QRAVITY : Decentralized Digital Content Production & Distribution Based on Blockchain Technology

Introduction: What is Qravity?

Qravity is a decentralized content production and distribution platform where creators own and profit from their work.

The business imperative in financial services for blockchain is powerful. Imagine blockchains of that magnitude. Huge data lakes of blocks that contain the full history of every financial transaction, all available for analysis. Blockchain provides for the integrity of the ledger, but not for the analysis. That’s where Big Data and accompanying analysis tools will come into play. Data intelligence services are emerging to help financial institutions, governments, and all kinds of organizations delve into who they might be interacting with on the blockchain and uncover “hidden” patterns. While traditionally we have needed these central authorities to trust one another, and fulfil the needs of contracts, the blockchain makes it possible to have our peers guarantee that for us in an automated, secure fashion. That’s the innovation of blockchain, and it’s why you may hear it used to reference things other than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Though generally not used for it yet, blockchain could be used to maintain a variety of information. An organization called Follow My Vote is attempting to use it for an electronic voting system that’s more secure than modern versions, and healthcare providers might one day use it to handle patient records.

Blockchain technology has a lot of exciting potential, but there are some serious considerations that need to be addressed before we can say it’s the technology of the future. Blockchain functionality of smart contracts to give tech-focused readers insight into how Qravity plans to use them in greater detail. We are aware of some of the challenges that blockchain presents, so we’re analyzing off-chain and Ethereum-developed scaling solutions. As blockchain usage grows, we will need to ensure that Qravity can overcome blockchain’s scaling issues. We are under the impression that the Ethereum Foundation is working on solutions to the challenges of scaling and mining efficiency. We will not be dependent on Ethereum’s founders for these solutions, and will look for potential alternatives as we build the platform. Qravity Ecosystem present opportunity and avenues for media creative visionaries to collectively develop original magnetisable digital content, including movies, music, games, e-books, and applications.

QRAVITY is simply a solution platform to develop original magnetisable digital content, including movies, music, games,e-books, and applications for media content production & distribution. The solution designed by the team is based on the blockchain technology offering remote teams to work jointly as a single team. Project management tools, digital content production tools, file sharing and messaging services are available for the users of the platform. The project management on the platform is quite simple, as it is guided by the project manager with the QPT as the token reward. The team working on the different project can decide the future usage and application of the projects being developed on the platform. The Qravity platform is a decentralized digital content development and distribution platform with integrated project management tools, including asset production and approval, file sharing, and messaging for community and team communication. Project team members use these features according to their role. For example, founders can use the platform to direct their creative teams, while creators can track their progress and

stakes. Upon project completion, Qravity brings the content to market, making it consumable through its platform, selling rights to distributors, and selling directly through third-party digital marketplaces like app stores and streaming services.

Qravity Platform Provides project developers With efficient performance Performance tools to review Distributed team management that contribute to collaboration AND GIVE Creators WITH RESULTS FROM EVERY project they can apply. Such tools are limited and ineffective. Qravity receives 10% of the total QPT of a project as soon as it is ready for distribution. The founder receives a percentage of their completed project’s total QPT. They set this stake with the Project Share Distribution slider in the project management dashboard; this slider must be set during the project creation phase, and remains locked upon project publication. The founder can set their stake as less than the 10% default, thereby increasing stakes, and incentive, for content creators.

Business owners divide their project into tasks, and the attributes of a specific Qravity of Project Tokens (QPT) for each task. This Token represents the betting in a project and only used internally. Immediately after the creators complete the task, the contract smart automatically send the QPT allocated to the task to the wallet maker.

Business owners split their projects into tasks, and attribute a set amount of Qravity Project Tokens (QPT) to each task. These tokens represent stakes in a project and are only used internally. Immediately after a content creator completes a task, smart contracts automatically send the QPT allocated to that task to the creator’s wallet. Upon project completion, whenever a distributor or consumer buys or rents the resulting content, the project founder, and content creators automatically receive a share of the revenue in Qravity’s cryptocurrency, QCO. The amount of QCO each project team member receives corresponds with their stakes in the project, i.e., the amount of QPT they earned for their work. QCO holders can use their tokens to purchase content through the Qravity marketplace; they can also trade their QCO on exchanges.


  • Name : Qravity
  • Image Token: QCO
  • Decimal Token: 18
  • Stage: Ethereum ERC-827
  • Address the offer of tokens: TBA
  • The Total Supply of Tokens: QCO
  • Value Token: 0.0002 ETH

The tokens are ERC 827, and will be distributed according to the pie chart below. The largest portion of token distribution will be attributed to token sales. Token stability is an important part of the Qravity ecosystem and it is our goal to help minimize volatility. Qravity will facilitate large transactions of QCO via the exchanges by selling large amounts of QCO when buyers want to purchase access to digital content. The remainder will be distributed to team members, advisors, directors, and consultants. Bounties will also be offered to those that assist with marketing activities that result in ICO participation.

ICO Details

The Qravity platform provides project founders with an efficient means of managing distributed teams, easing collaboration and providing content creators with a continuous revenue stream from every project they help complete. Similar existing tools are limited and inefficient. QCO token will strengthen as the platform becomes fully operational and more content creators and project founders join in. As the cryptocurrency of the Qravity ecosystem, QCO holders can use their tokens to purchase content on the platform or license the content they wish to distribute.


Website : https://qravity.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/QravityCom/

Twitter : http://twitter.com/QravityCom

Telegram : http://t.me/QravityCom

Whitepaper : https://media.qravity.com/media/filer_public/a5/bb/a5bb8ad0-c7f0-4fe2-a84d-52e50e162a3d/qravity_whitepaper_v1-0_public_en.pdf

ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3913750.0

Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1460674


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