Previously I will provide some information about Quantum1Net below. if you want to find out more, please visit the official website: https://quantum1net.com/ 

We all know about RSA protection, we need to understand what Quantum1Net is better than that. The RSA platform is 40 years old, this is a very large period according to Internet standards. During this time, much has changed and all the old needs must be changed into new ones.

The emergence of computational quantum makes RSA crack and various other forms of encryption feasible in the near future. Classic computers use binary bits, which have a value of zero or one. This string is zero and that translates to data, but the slightest trait means only one calculation can be done at once.However, with quantum computing, the quantum of each bit (called a qubit) can both be zero and one at the same time. Quantum computers use the latest properties of the microscopic world, superposition and attachment, to make calculations more efficient than standard computers. With these parameters, they can handle certain tasks in just a few hours or even minutes, while ordinary computers will take several million years to do this.

This carries a huge risk for digital information, which is encrypted by old technology.

Quantum1net.com also points out that quantum computers are more efficient than traditional computers. Quantum computers are quantum mechanical meters such as data processing and communication. This usually means doing a very long job in minutes or hours and is the best tool for the next few years.Process data (text or binary) is encrypted using a combination of encryption keys. Quantum Encrypted Key Generation (QEKG). This will ensure safe storage and data transfer. This will increase the complexity of generating cryptographic keys, this feature is not available on older security products. This will protect data from quantum computers.

For more details on this issue, I advise you to visit the project site: https://quantum1net.com/

Very large quantum computers (and expensive) meanings are not necessary to generate quantum encryption keys. We use a process known as quantum entanglement in such a way that it produces multiple sets of randomly correlated numbers so that combining two or more sets can only obtain the entire encryption key. While the wider discussion of this process is beyond the scope of this paper, this behavior makes random numbers completely random.

In the existing Bounty company invested  540 thousand dollars  . Below, I describe how the funds are distributed according to the type of gift company:
Signatures and avtar in the bitcointalk.org forum: 25%, 135’000 $;
Transfer: 17%, 91’800 $;
Articles and blogs: 15%, 81’000 $;
Facebook campaign: 10%, 54’000 $;
Campaign on Twitter: 10%, 54’000 $;
Campaign on Reddit: 10%, 54’000 $;
Campaign on Telegram: 3%, 16’200 $;
Other bounty types: 10%, 54’000 $.
The cost calculation depends on the condition of the HardCap collection.

The bounty company will be held until March 9, 2018.


Sales of the first token:
will be in February 2018.
Silver proof based on the Ethereum platform will be available for purchase. They can be exchanged for gold with 20% discount. Sales are limited to 15 million.
To  support the transition to the new office for further development and appeal of new developers.

In July 2018, sales will close.

Sales of the 2nd token:
The sale of closed gold tokens will begin in July 2018.
Bitcoin, including QEK.
Investors with silver token will have priority.
Sales are limited to 18 million.
proof of QEK concept, this token will be with quantum encryption. Support for hardware development and file data transfer platform.
Sales of the 3rd token: Sales
Open token gold will begin in January 2019.
Bitcoin, QE turned on.
Silver Token investors, converted for sale in July 2018, may participate at a 5% discount.
Sales are limited to 200 million.
Support for Quantium1Net in the long run. Support for development and use beyond the crypto currency.
Quantum1Net and its affiliates start their work in 2017.  They design, manufacture and sale services for secure data transfer for personal computers and mobile and satellite devices. The company provides troubleshooting-related services with network security for third-party content and applications. The main work is being done to create quantum and Quantum encryption.
To find out more information please visit some links that I include below:
Bitcointalk URL:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1795848

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