global financial network, working by combining these innovative and revolutionary finances. exchange system. This financial system or bank is the first in their league to accept Blockchain technology as the future of monetary exchange. As a Qompass platform subscriber, you can enjoy funds with leverage that add up to 100 times your investment deposit. You can also enjoy liquidity pool and currency exchange with one account. Incorporated on Qompass Blockchain is a Qompass Trader technology, which moves further to the next level by offering the best customers from both worlds. Qompass Trader also puts at the customer’s fingertips the ability to convert ownership of crypto to fiat currencies at POS or ATMs around the world at any time, using a Qompass payment card. The success of the Qompass platform, as well as Qompass Blockchain, can be attributed to its relationship with strong financial markets and interlinking exchanges around the world.
    The Qompass Block Chain is a new generation Blockchain technology. This is a cooperative ledger that supports country changes by trusted and licensed nodes. The new Blockchain technology is capable of generating tens of thousands of transactions in just seconds (30,000 tps). This efficiency is achieved through the execution of on-client client contracts by verifying their output by a 90 percent consensus algorithm used in the creation of new blocks. New and improved blockchain does not require the storage of detailed information from each transaction; not a chain-side is responsible for this action, and handles full historical storage procedures.
    Also, whenever access to stored data such as digital signatures, source contracts and transaction records is required, which is usually stored on Blockchain on other platforms, Qompass Block Chain verifies and authenticates that information by referring to cloud services associated with and responsible for handle all related digital assets and signatures. These clouds are different and completely separate from Blockchain, resulting in highly improved transaction speed, along with increased synchronization as well.
    It is a known fact that the present Blockchain generation is experiencing several issues including the problem of speed, high costs, security, and low to no anonymity at all. Countering these major issues,  Qompass developers have initiated a Blockchain that offers the following:
 Revolutionary verification of over 30000 transactions per second
 Lowest possible costs
 Complete anonymity
 Aid of artificial intelligence in smart contracts
 Easy to use smart contracts – Drag and Drop Templates
 Complete security, making it impossible to check transactions without a security key. ( Secured Explorer)
Qompass blockchain makes it completely impossible to know details of a user’s digital assets, except with the use of a private key.
    The revolutionary Blockchain technology offered by Qompass offers high tech solutions to the setbacks faced by earlier developers of cryptocurrency. Some major characteristics that differentiate Qompass Blockchain from other cryptocurrencies include the following:
 It is faster than current solutions such as Ethereum and Bitcoin
 It can support  over 30000 transactions per second
 It is a self-aware Blockchain (supported by Artificial Intelligence)
 It is entirely customizable and scalable
 It has a cross chain smart contract support (smart contracts that work on multiple blockchains)
 Very low transaction costs
 Qompass uses a secured explorer (no one can spy on your assets. Experience true anonymity and privacy)
 It offers total decentralization and anonymity
 It is built to support financial transactions and high frequency trading.
The Qompass Blockchain offers a transfer system that guarantees performance, multitransactional capabilities of transferring, depositing and converting systems, while ensuring privacy and security at all times. This is Qompass’s revolutionary technology behind the offer.
    The main function of the Qompass node is to execute the contract and verify its status. Instead of following the traditional techniques of mining new blocks that burn unnecessary clock cycles, on the Qompass platform, the permissions required for creating new blocks are default and come as licensed nodes. Instead of waiting for new blocks to be mined, state changes can occur at any time, verified by trusted actors, and general consensus is approved in less than ten milliseconds, even on a large scale. Each contract may act in concert without affecting or blocking another contract, owing to the fact that each contract maintains a separate state chain. The collective change of states forms a directed cyclic graph that forms blockchain. The main actors involved in this process are the nodes, which when combined form the Qompass Notary cloud and C-Chain Ledger Client, via MAC, PC, Android and iOS, as well as additional services such as cloud crypto and side entities that will offer services via Qompass .
    Generally, smart contracts in Qompass are referred to as executable data scripts that are stored in the tree structure. It has the ability to store any kind of information in a format known as ‘key-values’, and each key in this system represents a unique address globally, and the values ​​found here can be fixed values, dynamically executed scripts, logic which can be executed binary, or even a simple reference to another existing address, tree, and so on. This allows almost any complex buildup structure to be represented. A tree consisting of smart contracts forms the Smart Contract Chain, which represents a series of intelligent contracts that affirm and reference each other. CChain is a true representation of real-world related documents. Any new C-Chain feature is determined by the first new smart contract, however, as mentioned earlier, Blockchain itself will not store any information but otherwise other entities such as cloud crypto or flash cards will store information.
    The strength of Qompass lies in the sophisticated trading algorithms we apply, using the strength of neural networks and artificial intelligence that help predict price movements even before they actually happen. This capability acts as an added advantage, allowing leverage that increases earnings up to 100 times. Our experienced team, along with their contacts and specialties in the banking sector, evolved over the years, allowing us to negotiate with over 25 financial institutions worldwide. These companies will act as a source of liquidity to facilitate high-frequency trading and leverage functions on our platform, 5 agreements guaranteed so far.
 Qompass Token Sale & ICO Qompass
Name : Qompass
Symbol : QPS / QPSE
Total Supply : 33,000,000
ICO : 20,000,000
ICO Date : April 5, 2018
Decimal Places : 18
ICO Price : $0.8
Leveraged ROI : ( None Leveraged 30% ) Leverage 10X
QPS is a utility coin that powers the Qompass Platform, services such as subscription to the MCA program, Qompass Trader, and Qompass Terminal. The Crypto Incubator program will be paid with QPS coins. Qompass Mobile App together with Qompass Wallet make it easier to acquire, store and transfer Qps coins.
Qps is the fuel that powers the Qompass Blockchain 
Qompass Initial Coin Offering
Qompass will offer 20 million coins for the public during announced dates, where investors can benefit from the offered bonuses. However, for the purpose of platform development, marketing and other team members, 13 million coins will be reserved for marketing, bonus payment, bounties Team. Future Developments.
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