QRAVITY – A Digital Entertainment Production and Distribution Platform

For individuals and start-ups, the market remains challenging. Financial hurdles (such as large overhead and a lack of private investment funding and government grants), inadequate infrastructure, difficulty finding sufficient resources with core skills (design or development), and limited access to major development companies often cause project postponement, abandonment, or cancellation.

Since no platform was capable of offering the desired framework – a combination of crowdsourcing, project management tools, cloud-based collaboration, transparent project stake distribution, and social network features – Qravity was conceived.

Qravity can be defined as an innovative crypto-ecosystem based on the Blockchain Technology which helps the creators to have the genuine rights on their content and get a profit according to their contribution done by them in the project as a whole. In addition to this, Qravity is a full-fledged platform backed up with a good numbers of efficient project management tools, a huge database support, cloud storage along with a team of experts. This helps individuals and organizations to develop their creative monetizable projects like music, audio, video, movies, applications etc. and get them launched on Qravity platform. Qravity makes payments in the form of virtual tokens based on Ethereum platform.The Blockchain Technology behind this venture makes the processes transparent from production to distribution and marketing of the content.

With the current challenges of the current entertainment market, Qravity aims to solve these challenges by creating an all-in-one platform which enables producers and content creators to collaborate on projects which have entertainment value such as videos, books, games and other forms of digital contents. The Qravity platform brings together a pool of producers and creators and connects them to form remote teams that will enjoy the same collaborative advantages of both remote and localized teams. It incentivizes users to contribute willingly to a project for a stake in its ownership. Also the use of blockchain technology allows remote teams to work together as a single team. The tools for project management, the tools for creating digital content, the exchange of files and the messaging services are available to users of the platform.

Qravity is a decentralized content production and distribution platform where creators own and profit from their work. Qravity provides a space for creative visionaries to collectively develop original monetizable digital content, including movies, music, games, e-books, and applications. To help protect digital content during its development and distribution, Qravity is integrating blockchain technology into its platform. This ensures that the data in each project is immutable, tamper-resistant, less prone to being lost or deleted, and highly resistant to hacking. Also, Qravity improves collaboration and eliminates obstacles as producers and creators conceive, develop, and distribute unique content that consumers crave.

QRAVITY is prepared with its resolution for content production & distribution. The project management on the platform is kind of easy because it is guided by the project manager with the QPT because of the token reward. Smart contracts facilitate within the sleek management of the various tasks on the platform. Content creators on the platform are rewarded for his or her skills and ingenuity.

Users pays the QCO tokens on to the creators on the platform to consume specific content. comes on the platform are distributed in little tasks allotted to the various team members of the cluster. The team performing on the various project will decide the long run usage and application of the comes being developed on the platform. The answer designed by the team is predicated on the blockchain technology giving remote groups to figure put together as one team.

Movies, music, and audio file are solely a tiny low a part of the various varieties of content being offered on the platform. Project management tools, digital content production tools, file sharing and electronic messaging services are on the market for the users of the platform.


The vision of the platform is revolutionary, as it provides a space for creative visionaries to collectively develop original monetizable digital content that consumers crave while decentralized creative teams get royalties for their work.


The goals of the Qravity platform are to bring the digital media content creators together to develop their ideas, empower the digital media content creators to develop their skills, and to give the digital media content creators ownership of the projects they contribute to.


  • Monetized

The Qravity platform uses two tokens: Qravity QPT to control the ownership of the project, and Qravity QCO in monetary transactions in the framework of its content creation and distribution processes.

  • Curated

Qravity hosts only commercially viable content. Unlike existing freelance markets, each project proposal is carefully examined and those with high market potential are selected to ensure the profitability of all project stakeholders.

  • Transparent

Blockchain technology offers great transparency in collaboration, distribution, transactions and profit sharing, while eliminating intermediaries and financial barriers.

  • Equitable

Intelligent and unquestionable contracts build confidence in a true economy of digitised work by protecting copyright and providing fair compensation for content creation and project management.

