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Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Rateonium project, it’s worth reading reviews that can help you find information that can help you see their vision and mission, as follows: 

Rateonium is a very comprehensive ranking system that can be customized for each client group so consumers can communicate better than before. It has a simple design with a basic algorithm that allows users to provide reviews with more relevant content. Various languages ​​in combination with universal partner companies help ensure that the Rateonium ecosystem will always be diverse and vibrant.

Rateonium collects qualitative and individual consumer data for the company, while each consumer is valued along with the Rateonium currency through an automatic algorithm. Rateonium offers its users a modern purchasing experience with applications supported by metadata – free from data manipulation and abuse. We support our Rateonium business clients by implementing modern customer relationship management and long-term quality processes on the platform. 


The Rateonium App is at the heart of an innovative ranking system. This includes all features such as company ratings or features around me. In order not to fight the growth planned by Rateonium, this application is available as a free download for each user in the future. After the user creates his account and personal data is encrypted by the RATE-SAFE process, users can access all application areas of the program. This allows him to review reviews about restaurants in the area and name them useful or write reviews about perceived services themselves. 

Today, data is regarded as gold internet and is available worldwide at the right price – at the expense of consumers whose privacy is attacked. The Sales and Marketing section uses this data to convert instructions to customers with targeted promotions. Rateonium creates an interactive network between consumers and companies that meets modern demands for personal integrity in the digital age, free from manipulation and with the highest respect for data security. 


For the first time, there were actual reviews on the company’s board in the Rateonium rating system, and market distortions caused by misuse of reviews were prevented by the public. 


Since the establishment of Rateonium, the team has worked around the world to build a large business network. Meanwhile, they have collaborated on five continents, including, for example, the gastronomic sector, local and long-distance traffic, the aviation industry, block-based projects, the automotive industry and the travel and hotel industry. 


Rateonium offers its users a modern purchasing experience with applications supported by metadata – free from data manipulation and abuse. The Rateonium collaboration network is supported by the application of modern customer relationship management and long-term quality processes on the platform. The Rateonium rating system provides users with several tools for making qualitative assessments. 


By obtaining useful currencies, customers can immediately identify with certain companies and be rewarded for providing transparency of products and services. Enhancing client strength in the future to make other decisions to improve the interoperative client community. 


Department Prices and Token Distribution The

following are important visions of the Rateonium platform related to consumers: 

Focus on authenticity:
Important requirements for verification of user feedback are obtained through internal RDT validation. The aim is to encourage mutual trust between clients and companies. 

Internal Encoding:

Rateonium ensures that personal information is safe at all times, by capturing and accessing controls, and securing system data exchange programs from stringent security standards. 

Daily use:

Various trusted business partners, combined with scalability, the addition of other companies in the system, will provide Rateonium with more prizes in a short period of time. Each user will receive individual awards in the system. 

Money Trading:
Tokens Ratec, obtained from the Rateonium system, can be sold on any trading platform for other currencies or FIAT crypto conversion. 

ICO Information and Tokens:
Tokens: RTC 
Platform: Ethereum 
Type: ERC20 
PreICO prys: 1 RTC = 0.000091 ETH
Prys in ICO: 1 RTC = 0,000182 
Bonus ETH: Presale: 50% 1. Token-up: 40% 2. Token-up: 30% 3. Token-price: 20% 4. Token-price: 10% Token for sale: 665,414,296 
Min. investment: 0.2 ETH 
Reception: ETH 
Disperse at ICO: 83% 
Sagte hat: 32,000 ETH 
Hard stamp: 84,234 ETH 


You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following link: 

WEBSITE:  https: // rateonium.com/
WHITEPAPER:  https://rateonium.com/whitepaper.pdf
REDDIT:  https: // www.reddit.com/r/Rateonium/
TWITER:  https://twitter.com/@
TELEGRAM:  https: // t.me/rateonium

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