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Rally is a decentralized marketplace where users are rewarded for sharing content and joining communities. Rally has innovated a new economic model to reward the true value of user contributions.

The evaluation time!!

  • A clear & concise whitepaper

Rally provides clear information through its to-the-point whitepaper. With a simple and concise content along with no technical jargon, this document also caters to a layman.

The company already has a social platform that is available for the users to download on App Store and Google Play. Because of the reason that this project is not selling its tokens rather taking the route of airdrop to distribute the tokens, there is no requirement of information on crowdsale funds wallet.

  • Small but strong team profile

The team of Rally according to its website involves 9 members. The team primarily consists of advisors along with the Blockchain Architect, Regulatory Affairs, and Business Development Executive apart from the President and founder.

James Cashiola Founder: The attached profile explains the Cashiola’s over 30 years of experience in software design and development. Graduated from the University of Southern California, he has founded multiple startups and acquired software patents as well.

David Filippone President: With over 20 years of experience in media and finance, Filippone has worked with a number of big names while processing deep knowledge in various areas viz. M&A, finance, business strategy, and online marketing.

Jason Silver– Blockchain Architect: Jason has experience of more than 20 years in the field of technology. He has also developed and sold a technology marketplace to Overstock.com while leading their automotive technology platform. Having a degree in Electrical Engineering, he has patents pending using blockchain in the automotive space.

  • Business model: RALLY- an asset token

The Rally Token (RALLY) is the platform’s incentive currency whose value is driven by both the number of users and advertisers and how engaged they are in the marketplace.

Advertisers use these tokens as part of their offers that can be acquired back by offering goods and services to them.

For the users, the tokens can be earned through a number of ways:

  • Engaging: content sharing or engagement in response to an offer from an advertiser
  • Referring: users send referral links to new users and/or advertisers to join the platform
  • Community royalties: users that have referred other users to the platform receive tokens whenever the referred users earn tokens

As for how these tokens can be used:

  • Redeem prizes, goods or services from advertisers
  • Accumulate tokens for increased leaderboard standing, badges, or awards
  • Send tokens to other users on the platform
  • The user switches to advertiser role and uses tokens to incentivize other users
  • Backing technology: Ethereum-based Blockchain

Rally uses the popular ICO platform Ethereum blockchain to build its platform. The reason for going the blockchain route is “to realize the full potential of the content sharing economy, and the requirements of transparency, security, incentives, and attribution.”

  • Crypto-sale resiliency

Incorporate in Puerto Rico, the company has 4 advisors with Sir Kenneth Olisa, OBE being the most prominent one. He is currently the Deputy Chairman of The Institute of Directors and Chairman of Interswitch (Africa’s largest e-payments company) and is a former Director of Thomson Reuters and Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC).

Token distribution

The company website provides a clear picture of the distribution of Rally tokens that “will be issued as an incentive for users to join, get authenticated, refer new users and engage with offers from advertisers.”

Out of the total supply of 5,000,000,000 RALLY tokens, the majority of the tokens i.e. 40 percent will go to airdrop rewards where tokens are allocated to individuals for joining Rally and inviting others to join. 35% will go to advertisers in order to incent the Rally community to take action and be rewarded.

Company Reserve for the business development purpose gets 10 percent of the tokens while 7 percent goes to Community Managers that manage channels, curate content, and community support. Only 3 percent is allotted to advisors who are the third parties supporting the Rally airdrop. The remaining 5 percent is for Bounty Program, to grant to the users that promote the Rally Airdrop with content creation and sharing.

For the security purpose, the Rally platform has chosen blockchain, especially Ethereum. Moreover, it has further boosted through a bug bounty program, “which requires significant technical expertise”.


  • Community acceptance

The team is enthusiastic about their project as it provides development information to its investors. Though the company is not on the slack and mailing list, it offers a good reach to its potential investors via LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Bitcointalk.

  • Roadmap

Stage of Project:

  • The project development started a few years back in 2015 with the development of the web-based application for the gamification of digital coupons. In the subsequent years, an online ad purchase engine was launched, development of full communications module and now rally point system is being merged into the blockchain.

Major Hurdles:

  • A small and limited team as per the information provided on its website lacks the number to handle an ambitious project.
  • The company doesn’t share any future prospects so in order to gain further insight we would have to rely on announcements made in the future.

A note to investors

The idea to incentivize both the user and the advertiser by offering multiple benefits in the form of no limit on acquiring the number of tokens, various ways to earn and use the tokens while providing low advertising cost and wide reach to the advertisers has a lot of potentials.

Though the team lacks numbers, Rally has included the right mix of talent by having experienced blockchain architect, regulatory affairs, and advisors. Moreover, the airdrop to distribute the RALLY tokens is a smart move while already having a platform in place.


To rate an ICO, we follow a list of parameters that are basically the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of a project viz:

  • Whitepaper – Availability of code or prototype, the breakdown of funds, wallet for crowdsale
  • Team Profile – Team’s strength and reputation
  • Business Model – Problem solved, purpose & utility of the token and the economic model
  • Backing Technology – Blockchain infrastructure, clarity of terms & conditions and token software
  • Crypto-sale Resilience – Incorporation, token distribution, legal risks, and security aspect
  • Community A

We have a team of robust professionals who rate the ICO projects in completely unbiased manner.

Caution: Coingape publishes the ICO project reviews only for the information purpose. It is not an invitation for investment. When making investment decisions, conduct your individual assessment and consult with an advisor.

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