Qurrex is advanced exchange for trading crypto currency

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Qurrex is an advanced exchange for trading crypto currency


With the development of the crypto currency market, there are more exchanges, where users can exchange token types at the most profitable level. Due to the fact that the industry has emerged relatively recently, there are a number of problems in crypto currency currency that must be eliminated in the near future. The list includes: low transaction speed: this refers to the input and output of funds; lack of proper protection of the user’s personal data: theft of funds, termination of data – such negative information often appears in the media. The Qurrex platform will allow the trading process with the crypto currency to be raised to a higher level. If the implementation is successful, in the purchase process, token sales, users will be able to find the most interesting reply command in just a few seconds. In addition, this service will solve the problem,

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Challenges of Decentralized Exchange

Popular decentralized exchanges includes WAVES DEX, Bitshares, nvo.io, and other Ethereum-based exchanges like Delta, OasisDex, and others. However, decentralized platforms, in a bid to solve the problems of centralized exchanges, also faces different challenges such as a reduction in the speed of transaction, low liquidity of cryptocurrencies, absence of protocol and APIs for connecting algorithms.

Qurrex’s Hybrid Solutions


Qurrex aims to develop the first multi-functional hybrid virtual currency exchange by combining a decentralized blockchain protocol with a centralized exchange platform as one of its node. The nodes that makes up this network will be able to send orders to nodes for the best value for a commodity. Furthermore, the nodes will be able to exchange information with other nodes on the latest active request. Mind you, this can only occur by participation of each nodes in the creation of a collective market data for each electronic asset.

This platform features a high secure and high speed hybrid architecture as opposed to the challenges facing both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Features of Qurrex Hybrid Architecture

• It routes collective queue order to the blockchain network.
• Each nodes provides all the stakeholders in the hybrid system with the best execution service
• Receives data on matching results

Impact of Qurrex on Transparency

Transparency is a major challenge for most cryptocurrency exchanges, especially in centralized platforms. This is mainly due to users inability to access information from these platforms. Information such as the identity of those controlling and managing the exchange’s activity, and the secrecy surrounding the way the funds of users are being utilized. To tackle this, Qurrex aims to provide a quarterly report of the exchange’s activity. Furthermore, users on the Qurrex platform, are privy to detailed information about the state of their account.

Impact of Qurrex on Security

Qurrex has a decade’s worth of experience in providing security for traditional exchange systems. Qurrex aims to provide top notch security systems by storing about 86 percent of its funds in cold storage wallets. Additionally, these wallets will be multi-signature protected and by a hardware security module.

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Tim Leaders Qurrex

The project has a strong and highly qualified team, which I think is able to bring the project to the highest level in the shortest time possible and I hope they succeed.


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The Qurrex team is formed by the best traders and qualified advisers. They develop effective principles to predict the course. Over the last period, the team has focused on studying work with various crypto currency assets. Experts actively study the problems of potential users of the service and will do everything to solve it. Of course, it will take time to apply the basic idea. You can familiarize yourself with the site development plan by reviewing the roadmap. This site has good prospects. After all, the crypto industry continues to grow, the audience is happy to consider a new site that is more comfortable to work. Investing in ICO will be available to all arrivals – time remaining.

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Token Details

Token Name: QRX
Token Standard:ERC-20
Accepted Currency: ETH
Token Type: Utility
Exchange Rate: 500 QRX = 1 ETH
Total Token for Sale: 55 million
Total Token Supply: 70 million
Deposit Now: https://tokensale.qurrex.com/

Useful links:
Website: https://qurrex.com
Whitepaper: https://goo.gl/ZmucrR
Blog: https://medium.com/qurrex
Twitter: https://twitter.com/qurrex
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qurrex/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/QurrexOfficial/

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