Quick stands at the front of the decentralized technology revolution. We operate the premier digital mining platform, designed for customers who demand lightning-fast hashing, dependable infrastructure, and industry-leading chipsets operating at industry low kilowatts per hour


Blockchain technology revolutionized the view on conventional fiat currencies as it enables the mining of decentralized digital currencies. The introduction of Bitcoin changed the world and became the gold standard. Although acceptance of cryptocurrencies among the wider public is still proving challenging as some providers are associated with reputational issues. The overall shift to digital currencies is progressing slowly, and this breakthrough technology has yet to reach its full potential.

Blockchain is more than just an aspect of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has wide ranging applications and simplifies business and transaction processes, provides transparency and safety, makes centralized intermediary parties unnecessary and reduces transaction costs. However, blockchain technology-based business models greatly depend on stable energy supply. Given that price and availability of electricity are important factors for successful mining operations. Many have outsourced mining facilities to countries with low environmental standards. To address these issues, a long term sustainable strategy must incorporate use of energy efficient and environmentally friendly mining processes

The basics of mining is that a cryptocurrency miner provides computational power to solve mathematical problems. As a reward, the miner gets the cryptocurrency of the  blockchain it is helping secure. Mining involves a piece of equipment operating 24/7/365 under consistent and extremely high load, so failures and breakdowns are quite common with unsupervised operations. Thus, although the topic of cryptocurrencies have been eminent for some time, entering this space is often still complicated for consumers. It is common practice in the industry not to disclose the details of mining facilities, including their locations, in order to preserve trade secrets and shut competitors out of  inexpensive power locations.

The Quick Solution


Cost Efficient

Long-term purchase contracts with established bio gas and energy providers and expects to lower cost of electricity up to 75% compared to the U.S. national average.



Dielectric fluids combined with our two-phase immersion cooling system have a very low global warming potential, does not deplete ozone, are non-toxic and non-flammable.



Low power cost, higher power density, low overhead, with QPC Smart mining optimization algorithm, Quick aims to be one of the most profitable mining operations in the industry.



Planned thermal management upgrades such as Organic Rankine Cycle system, Quick constantly strives to maintain competitive advantage through technological innovation.


With the successful R&D into application of two-phase immersion cooling
technology in cryptocurrency mining and prototyping. The well-established
infrastructure of the U.S. can further help QPC become the industry leader in the
cryptocurrency mining field.


Energy consumption has been a major concern for the blockchain community not only due to the environmental impact of the very energy intensive mining process but also the long term economic sustainability. The current consensus is that while some coins may still be profitably mined from home, mining has already been moving toward large mining pools that gain from economies of scale and industrial technologies and management.

Qpawn Company (“QPC”) is a cryptocurrency mining operation built and managed by a team of data center industry experts and professionals. By combining recent technological breakthroughs in cooling, energy recycling system and wholesale energy prices. QPC will be able to build an efficient and sustainable mining operation with a low carbon footprint. What’s more, the technology is simple, controllable and scalable.

QPC is currently negotiating long-term energy purchase contracts directly from established providers and expects to
lower our cost of electricity by up to 75% compared to the U.S. national average. A secure location within close proximity of the energy sources ensures stable power supply and maximize uptime

Additionally, further cost savings by utilizing purpose built two-phase immersion cooling technology, which has a well-established history of other industrial application, is estimated to reduce energy use by up to 95% through the use of nonflammable, none ozonedepleting and low global warming engineered fluid.

Furthermore, planned additional upgrades and energy recycling system which recovers waste heat to generate electricity may reduce up to an additional 50% compared to conventional mining facilities.Through the combination of customized industrial scale thermal solutions and professional management. QPC is confident that our operation will be sustainable, profitable, and environmentally friendly.

QPC intends to mine all cryptocurrencies through custom optimization software which chooses the best mining options available at any moment. QPC is also flexible about the mining pools it uses, depending on the payouts and liquidity among other factors

Custom designed containers will house the mining rigs and are designed to be hot swappable. This not only enhances the space efficiency, it also increases scalability while lowering maintenance overhead and downtime

Quick coin will be utilized to purchase and settle transactions by acting as a means of payment inside the Quick ecosphere and will be tradable outside the platform on relevant exchanges. All services  provided by QPC willbe paid in Quick coin

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