Qurrex is the first crypto exchange integrating industrial infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with decentralized network. Created by professionals for professionals.


Crypto economy is expanding because of the evolution of crypto exchanges. However, crypto exchanges are becoming more centralized with time. Today, when traders pick up a crypto exchange, they focus on its transparency, its security, and most importantly, its liquidity. The liquidity of any crypto exchange chiefly depends on its ability to do marginal trading, transfer money, and provide a friendly GUI. But right now, you will find a number of niche products available in the crypto market; every project does well at addressing any specific concern.
Still, there isn’t any end-to-end solution that will tackle all the crypto market challenges head on. And again, the market will reach the next level of maturity by including institutional investors and big brokers.
The Qurrex ecosystem is a trading platform that will perform different functions.
* It will be a fully blockchain network that will eliminate intermediaries (middlemen) and provide enhanced security.
* It will give users of the platform an aggregate liquidity coming from different network nodes.
* It will be a centralized node whose effectiveness can be compared with cutting-edge, modern exchanges.
* It will also include client functionality that will meet the demand of the users of different stock exchange and even FX brokers.
* It plans to be the first universal crypto exchange ecosystem that will be based on high performance architecture that is taking from prominent global trading portals.


*HIGH LIQUIDITY:* This Qurrex ecosystem will be providing impressive high liquidity for stimulating investment and attracting capital. A major portion of the platform’s liquidity will be achieved by the adequate funds present within the ecosystem. For gaining more liquidity, the development team will follow the best practice when it comes to rolling out new investment tools.
*TRANSPARENCY:* For the first time on the cryptocurrency market, the Qurrex exchange discloses information fully and in details, providing clients with maximum formalization of all processes (rulebook etc.) Regular disclosure of financial accounts Annual business audit. This feature contributes to making the platform extremely transparent.
*HIGH SPEED API:* Every native API, which will be deployed on this platform, should have high speed. To make sure that its API have the needed speed, the ec has REST and Websocket in place. These tools within the API, will help the investors make split-second decisions. The platform is engineered to carryout many transactions per second.
*HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL APIs:** The ecosystem’s GUI will have algorithm-enabled trading capabilities that will be natively embedded. The investors of the platform will easily auto a copy all the trading signals, plus, there is already a range of analytics tools that will help users get substantial insights into that charting process. Qurrex exchange is the right destination for experiencing highly functional APIs.
*PERFORMANCE:* 70.000 transactions per second, latency: 650 us (99%) Regular load testing with participating of clients.
*OWN MARKETPLACE:* Training portal and knowledge database forum and chat messenger.
*SOCIAL TRADING:* Within the Qurrex trader community effective management of one’s own trading account is verified by rigid evaluations. A trader who includes his/her trading account in the Qurrex rating can count on income from the trade signals.
The platform is developed by a team of experienced professionals who belongs to different Industrial backdrops such a

s investment banking, exchange infrastructure development, and business generation. The team has the experience and expertise to create a revolutionary exchange platform for the crypto world. Here are the names of the team you can check there biography on the website.
Matthijs Johan Lek- Co founder and CEO.
Slavs Baikalov- Co founder and Head of East Europe Office
Andrey Sitaev- CTO
Alexander Bobryshev- Product Manager
Ivan Serikov- Back office Architect
Karine Gabrielyan- Business Developer
Kirill Gotovtsev- CMO
Yury Panov- Head of Marketing Strategy
Konstantin Sviridenko- Advisor, Chairman of the supervisory Board of QURREX.
Dmitry Lavrov- Advisor, Assets Manager
Brain Konradi- Legal Advisor


Token name is QURREX/QRX. Public pre-sale period started on February 27 and ends on march 7. Pre-ico sale price is 800 QRX token is equal to 1ETH coin. While Crowdsale period started on March 19 and end on April 7, during the crowdsale , the price of the tokens remains the same as it was during the pre-ico sale. The ICO is based on Ethereum blockchain and there is availability of Bounty and Bonuses. There accept cryptocurrency for the ICO is Ether, minimum investment is 30ETH for presale . countries restricted during the ICO are USA, Syria, North Korea, Iran and Cuba.
Bounty Fund- 4.3%
Loyalty program- 6.4%
Pre-ico investors-3.6%

This project will become a key factor in developing the crypto economy as a whole. That’s because the project will not only satisfy the needs of all the existing exchange users but also streamline new participants that aren’t represented in the crypto world. Also, its blending the centralized exchange solutions with the decentralized world of the blockchain.


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