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Today we will talk about the project Rateonium. I really liked the ideas of this project.

Customer reviews of products and services are responsible for the long-term success of a company. New leads rely on customer opinions, not on corporate communication.

  • 75% of consumers only make a purchase decision after reading the reviews
  • 40% of consumers distrust offers with no customer ratings
  • 20% of consumers believe that most ratings are falsified
  • 2% of customers write reviews

Too few customers write qualitative reviews, which means that there is no suitable data on which new leads may base their decision. In addition, there is no globally active verification system to prove the authenticity of customer ratings.

Companies depend on consumers and the documentation of their experiences. Customer reviews offer the following advantages for businesses:

  • Increase in traffic and conversions
  • Fewer returns
  • Product and range optimisation
  • Data basis for quality management

Rateonium is using blockchain technology to create new horizons for the management of customer-company relationships. The platform connects products and services purchased with a subsequent customer review process.

Rateonium collects qualitative and individual consumer data for companies, while the respective consumer is rewarded at the same time with the Rateonium currency by means of an automated algorithm.

Rateonium offers its users a modern purchase experience with an app powered by metadata – free from manipulation and data misuse.

This video will help you understand how this rating platform works.

The Rateonium blockchain platform is changing the way consumers tell each other about their experiences, creating a system based on metadata with an actual basis on real anonymous customer opinions.


Token Pre Sale:
10.08.2018 – 25.08.2018
Token Sale:
25.08.2018 – 25.09.2018
Softcap: 32.000 ETH
Hardcap: 84.234 ETH
Total RTC Distribution:
801.703.971 RTC

Token distribution

Token sale event ≈83%
Strategic Partners ≈7%
Team ≈10%

Budget use

Technical development (scanners, production of Rateonium card) 25%
App development optimisation 20%
Data security server management 7%
Global marketing 35%
Team 5%
Global partner acquisition 8%


Q1 – 2016

Rateonium Ltd founded in Macedonia
Q2 – 2016

Strategic planning
Elaboration of the system specification sheet
Q3 – 2016

Team Recruitment and talent search
Search for partners and investors
Q4 – 2016
-Developments of the Rateonium system
-First sales acquisition of European partner companies

Q1 – 2017

Meetings with investors
Furhter sales acquisition of European partner companies
Implementation of the Legal & Financial Department
Q2 – 2017

Legal preparation
Partner network construction
Q3 – 2017

Further developments of the system specification sheet
Implementation of IT Department and Sales Department
Q4 – 2017

Opening German branch in Hamburg
Conception of token sale process
Q1 – 2018

Completion of partner network basis
App development and system preparation
Launching branches in Vancouver and London
Q2 – 2018

Expansion of the IT Department and CTO announcement
Opening Indian branch in Bangalore
ICO Website development
RTC Token creation
Implementation of the Marketing Department
Q3 – 2018

RTC Token Pre Sale & Token Sale
Cooperation with ICO Rating & Listing Platforms
Implementation and evaluation of project advisors

Implementation of App & system
Final system developments
Completion of the community basis
11 – 2018

Publication of Rateonium Cards for ICO participants
Market expansion in Europe
Further expansion of our partner network
12 – 2018

Special exchange open for ICO participants (RTC to RTO)
Rateonium App available in istore and playstore
Preparation for the Asian and American market
Anual financial statement conference of investors and the Management Board
Publishing of the annual report and presentation of the Business Plan for 2019
Q1 – 2019

RTC exchange enabled on the four largest trading platforms
Full launch of the Rateonium system
Sales acquisition of Asian and American partner companies
Q2 – 2019

Market expansion in Asia and America
Further community growth worldwide
Building of branches in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Tokio
Q3 – 2019

Expansion of the Financial Department
Negotiation with leading venture capital investors
Performance of IPO roadshow
Q4 – 2019

Initial Public Offering of Rateonium
Share & Stakeholder conference in New York

The Ratec tokens (RTC) issued in the Token Sale will be created based on the ERC20 provisions of the Ethereum blockchain. More precise information about the coding of the respective smart contracts can be found on:

WEBSITE https://rateonium.com/
WHITEPAPER https://rateonium.com/whitepaper.pdf
ONEPAGER https://rateonium.com/onepager.pdf
TELEGRAM https://t.me/rateonium
TWITTER https://twitter.com/@rateonium
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKbig5T5_aX4cFJidjTul9w
REDDIT https://www.reddit.com/r/Rateonium/
Bitcointalk ANN thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4796158.0



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