Quifas CryptoCurrency

Quifas CryptoCurrency

Quifas CryptoCurrency Exchange With Good Security Level And Speed

Know What is Quifas, 

Innovation and an ever-growing and growing level of creativity in technological development make the ever-changing changes into a new era in the digital world where technological enhancement brings great benefits in growth and also provides a boost to the ever-increasing economy, the opportunities for greater growth in business or business are increasingly good in the future, then the level of the structure of the increasingly qualified networks, the interaction of interactions in various activities grows, then in various changes to the quality of technology brings a new breakthrough in development of digital cryptocurrency,this will provide an overview of the quality at the rate of technological change, and here we will introduce a new breakthrough in technological development on Cryptocurrency exchange, with a secure level of security as well as a good acceleration rate, introducing Quifas a development on an exchange exchange for featuring a top quality with a good level of safety and a good level of security.by introducing Quifas a development on an exchange exchange to showcase a top quality with a good level of safety as well as a good level of security.by introducing Quifas a development on an exchange exchange to showcase a top quality with a good level of safety as well as a good level of security.
Quifas,  is an innovation in development on Cryptocurrency Exchange by applying various levels of top quality, then quality levels of good safety, well-controlled and well-controlled privacy, and providing a service to the server system and also providing convenience in finding various opportunities and also provide a good level of transparency on the network, various facilities will be found in Quifas, and will improve the quality of increasing profits or greater profits, and gain interaction and improve on the development of an increasingly larger community.
Quifas Mission:  Builds a Cryptocurrency exchange with a high level of security safe, with the best multi functional services, and also maintains the client’s privacy, and builds faster acceleration and confirmation rates.
The journey begins in October 2017 which is to build an assembled team for the project, then in february 2018 the manufacture of whitepaper and realease, and in March 2018 ico launching, in June exchange Quifas launching and introduced in the world, in september launching platfrom mobile, in December more than 100 cryptocurrencies listing on exchange, in january 2019 has multi in various languages ​​in french, german, korean, chinese, in december 2019 entered in top exchange in world.
Advantages Of Quifas: 
1. Support and highly responsible service within 24/7
2. Has a good level of infrastructure on the network, this will provide comfort to the client
3. acceleration speed on the platfrom and high network, this will save time in various interactions.
4. The upgrade and verification level in platfrom is very fast it takes only 24 hours in confirmation
5. have a great community because it is in platfrom ios & android platfrom
6. has a level update on news in various news about cryptocurrencies in order to get the level of profit is increasing more
Activity Details Crowdsale Quifas: 
Presale activities are held on 09 March 2018
Presale activities ends on March 23, 2018
Day 01 Bonus 35% / Invest 100 ETH
              Bonus 32.5% / Invest 10 ETH – 100ETH
              Bonus 30% / Invest Below 10 ETH
Day 02- 07 Bonus 30% / Invest Above 100 ETH
                    Bonus 27.5% / Invest 10 ETH – 100 ETH
                    25% Bonus / Invest Under 10 ETH
Day 08-14 Bonus 25% / Invest Above 100 ETH
                  Bonus 22% / Invest 10 ETH – 100ETH
                  Bonus 20% / Invest Under 10 ETH
ICO activities were held on April 6, 2018
ICO activity ends on 07 May 2018
Softcap is 3,000,000 USD
Hardcap is 35,000,000 USD
Total Token is 200,000,000 QFS
The token price is $ 0.40
For minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH
For Payment using Bitcoin
1. For Token Sale Activities is 50%
2. For Team Activity And founder is 20%
3. For Reserve Fund Activities is 15%
4. For Angel Investor is 10%
5. For Bounty and Advisor is 5%
Detail All Team Quifas : 
1. Florian Boci , CEO
2. Legal Removal. COO
3. Akinbiyi Akindoyin , Phd , CTO
4. Warun Bubna, MBA, CMO
More information about Quifas: 
Telegram           : https://t.me/Quifas
Twitter               : https://twitter.com/QuifasExchange
Medium             : https://medium.com/@quifasexchange
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1929500

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