  • Professional

Even as a functional prototype, Qravity’s suite of professional project management tools already includes asset production and approval, file sharing and messaging.

  • Solidarity

Qravity community creatives enjoy an environment in which to share their talents, resources and knowledge.


The Qravity platform provides project founders with an efficient means of managing distributed teams, easing collaboration and providing content creators with a continuous revenue stream from every project they help complete. Similar existing tools are limited and inefficient.

It’s expected that the QCO token will strengthen as the platform becomes fully operational and more content creators and project founders join in. As the cryptocurrency of the Qravity ecosystem, QCO holders can use their tokens to purchase content on the platform or license the content they wish to distribute.


Qravity is a decentralized platform for the development and delivery of digital content that integrates a range of project management tools, such as asset production and approval, file sharing and message delivery for community and team interaction. Project team members use these functionalities in accordance with their role. In this way, for example, the founding partners would have the possibility to use the platform to guide their creative teams, while the creators would be in a position to follow their developments and interests. At the end of the project, Qravity commercializes the content, making it consumable through its platform, selling rights to distributors and selling directly through third-party digital markets such as application stores and streaming services.

By using blockchain technology (intelligent contracts), each and every contribution a content designer makes to a project is immutable. Qravity rewards creators with project-owned shares for each contribution; whenever an author completes a specific task, they receive the number of Qravity Project Tokens (QPT) that the project founder has assigned to that task. These QPTs are tracked and created within Ethereum’s intelligent contracts, making them unique for specific projects and virtually free of counterfeiting or fraud. Regardless of the size or complexity of the tasks, the more tasks a creator completes, the more QPT will earn and the greater their ownership of the project.


  • Simplifies project management

A complete set of professional project management tools maintains the development of content in progress at all stages, from planning to production and distribution.

  • Optimize workflow and collaboration

Practical collaborative tools facilitate communication among members of the distributed creative team and track the contributions of each member.

Qravity helps people with great ideas assemble, manage and pay for creative equipment to produce original premium movies, video games, music and more.

  • Minimize the risk, maximize the rewards

The creators get participation in the projects they produce with Qravity, which only hosts and distributes monetizable premium content

  • Earn royalties

Content creators receive royalties based on participation each time their content is consumed. The more successful you are in your creation, the greater your profits will be.

  • Stimulate trust

Qravity makes it easy for content creators to build successful working relationships and form a productive and collaborative community


Qravity smart contracts contain several components, including QCO, QPT, and account, project, and task data. In order to continually improve the platform through upgrades and feature additions, the smart contracts must be partially upgradable. To maintain the integrity of the token, the QCO token will not be upgradeable.


Qravity QCO is an Ethereum ERC-827 token that serves as the cryptocurrency used for all Qravity transactions.

Token Details

  • Token name: Qravity
  • Token symbol: QCO
  • Price: 1 QCO = 0,0002 ETH
  • Bonus: Available
  • Reward: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Minimum investment: 0.5 ETH
  • Country: Austria
  • Whitelist/KYC: None
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Token decimal points: 18
  • Token sale address: TBD

Qravity Token Sale

QCO, the Qravity tokens are available for interested investors in a crowdsale(ICO)starting from June 2018. The total supply equals 1,000,000,000 out of which 50% are to be sold. The presale period started on 1st June and ended on 15th June. The ICO period started on 16th June and it will end on 31st July 2018.

Token Distribution



For more information, please visit:

Website: https://qravity.com/en/

Whitepaper: https://media.qravity.com/media/filer_public/72/d6/72d614e4-8e65-40e6-a27e-9aab39016f20/qravity_whitepaper_v1-0_public_en.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3913750.0

Telegram: https://t.me/qravityqa

Telegram Channel: http://t.me/QravityCom

Twitter : http://twitter.com/QravityCom

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/QravityCom/

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/qravity/

Medium : https://medium.com/qravity


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