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QUASA is a decentralized system that includes block chain trading through smart contracts and is provided with its own internal crypto currency. This approach allows us to develop logistics technology to a whole new level and ensures complete security and confidentiality throughout the supply chain.

More about the QUASA project  The

functions of the system are designed to protect cargo owners and carriers through blocking technology and smart contracts in order to eliminate potential problems related to trust, information barriers and legal costs.The target audience of the service works with the models b2b, b2c and c2c. 
Logistics is associated with many aspects that are difficult to take into account in one IT solution. This is why the QUASA platform helped attract experts among the leaders in this area in order to avoid the disadvantages that potential competitors face.

Unlike many other similar projects that were recently introduced on the market, QUASA is not just a clone created, not paying attention to the problems of the freight market, the difficulties faced by shippers or the needs of carriers. Instead, QUASA provides end users with a simple model for organizing freight traffic with a simple interface and makes orders as profitable as possible with just a few mouse clicks.

The product will not be used for “forced” unification of all processes in existing and successful companies.Each company is offered accreditation in accordance with standards developed by leaders and experts in the field of logistics. Compliance with these standards gives access to all solutions provided by the service.The company organizes cargo transportation without recourse to intermediaries. Thanks to the established IT solution, QUASA distributes orders so that operators can most effectively use their vehicles. Such optimization helps to increase the efficiency of the carrier, thereby increasing their profit while reducing the transport costs for cargo owners.

However, QUASA is unique due to its economic system, based on block technologies, smart contracts and its own crypto system QuasaCoin, designed to protect cargo owners and carriers. The use of blockchain technologies and intellectual contracts will eliminate the problem of trust, as well as information barriers and legal costs, which are described in more detail below.

To transport your goods or provide freight services on the QUASA platform, no special technical knowledge is required. After the approval of the moderators, any company can be admitted to transportation. Freight traffic is monitored upon request until the transaction is successfully completed. All actions are recorded in the block, which excludes spawning between the parties;Smart-contract, which will be approved at the beginning of the shipment, will automatically perform a mutual settlement in accordance with the data stored in the block.

Initially, the client enters information about the details of the delivery of a certain cargo from one place to another at a certain time. The platform, using statistical and forecast data, provides the client with all the approximate costs and delivery plans for such services.If the client is satisfied with the main terms of the offer, he places an order for the formation of the application. 

In turn, the system distributes the basic transport scheme to registered participants whose advertising or statistical profile allows them to participate in such a transport process. It also takes into account alternative delivery plans where you can improve the price or temporary arrangements. 

Alfa Version QUASA System
Project developers are already testing the version of the Alfa Version QUASA System ( http://www.quasa.net) The 
project has been working for almost three years, and now you can see the results of everything that has already been done. This is a prototype system that will be based on the blockbuster technology. 
The project team, consisting of logistics and IT specialists, developed a working prototype of the service. This allows us to analyze market needs and compare them with the implementation of a full-fledged project. 
– Tariff calculation from 18 international carriers. 
– Tariff calculation for airlines received through the API or from their own database. 
– System of personal zones, including partner zones. 
– Exchange of goods. 
– Administrative panel. 
The price is calculated for all cargo parameters selected by the user.
The prototype includes the main functions of the cargo owner QUASA, which will be available in the second quarter of 2018. Later, these functions will be supplemented by modules designed to attract other participants of the logistics network.

The auction will appear in the interface of registered carriers in the form of a constantly updated news channel, which takes into account the current routes and plans of the carrier. The incoming offers are formed by increasing prices, that is, from the lowest to the highest price. Thus, the client can choose the final offer using the following filters: price, reliability of contractors; speed of delivery; the balance between the various supply factors. 

Control over cargo transportation is carried out on request, until the transaction is successfully closed. All actions are registered in the block, which excludes relations between the parties that do not require trust. A smart contract, which will be agreed at the beginning of the shipment, automatically performs the full mutual calculations in accordance with the data contained in the block chain.

The QUASA platform will be able to offer valuable services in the logistics market: business processes using QUASA platforms are supported by more profitable and reliable guarantees than direct interaction between shippers and cargo owners.

QUASA is a platform that connects carriers and cargo owners. Our goal is to create a platform that provides the opportunity to organize all types of transport through one click, through freight companies and with any mode of transport.
Compared with other similar projects on the market, QUASA is not just another blind project that was created without any marketing research. We really understand the carrier’s needs faced by cargo owners when ordering a delivery. Thus, QUASA launches a new model of transportation of goods with a simple interface for end users and orders a service with the most favorable terms and conditions in just a few clicks. The company transports transport without intermediaries. QUASA distributes orders in such a way that carriers can use transport as efficiently as possible due to the IT solution we have created. This optimization allows to increase the cost of transportation of cargo owners.

The platform service will provide:  
⏩ a unique environment for the development of companies and their competition; 
  trust between partners and customers, since the service sets standards in the overall transparency of the supply chain because of general access to the rating based on intellectual contracts performed by companies; 
⏩ the  ability to enter new markets, since access to such markets is not limited to information or financial barriers due to transparency; 
  consulting services and providing a proven model of business processes and tools for its implementation; 
  unique environment for the development of companies and their competition; 
 trust relationships between partners and customers, since the service sets standards in the overall transparency of the supply chain because of general access to the rating based on intellectual contracts performed by companies; 
⏩ the  ability to enter new markets, since access to such markets is not limited to information or financial barriers due to transparency; 
  consulting services and the provision of a proven model of business processes and tools for its implementation. 
However, unlike any other platform, QUASA allows its users to use another currency created by the Quasacoins platform. 

Selling tokens, ICO

We have different ways to influence the growth of QUA prices: each related company is news, and successful – even more news flow. Every time some people start using QUA, this is good news. We plan to connect many such companies, and therefore there will be a lot of positive news. We will always be the subject of discussion and, thus, we will have the opportunity to influence the course.
The value of our currency will be supported by real services offered by the QUASA platform, which will change the perception in the world of freight traffic.
Imagine that you had a chance to join UBER immediately after its launch. That’s why we absolutely do not doubt that everything will be great. We will regulate the treatment rules that will stimulate demand through unique services and privileges for users, with the exception of a limited amount of emissions
QUASA produces 62,445,870 QUA markers.
After the end of the ICO, additional tokens will be automatically transferred to the members of Founders, Team and Bounty.
The volume of borrowed funds (ETH, USA) is ETH = 15.623 (18747500 US dollars at the rate of 1200 dollars / ETH).
For convenience and because of the constant ETH-fluctuations was chosen at the level of 1 ETH = $ 1200.
The total number of QuasaCoin tokens (QUA) is 50 769 000
Of the total of 62,445,870 QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens intended for general emissions, QUASA will provide 50,769,000 tokens for sale through the ICO at various price levels.
To purchase project tokens, you need to go to the site https://www.quasa.io/ and register. At the moment, you can buy tokens with a bonus of 33%, while for 
1 ETH you can buy 3000 QUA. Sales are scheduled to end on June 30, 2018.
You can buy for any fiat currency or crypto currency through the exchange site:  https://bestrate.org/
Detailed information about the project:

Website:     https://www.quasa.io/

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