real dex: a new multi function decentralized exchange with bogus benefits for users and investor

A huge number of modern people are constantly using the opportunities of digital technologies – social networks,
various advertising platforms, content exchanges. All this is very popular. Today, blockchain technology is being actively introduced
– an excellent opportunity to create decentralized, secure platforms for working with different types of data. realDEX Project  is an innovative media platform based on the existing advantages of blockchain technology. This is an excellent opportunity for users
– they can not only access the necessary content, but also monetize their own efforts to create this content.

Records reveal that in 2008, a pseudonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto released detached details that gives the detailed of an idea for a new protocol for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system based on advanced cryptography. This opened the door to a new era. It took almost ten years for this breakthrough technology to become widely accepted, and today, developers have begun to apply the core principles of Bitcoin to many other applications. Block chain technology opens up various possibilities to disrupt the world at so many different points. The future is decentralized.
Real dex can be sub defined into four major unique functions, it first properties says that local dex is Local which explains that real dex is a decentralized individual to-individual altcoin/fiat cash exchanging stage with an escrow benefit. Exchange specifically with someone else and get your coins in a split second. the second properties explains that realdex is also sociable where there is a Get Back Privacy where Associate and offer with loved ones will be on this Real slug verification interpersonal interaction crypto committed site. the third properties say that is Auction in this case realdex exchange will exhibit a Digital currency Auction Marketplace stage where Purchase and Sell safely online with Bitcoin, Ethereum, rDEX and Sucre. Escrow will benefit discretionary to all users and finally the fourth properties state that real dex exchange is Freelance, in this case the Cryptographic money crowd sourcing commercial center site, which enables businesses to post employments that Freelancers, Digital Nomads would then be able to offer to finish.

With real-dex exchange Purchasers, Sellers, Devs and Masternode proprietors will never approach private keys vigorously encoded and store on the realDEX blockchain database and yes, source code will be accessible on GitHub at Realdex token is based on the Ethereum technology ERC20. rDEX will be primarily used to pay fees for the trading platform as well as serving as collateral for running a Masternote on the network and getting paid by the network. Additionally, rDEX tokens will also be a method of payment for Affiliate Program, Advertising, Fees, Rewards and Commissions on the upcoming real platforms,, and
Token specification

Start Round 1 of rDEX Token Sale at 0.0001 BTC per rDEX
April 23, 2018
July 04, Launching Marketing Platform realSURF – July 23, Start Round 2 of rDEX Token Sale at 0.0002 BTC per rDEX and july 26, Launching realLOCAL Exchange BETA
July 2018
Launching realSOCIABLE Social Platform
August 2018
Ending Token Sale and Launching Alpha version of realDEX (Not available to general public)
October 23, 2018
Launching BETA version of realDEX Decentralized Exchange platform. Adding the rDEX Token to realDEX and realLOCAL Exchange as well as submitting rDEX Token to other centralized exchanges worldwide
November 2018
Launching BETA version of realFREELANCE Marketplace platform
February 2019
Launching BETA version of realAUCTION
Additional importance of Real dex exchange
the added features of real dex exchange is based on listing of coin
The only online project where your coin metamorphosis to a currency
Until you can buy and sell products and services with a coin, the coin serves no purpose, Stop being a pump and dump coin! make it a currency.
For more information and joining realDEX social media please follow the following resources:

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