Raido Financial is a global fintech ecosystem that combines a set of universal crypto tools for trading, exchange, financial and investment operations for all B2B and B2C crypto market players through the single platform.
Our mission is to provide all the market stakeholders with the most efficient,
comprehensive and secure tools for carrying out all needed crypto activities. Thus,our main goal is to run and improve the ecosystem, whereby any participant of the crypto market can easily obtain and use highly efficient and profitable tools with any experience level in Blockchain or cryptocurrency technologies.
Raido Financial allows you to:
• Perform all types of trading operations efficiently with highly technological
features. The technical architecture of Raido Financial is capable to provide
users with the maximum data processing speed due to the high performance
and load-processing system. In addition, Raido Financial will be integrated with the maximum number of protocols, including the most popular ones: FIX API, WebSockets, REST. The collocation zone allows to process high-frequency queries and effectively use algorithmic and Machine Learning modules.
• Launch and effectively manage new ICOs. A tokenized smart-processing
system for ICO / TGE / ITO projects will be a part of the Raido Financial
ecosystem. This system provides a set of “all in one” tools needed to
implement a successful launch of Token Sales — including all marketing, legal
and technical aspects.
• Anonymously, securely and profitably carry out trading, exchange, investment
operations with crypto assets from a single multicurrency wallet. The Raido
Wallet will be integrated with the most popular payment methods and currency exchanging tools: plastic cards processing, money and electronic payout systems — with low fees for ecosystem users.
• Proceed trading operations with large volumes of crypto assets. Raido
Financial ecosystem will use liquidity aggregators to ensure an integration
with the largest trading platforms, crypto exchanges, brokers and other
financial institutions on the same website.



Raido Financial Coin (RF) is the official token of the Raido ecosystem with the described application and utility model, as well as the growth model for the next 3 years. Taking into account the features of the further development of the ecosystem, new ways of using the RF token will be implemented, including the use of RF as a means of payment within the system, the application of discounts for the ecosystem services when paying with RF, the conversion of the RF token into a coin with its own blockchain (if such a decision is made).

In order to conduct an ICO, a licensed company will be opened in the jurisdiction of Estonia. The Token Sale will consist of two stages — Pre-Sale and Main Sale. The main purpose of Pre-Sale is to determine the level of the investors’ interest in the proposed project and implement the basic technical upgrades of the ecosystem.
The achievement of Soft cap ensures that with target audience is interested in the development of the project, so that the project can transit to the main stage — Main Sale. ( Read Whitepaper )

Volume of all tokens issued 86 250 000 tokens

  • incl. token sales 60 262 500 tokens (60 262,5 ETH)
  • incl. reserved tokens 25 987 500 tokens
    Geography of sales/targeting The whole world, except from the US, China,
    North Korea and the Republic of Singapore
    Token price 0,001 ETH
    Crowd Sale members — 60 262 500 (70%)
    Campaign — 8 662 500 (10%)
    Token distribution Developers — 8 662 500 (10%)
    Advisors — 4 725 000 (5%)
    Airdrop — 1 575 000 (2%)
    Bounty — 2 362 500 (3%)
    Personal account for the purchase of tokens
    The address of the smart contract will be available on the project website before the beginning of the
    Crowd Sale
    Payment methods BTC, ВСH, ЕТН, LTC, DASH, ETC
    November — December 2018
    Tokens will be available to a limited number of participants
    Pre-Sale Limit — 7 500,0 ETH on the Pre-Sale
    For potential investors, the participation in the bounty program is possible before the beginning of
    the ICO.Restrictions on the amount of Max amount — 7 500 ETH purchases during Pre-Sale
    January — February 2019
    Main Sale Tokens will be available to a limited number of participants
    Limit — 52 762,5 ETH on the Main Sale
    February 5th, 2019
    End of ICO The actual number of tokens in circulation will be demonstrated and known at the end of the Crowd Sale.
    Restrictions on the amount of Min amount — 50 tokens


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