Review of ICO Quras – IoT on the blockroom.

Greetings to readers of my blog! Today we will begin our acquaintance with the Quras project . He drew my attention to the fact that unlike those block-projects that have been announced recently, he does not try to embrace all the spheres of application, but concentrates on a certain task with a clear applied value.

What is Quras

At the moment, the leading developers of blockade position their projects as “universal soldiers”. And their tasks are already customary for all of us: anonymity, high transaction speed, scalability. But in fact such universality is impossible in principle, each industry has its own unique needs. The policy of Quras is to make the block system highly specialized for each niche.

So, Quras is a platform designed to work specifically with the Internet of things. 
In addition to this, the platform functions are cloud computing and processing of large data. 
The main functionality of the platform is secure exchange between IoT network devices, creation of their own smart contracts and tokens. 

Strictly speaking, Quras is not a blockage in the main sense of the word. In white paper, this is called a direct asynchronous graph (DAG). 
This technology is more preferable for the IoT sphere, because there will not be a commission here. 

Where does the platform come in handy?

since Quras, at the head of its goals, aims to ensure the safe and beneficial operation of the Internet of things, so its main area of ​​application can be called home appliances; 
It can be useful in the healthcare industry to use a platform for working with medical devices; 
in the field of science and training – the connection of educational technology; 
cloud computing – here, I think the explanations are superfluous, this is one of the most growing technological spheres, where every year more and more capacities and new solutions are required; 
processing of large data. Another “hit” of modern information technology, which requires increasing computing speed and scalability.

How it works

In terms of technical implementation, the project has a number of interesting aspects that allow it to be beneficial precisely for the sphere in which its activities are planned. 
Algorithm “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge”, which encrypts information, while doing anonymous verification, which allows you not to disclose data, but not to have errors;

Torrent – already known to everyone the technology of peer-to-peer interaction between carriers of some information, in which the file is split into smallest encrypted parts and stored on multiple devices simultaneously; 
Tangle – distributed information, similar to the block, but different from it and based on the acyclic graph of DAG;

The consensus mechanism is dBFT (Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerant – delegated Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus). Allows to protect data from external attacks, including the reflection of attacks of quantum computers (in the future). Another feature of Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerant is the right to vote given to the owners.

The project team

On the company’s website you can get acquainted with the project team. It is really young, international, professional and well-staffed. In particular, it was nice to see our compatriot as a designer. This fact clearly pleases, because in terms of design and external design, the site, white paper is beautifully executed.


To raise funds, the company decided to sell its tokens. At the moment, the dates of the main sales have not yet been announced. It is only known that the token ticker will have QRS symbols, and its value will be equal to 0.5 $.



QURAS Tokens are tokens that are functional for the use of the QURAS platform and to pay compensation. The QURAS platform and QURAS coins are not for investment or temporary business. Although the QURAS coin has an uncertain value Just like a common currency that can go up and down, the QURAS coin owner will have the privileges determined by QURAS. in using the QURAS Coins it is intended to be held or used by groups or individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable in deeper blockchain, especially regarding cryptography, their use and activities to obtain services and privileges provided by QURAS or the QURASchain Platform.

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Quras roadmap

2017 1Q: Initiates initiative and technical verification
2017 3Q: development of the block chain began
2018 1Q: Implementing anonymization by zero knowledge-proof technology Full implementation
2018 2Q: implementation of the smart anonymity contract
2018 2Q: Release of Wallet version 1.0
2018 2Q: Launch of Block Chain Explorer
2018 3-4 Q: Torrent launches implementation of the ring signature
2019 1-2 Q: Implement the DAG protocol test test
2019 1Q: application test
2019 3Q: launch of anonymous browser

The result

My attention was attracted by the Quras project and, with a more thorough study, it did not disappoint me. His specialization in the separate technological field of the Internet of things (it is worth saying that obviously promising), a complete team, atypical solutions in the architecture of the platform – all this makes the project special and interesting.

For more detailed information, visit :

Website : https://quras.io/
Whitepaper : https://quras.io/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/QurasOfficialGroup
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/QurasOfficial/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/qurasofficial
Medium : https://medium.com/@qurasofficial
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4795475.0

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