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Qompass flourishes to provide solutions to the hitches commonly faced by the earlier generations of the Blockchain. It offers a platform that helps in creating bridges that connects the world together. The importance of digital currencies is growing in our world today.
 So Qompass platform is offering the latest cryptocurrency generation fanatics and average investors an unlimited access to funding pools that utilize the global financial network for whom working their way towards incorporating this innovative and revolutionary monetary exchange system.
 As the future of monetary exchanges Blockchain has been accepted as the first in their league by these financial systems or banks. Qompass offers leveraged funds added up to 100 times of the invested deposit.
 Also it gives liquidity pools as well as cross exchange trading with a single account.
Qompass is included with Qompass Trader technology. By offering subscribers the best of both worlds it moves further to the next level.
 Using Qompass payment cards, Qompass Traders are allowed to convert crypto holdings into fiat currency at any POS or ATM worldwide at any times.
 Connections with the financial market and the powerful interlinking of exchanges around the world has influenced for the success of the Qompass platform, and also the Qompass Blockchain.


Because of lack of knowledge or hearing more bad than good, which mostly comes from proponents of the traditional finance system most people are afraid of proceeding into cryptocurrency.
In the simplest form cryptocurrency is a digital currency. To financial transactions and exchanges it is a novel and technological approach.
 As a medium for ransom payments, and other activities it became well-known as a preferred exchange method for terrorists.
 Intermediary and centralized control which currently needed to make up the financial system is eliminated by this.
• Not controlled by government or any single company: it is a decentralized system of operation as it operates independent of the banking system.
it doesn’t have a central bank. It doesn’t have any laws, rules and regulations of any country, government, bank, corporation, nor system.
• It is secure: Cryptocurrency uses cryptography and other technologies to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of transactions, and the system as a whole by encrypting and regulating the system.
 Many Cryptocurrencies ensure that private information of the parties which are involved in a transaction is kept private.
 So It is difficult to trace, seize, or freeze transactions unlike currencies and transactions under traditional decentralized banking system.
• Easy to use: A smart device and an internet connection is all that is needed to access the cryptocurrency.
 There are no any complicated and heavy paperwork, representatives, nor commissions to deal with.
• It is fraud proof: as transactions are verified by other parties which are known as miners, Cryprocurrencies cannot be faked.
 They cannot be altercated or reversed once they are confirmed.
• Low cost: It is not bounded by any transaction fees, inflation, exchange or interest rates.
• Operates a peer-to-peer system.
• Users are having the full control of their currency: All the money is owned and payments are controlled by the cryptocurrency account owner.
• Transparency.


Qompass Blockchain which is a cooperative ledger that is supporting state changes that are performed by trusted and licensed nodes can be noted as a new generation of Blockchain technology.
 This doesn’t require storing detailed information of every transaction. Qompass Blockchain verifies and authenticates any stored data such as digital signatures, contract sources and transaction records , which are commonly stored in the Blockchain in other platforms by referring to the cloud services that is associated with it and responsible for handling all assets and related digital signatures.


Countering the major issues such as problem of speed, high costs, security, and low to no anonymity, Qompass developers have initiated a Blockchain. It offers;
 Revolutionary verification of over 30000 transactions per second
 Lowest possible costs
 Complete anonymity
 Aid of artificial intelligence in smart contracts
 Easy to use smart contracts – Drag and Drop Templates
 Complete security, making it impossible to check transactions without a security key
There are some major characteristics which differentiate Qompass Blockchain from other Cryptocurrencies. Following are some of them;
• It is faster than current solutions such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.
• It can support over 30000 transactions per second  It is a self-aware Blockchain (supported by Artificial Intelligence).
• It is customizable and scalable .
• It is having a cross chain smart contract support (smart contracts that work on multiple blockchains) .
• Very low transaction costs.
• Zero Bloat.
• Qompass uses a secured explorer (no one can spy on your assets. Experience true anonymity and privacy).
• It offers total decentralization and anonymity .
• It is built to support financial transactions and high frequency trading.


Fix shortcomings of current blockchains
Global interlinking of Crypto Exchanges – One account for all
Offer Easy liquidation of Crypto assets through global liquidity pools
Bring back trust and eradicate manipulation in financial markets
Offer Real smart contracts, easy to use and implement with no programing
Crypto Payment Cards – This is a hybrid debit card and smart hardware wallet. It allows instant access to the blockchain.


QPS is a utility coin that powers the Qompass Platform, services such as subscription to the MCA program, Qompass Trader, and Qompass Terminal. The Crypto Incubator program will be paid with QPS coins. Qompass Mobile App together with Qompass Wallet make it easier to acquire, store and transfer Qps coins. The fuel that powers the Qompass Blockchain is Qps.
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