Rasputin Online Coin 2

First Ever Crypto Adult Reality Show in HD


From ROC1, The Rasputin Party Mansion was born, the project was delivered ahead of schedule, it has grown faster than we forecast and has paid dividends to ROC1 tokens holders. Now we are ready to expand, ready to take this successful concept to a NEVER level before being seen in the adult entertainment industry. New Party Mansion will build eclipsing anything ever seen in the adult entertainment industry. Over 10 times larger in size than the current studio with 50 thousand square feet of adult fun, with 150 cameras and over 100 models living, playing and entertaining all in our studios broadcasting to the world live in High Definition 24 hours of everyday of every week . Our already impressive revenues stand.



The smart contract and the tokens implemented it are owned by a particular entity (ethereum address). To use those tokens the owner will have to sign with his private key. As we deploy the smart contract on Ethereum blockchain, initially all the tokens will be owned by the owner of the smart contract i.e. the entity offering the crowdsale. Below is a code snippet enforcing ownership on some components of the contract.


The tokens can be transferred from one entity to other(like to exchanges for trading). This transfer can be made by using any ethereum wallet which supports ERC20 token standard, for eg. MyEtherWallet, Mist Etc.


Any Token holder if he wills, can approve some other address, who will on his behalf and the approved entity can transfer the approved amount of tokens from token holder’s to others.

Viewable Tokens

As you already may be aware with the transparent nature of blockchain, all the tokens holders and their exact balance is made clearly visible, on Ethereum blockchain explorers like Etherscan and Ethplorer. Their are functions which are implemented to return informations like token balance of any particular token holder, the token allowance amount of any particular Token holder, which he has allowed to any other entity(Ethereum address).

Transfer Ownership 

Ownership of the smart contract can be transferred to a new Ethereum address(entity), this can be done only by the current owner of the smart contract.

Burnable Tokens 

Owner has the capability to burn the tokens which are left unsold during the ICO and hence should be subtracted from the total supply

Set ICO Related Parameters 

Owner has the capability to set the Ether Price to be used during the ICO, set the bonus percentage and set the token price to used in the ICO. The ether price is used to calculate the amount of tokens when the smart contract receives ether.

Manage ICO Start/End

The ICO stages can be managed through the contract by the owner. This is a very important function. If the ICO stage is false then the smart contract does not accept ether and transfers tokens in return.

Approve and Call 

ERC20 requires a multistep process for tokens to be transferred to a contract. First approve must be called on the token contract, enabling the contract to withdraw the tokens. Next, the contract needs to be informed that it has been approved to withdraw tokens. Finally, the contract has to actually withdraw the tokens, and run any code related to receiving tokens. This process typically takes two to three steps, which is ineffi cient and a poor user experience. This issue is solved by approve and call function.

Why another ICO?

The current phase 1 Party Mansion is a successful start to our main goal, it is in a profitable position and has already paid a dividend to ROC1 token holders. The growth of the project is limited to the size of the current mansion so we have decided to offer ROC2 to raise the capital we need to build something that does not exist anywhere else in the Adult entertainment industry.

Expand Our Product Offering

We will add 27 new products to our line-up including Bespoke motion and animated video production, VR experience, Updated Virtual Girlfriend, 35 live show rooms, fantasy suites, fetish suites, Offsite streaming, Simulation world, themed rooms and more.

Studio expansion

A new Mega Party Mansion in the form of a large live broadcast studio producing multiple forms of live adult content. It will house 100 models living Voyeur style broadcast live through 200 cameras. The facility will also be a full-scale production studio, catering for motion, animated, VR and live content production.

Data and servers

We are building a top-notch datacloud network to serve our clients in high speed around the globe.


We want to give chance to everyone to contribute and participate in awesome project! We are not only looking for investvestors, but also workforce, feedback and fans who want to be part in adult entertainment innovation!

Token Details

Token: ROC2


Price: 1 ROC2 = 2.75 USD

MVP/Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH

Hard cap: 55,000,000 USD

Country: Estonia

Whitelist/KYC: None

Project Timeline

14 MAY 2018

Phase 1 of Rasputin Party Mansion launches, the daily lives of 30 models living in one party mansion broadcast live in HD by 35 cameras 24/7.

25 SEP 2018

Private presale of ROC2 opens, private buyers have the opportunity to purchase at heavily discounted prices.

11 JAN 2019

Rasputin Party Mansion & ROC2 signed a major partnership deal with the world’s largest name in Adult Entertainment. Official announcement made in April 2019.

01 MAR 2019

ROC2 public sale opens, 27 million tokens created, 15 million available to public at $2.75 per token.

MAY 2019

ROC2 softcap reached triggering the commencement of construction, designing and planning of Phase2 a 5000m2 party mansion housing 100 housemates.


Phase2 construction complete, commence internal fit out.


Internal fit out complete, systems online and begin testing.


100 housemates enter the Phase2 studio for 2 weeks of live testing.


Phase2 launches, 100 housemates living and partying under 1 roof. Broadcast live from 130 cameras, live 24/7. Phase 1 house de commissioned.


Craig Hilton: Main Guy

Dmitri Lahtikov: Site Operations

Andy Monk: Development

Lev Derjabin: SMM & Studio Operations

Paul Knutov: Marketing

Julia Knutova: Marketing

Lilia Njunina: Studio Operations

Maria Shunyaeva: Studio Operations

Andrei Kononenko: Broadcast Operations

Max Nikiforov: Engineering

Georgi Kirtjanov: Technical Engineering

Vladimir Rybro: Studio Operations

Artjom Firjulin: Broadcast Operations

Vladislav Ishutko: Development

Danil Gorbushin: Cyber Sec

Konstantin Tatar: Art Department

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