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Quifas is a secure innovative cryptocurrency exchange built for the people. It is user friendly, highly scalable, ultra-fast and offers exceptional customer service. Quifas cares for the security of its users and is taking all of the necessary measures in order to protect their funds. Our specialists will monitor the system, root out, and prevent hacks on our exchange. For increased convenience, we are creating mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. They will allow cryptocurrency traders to gain profits regardless of their current location.
Quifas Mission – to allow anyone, from any part of the world to carry out secure
cryptoasset transactions in just a few clicks. Quifas eliminates the short fallings of existing solutions and brings its own innovative solutions to the market. This will allow it to take its place amongst market leaders and get ahead of competitors.

Current problems
In order to create a new cryptocurrency exchange capable of taking a leading position
amongst existing competitors, a careful analysis of their current problems was undertaken. It can be stated that practically all functioning cryptocurrency exchanges and their users run into a list of serious problems. As new investors are flooding the market, the current exchanges are having difficulties keeping up with the huge demand and many of them are closing the doors to new investors. Below are some of the main difficulties that current exchanges and their users are facing.

*Lack of Customer Service
*Inadequate Infrastructure to Scale
*Security Breaches
*Low Withdrawal Limits
*Delayed Account Upgrades
*Liquidity Issues
*Inefficient Multilingual Support

Quifas Solution
Quifas is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange, which will eliminate current market issues. Users will have access to a very intuitive interface on the platform, and the exchange’s staff will provide efficient support services in regards to all queries. Support will be provided in a language convenient to users. The integration of the newest technological solutions will allow Quifas to execute up to 2.5 million transactions per second. This will ensure that the system will operate at full capacity even during peak load times. Aside from this, Quifas cares for the security of its users and is taking all of the necessary measures in order to protect their funds from hackers and scammers. All of this combined with new, unique solutions will allow Quifas to become one of the best exchanges on the market.

The Quifas Exchange will provide the following solutions:
*Exceptional Customer Service
*Security Improvements
*Immediate Account Upgrade
*Unlimited Withdrawals
*Scalable Infrastructure
*Ultra Fast Matching Engine
*Cross Platform Support
*API Support
*Advanced Trading Features



Token Sale
The Quifas Tokens (QFS) – The tokens issued by Quifas Exchange will have a maximum supply of 200 million. The Quifas token is an ERC 20 token issued on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be supported by all Ethereum wallets.

Token Holders Benefits:

Zero Trading Fee

Token holders will be able to use Quifas token (QFS) to buy other crypto assets on the Quifas exchange with zero trading fees.

Trading Fee Discount

Holders of QFS tokens will be entitled to discount on trading fees on the exchange.

Listing of new coins

Our exchange is focused on serving the people’s needs, therefore QFS Token holders will have a say on which coins get listed on the exchange.


Token Issuance and Distribution


Quifas Platform Development – 40%

40% of the funds generated during token sale will be used for the development of the quifas exchange platform. This will enable us build a scalable, highly secure, world class platform with a friendly user interface that will support multi-platforms such as Web, iOS, Android on PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones while offering traders unique features such as trailing stops, trailing profit targets, simultaneous entry of buy orders, stop loss and take profit, market news section.

Marketing, PR and Branding – 30%

30% of the funds generated during the token sale will be used for marketing public relations and branding of the exchange. This will help in the acquisition of new customers, customer retention.

Liquidity Fund – 20%

20% of the funds generated during the token sale will be held in reserve for contingencies and other miscellaneous or unforeseen expenses that might arise. targets, simultaneous entry of buy orders, stop loss and take profit, market news section.

Legal – 10%

10% of the funds generated during the token sale will be held for ongoing legal advice.


Use of Funds




Exceptional Customer Services

We will aim to resolve every issue in 24 hours or less. Having a multilingual support and allows us to tackle any issues the users might have

Scalability Infrastructures

Platform is designed to be scalable so as to accommodate a huge increase in new user registrations without having to shut down registrations

Ultra Fast Matching Engine

Quifas is built on one of the most advanced technology and is capable of handling 2.5 Million transaction per second. The order matching engine can execute trades in less than one millisecond

Immediate Account Upgrade

Currently, most users have to wait days or weeks for their accounts to pass verifications for an account upgrade. Quifas Exchange will aim to complete verification of accounts within 24 hours or less

Cross Platform Support

Quifas Exchange supports a fully integrated Android or IOS platform. Users can trade directly from their phones with ease

News Section

Quifas has integrated a news section where users can get the latest news about their favorite tokens. There will also be a chat section where users can share ideas and strategies







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