Quantum 1Net is an encryption system.

What is Quantum 1 just? Does it really help to secure your personal information and information? In the current state fraud is everywhere. If you use the internet, there is every possibility that you become the soft target of the hackers. If you are looking for a permanent and effective solution for quantum computing, you should think of Quantum 1 net. This is greatly appreciated by users for the developed functions and improved performance.

What is Quantum 1 just?
You may have heard that the RSA cryptographic platform is more than four decades old. It is designed to secure digital and internet communication. But now other technologies have emerged to interrupt the functioning of the RSA cryptographic platform. Quantum computing is one of them. It has become a major threat to the RSA and some other forms of encryption. It has a number of improved tools to make it easier for hackers on the Internet to crack the mechanism of RSA cryptography.

Quantum computers are considered more developed than ordinary computers because they are able to utilize the unique characteristics of the microscopic world, entanglement and superposition to make the calculation more accurate and effective.

Moreover, they are able to perform the task within minutes and hours, so that the most developed tools need billions of years to complete. Because these are more developed, it is difficult for professionals to find the best solution to combat the threat. These computers pose a real threat to digital communication as most encryption methods designed to exploit the slowness of conventional computers. These are not effective for the Quantum computers.

If you go through this phase, Quantum 1 can just come to your aid. They have developed innovative and new solutions to counter those problems and help users to secure the data in an effective way. Quantum mechanics makes it possible to generate the intrinsically random series of the numbers. It will be the center of Quantum Encrypted Key Generation technology. This can provide secure transfer and storage of data. Moreover, it offers the complexity of cryptographic key generation that you can not expect in the traditional way. The traditional technologies may not be able to protect the data against the quantum computers.

As proven by Quantum1net.com, quantum computers are more advanced and require better protection than ordinary computers. In short, you can say that Quantum 1 has just created a new and proven solution for the RSA problems. It will provide faster and safer storage and transfer and the hackers will not be able to use your data.

What are the innovations?
When it comes to innovation, you can say that this is better than all other encryption methods. It comes with many developed functions to secure your data. The quantum 1-net is determined to design a super powerful and efficient technology to help the users protect the data. It will be relevant, easily accessible and ultimately personal.

They work with the aim of creating a technology that enables and enables the users. The product is so secure and advanced that users do not have to worry about security and data transfer because they are protected with the best tools. They introduce an unrivaled level of technical innovation that they will combine with the system design to provide critical safety and peace of mind. It will also be easy to use. You do not need specific technical knowledge to gain benefits from this product.

In addition to the above, you may see some more developments in the coming years as it plans to reinvest nearly 20% of its sales in development and research to provide a better solution for users. You can get new network security solutions to protect your digital communications from the unsafe data transfer.

ICO token sale
If you want to know more about the token sale, consider the following. There are three token sales with specific objectives. The details are given below.

First token sale
The first token is the silver token. It is based on Ethereum and the sale will start from February 2018. If you want you can hide the silver tokens with a twenty percent discount in the golden token. The sale is capped at fifteen million. The purpose of the silver token is to support relocations to a new office and to centralize development. They hire the developers for the limited Quantum1Net release of 2018.

Second token sale
The second token is the golden token. It is based on Bitcoin and it contains QEK. The sale starts from July 2018. If you are a silver token investor, you can be given priority in the gold token sale. The sale is limited to eighteen million. The goal of this token is to provide a proof-concept of QEK. It contains quantum coding. It can help with the development of the file transfer platform and for all hardware.

Third token sale
This token sale starts from January 2019. It is QE enabled and based on Bitcoin. If you are a Silver Finnish investor, you can get a 5% discount on this sale. It is limited to 200 million. This token provides support for Quantium1Net in the long term. Moreover, it offers support outside the cryptocurrency. If you are interested in the maximum benefits of the token sale, first think of the silver token. With a silver token you can get discounts in other token sales.

Quantum1Net Prototype

The laboratory prototype of Quantum1Net’s Quantum Random Number Generator, which has been in development since 2014, is based on a one-qbit optical device, that uses four photon detectors and time-to-digital (TDC) converter to generate sets of perfect random numbers with timestamps. The quantum device consists of an entangled photons source, and linear optical elements, which sets the quantum system to the desired state. Two configurations have been developed to generate sets of 4 and 6 elements respectively. The output of the TDC is the temporary queue, from which sets of unique random numbers or encryption keys can be requested, creating a real time, on demand encryption and decryption system

Quantum1Net has no experience in this industry. It is only a year old. But it works with the aim of designing the best platform to offer secure data communication for personal computer, mobile and satellite transmissions. This company can offer a wide range of effective solutions for digital third-party content. If you want to know more about this roadmap for companies and products, you can visit https://quantum1net.com/ . You get all the details about the company, functions and benefits. You can make the right decision with a well-informed mind.


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