Blockchain technology is a transparent digital transaction book and records that are immune to modification or deletion. Offering additional features of increased security, cost reduction, time efficiency and error tolerance, the chain-chain grew, fluctuated in 2017. The utility of blockchain technology is unlimited, triggering an increase in the list of companies, industries and government studying its potential adoption. A block-chain is an immutable public book that records digital transactions.


QUASA is a decentralized system that involves blockchain and consists of several smart contracts around the block and crypto currency itself. Such an approach brings the development of logistics technology to an entirely new level and ensures total security and privacy within the entire supply chain. QUASA platform is a system product developed by a collaboration of the strongest and experienced logistic companies and organizations. These are based in Russia, the CIS, and other countries round the globe. It is the first ever decentralized platform of Cargo Transportation. QUASA decentralized logistic platform gives the newest solutions based on the usage of blockchain technologies, which enhances chain management. In addition Quasa provides all forms of security guarantees for all freight carriers and their dealers offer access to major and unique market sales. This is very unique and very beautiful because it further clarifies the optimization of use and the provision of effective efficiency services that reach climax on advertising consultancy and promotion for large companies regarding the crypto blockchain paradigm.

Today the cargo shipping market has very much in common with the taxi market before it was conquered by internet companies. Not many people realize that transport logistics is a huge field which can be compared to the biggest global industries in terms of size. Yet, despite its volume, this field remains largely fragmented and inefficient, with wide presence of intermediaries and the existence of nontransparent business schemes.

QUASA is here to provide the solution with the substitution of centralized services with which Smart contract and Blockchain technologies will ensure transparency in the logistics market. It will be enable users the opportunity to interact with the carrier openly and clearly, which will help to solve all the crucial problems of the cargo shipping. The generation of the commission will become clear, and prices for the services will be reduced thanks to open and transparent interaction between all participants of the supply chains. The process is the opportunity to obtain information on the movement and condition of cargos.

Online cargo monitoring

In QUASA interface, the GPS tracking data and the data on technical status of the loading are automatically saved in the smart-contract storage.

Guaranteed payment for services and efficient paperwork. The carrier terminates the transportation of the goods and transfers them to the cargo owner or the next carrier.

The diagram above illustrates the QUASA gains and goals in the span of 5 years


The development plan includes gradual elaboration and introduction of new modules. QUASA will perform the step-by-step implementation of the following modules: “air”, “sea cargo”, “truck”, “railway”, “bulk load”, and “warehouse”.

First of all, in the end of 2018 the air module is going to be launched.

Then, truck and sea cargo modules are going to be introduced in the end of 2018 since they present the best trade-off between high demand for multimodal contracts and low difficulty of realization.

In 2019 the company will expand the range of its services by adding customs services and introducing the opportunity to organize delivery of bulk load cargos.

Together with the launch of new modules, state-of-the-art warehouse modules are going to be developed – the authorization of the companies which offer services based on logistic outsourcing (warehouse services and terminal operations).

QUASA railway module will be added in the end of 2020.

By 2023 QUASA is planning to account for 1-2% of the world cargo shipping operations. Hence, the volume of financial operations of QUASA users for purchased logistic services is believed to amount to 1% * $1 trillion = $10 bln a year. QUASA revenues.

These are the reasons why QUASA is unique;

The authorization of trustworthy suppliers and cargo owners enhances the total degree of responsibility.

All QUASA actions are registered in the blockchain. This feature eliminates any risk related to trust-lacking relations between the parties.

QUASA platform gives the solution for the problem of lacking standards and, consequently, for the problem of boring and time consuming paperwork.

Online GPS-tracking of the location and condition of the cargo is performed with the use of blockchain technology. This advancement eradicates any type of risks from hidden risks.

The authorization of trustworthy suppliers and cargo owners enhances the total degree of responsibility.

The client is made autonomous. He is free to choose the delivery mode most suitable for his requirements for price, conditions, and additional services.

It provides the consumers with improved availability of insurance and broker services.


Token: QUA

PreICO Price: 1 ETH = 6000 QUA

Price: 1 ETH = 3000 QUA

Bounty: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH

Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH

Soft cap: 100 ETH

Country: Russia

Whitelist/KYC: None

QUASA issues 62,445,870 QUA tokens. The total number of QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens is 50,769,000. From the total amount of 62,445,870 QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens intended for the general emission QUASA will submit 50,769,000 tokens for the sale through ICO at various price levels.

Token Distribution


65% formation of services described in the previous section;

hiring of new employees and bearing the expenses related to the corresponding development; elaboration of the infrastructure for developing a logistics market 2.0 as well as developing the member community;

17% – overheads for launching preICO and ICO, bonuses for the developers

legal costs and other bureaucratic expenses;

bonuses for the founders and for the developers of the platform;

repayment of borrowings used for creating the platform;

10% return on investments made by investors on the earliest stages of project;

8% – payment of PR services used at preICO, ICO, and Release stages.


Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field.

A considerable number of partners take part in cargo transportation; all of them have their obligations as well as information and financial flows, and they are involved in the transfer of property rights for cargo obligations.

QUASA is here to help cargo owners, carriers, cargo receivers, and other suitable platforms to receive and move cargos on as profitable terms as possible. Be a part of this tremendous project and follow these links for more information;

Website: http://www.quasa.io/

Whitepaper: http://www.quasa.io/whitePaper

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quasagroup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/quasagroup

Telegram: https://t.me/quasafreight

Medium: https://medium.com/@quasagroup

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quasagroup

ANN Thread: http://bitcointalk.org/index.php?Topic=2351950.0






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