Social media has become a necessity that is used by every community to obtain more practical and clearly connected ways of interacting. Its function is very basic in terms of the fabric of communication making social media have a special place in society. The attention given in carrying out activities using social media can be said to be very high with the average time spent every day is more than 8 hours. This activity tends to be sought after by young people who are easily attracted to new things that are very unique and involve sophisticated technology. This is what makes social media very popular and many develop through the presence of various types of new social media.
Moco is one of the parties taking part in this matter. Defined as a digital platform based on blockchain technology, Moco is designed to provide a special space for the community, especially social media lovers to enjoy new nuances of communication. If all this time we have only spent time on social media through writing and emojis, we can now communicate with other users in the form of 3D avatars. This is supported by the technology of Virtual Reality (VR) which has indeed scored achievements in the development of technology that unites the real world and the virtual world. Moco is a new concept in social media which also provides opportunities for financial gain through creative content.
The creative concept offered by Moco is a form of their efforts in facing the rigors of digital platform competition and social media. Some familiar social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram still have limitations on facilities that have not been able to cover the functions that Moco has. This will be a great opportunity for this platform to get its own attention and it is a big task for Moco to present digital platforms with rare advantages. Every social media user can choose to display their identity or choose an anonymous mode. Both can be selected according to the wishes to be tailored to the needs of the user. The presence of Moco is a very big step to bring a new explosion in the world of technology and social media.
The mission brought by Moco is to make its platform a forum for the development of social media with a new system and using revolutionary technology. This platform has 3 main development stages, namely:
  • Social media applications using 3D avatars and trading markets for various user-generated avatars.
  • Live streaming chat uses Virtual Reality technology with all users in the world.
  • Revolution of 2D communication through writing into 3D Communication through 3D avatars and Live Streaming Chat.
Moco’s development will continue to be carried out where they focus on the success of project development one by one. When the first stage of the project has been completed properly and has been carried out, then Moco will proceed to the next stage of the project. This is done to maximize time by seriously working on each project to a more perfect stage. Moco does not want to waste time by completing little by little the stages to pursue the operating period by the user. They are committed to creating applications that are truly perfect to be enjoyed by every user.
Moco is not only exclusively designed to facilitate the needs of social media but also provides many interesting features in it such as game applications and marketplace. Moco provides 3D game applications with high image resolution. Users can design their own avatar characters themselves as desired as possible. The game can be played by 1 or more users from all over the world. Every time you win a game, users will get MomoCoins that can be exchanged for Moco’s digital tokens. This token can later be used to enjoy various other services on the Moco platform. Moco Tokens can also be exchanged with other digital currencies because Moco also supports functions as an exchange platform.
With the convenience provided in monetizing digital assets, users will more easily enjoy these benefits. Those who have certain talents and creativity can also develop them on this platform and obtain a number of Moco tokens. Content created can be in various forms and can be traded with other users. Owned talent can now generate a number of benefits and through this platform it will become a reality. Moco strives to create a platform that embodies every facility in tangible results without providing many theories. Its development does require a long time, but Moco is sure to realize every stage of the project they have planned.

Token Distribution

15% Team & Advisors
20% Marketing/Sales Distribution
20% Crowd Sale
20% Community Reserve
25% Company Reserve

Proceeds Allocation

15% Reserve
10% Legal
20% Marketing
20% Infrastructure
20% Software
20% Product

Road Map

2018/Q1 Birth of the idea for the MoCo Platform
2018/Q2 Seed
2018/Q2 Pre-Sale 1
2018/Q3 Established “MoMoco” project to develop World’s 1st Anonymous 3D SNS Avatar app
2018/Q3 1st successful compression & Live Streaming of 4K/5MBPS/60FPS (only 3-10 second delay)
2018/Q4 1st successful compression & Live Streaming of 4K/5MBPS/60FPS (360°)
2018/Q4 1st successful 3D scan with single camera using human subject
2018/Q4 Pre-Sale 3
2018/Q4 Pre-Sale 4
2019/Q2 Crowd Sale Start
2020/Q1 MoMoCo 3D Avatar App 1st Mock-up
2020/Q4 MoMoCo App Open Beta Launch in App Stores
2021/Q3 MoMoCo Marketplace Launch
2021/Q3 Fight Club Game Launch
2022/Q1 MoMoCoin = Moco Token Exchange System Launch
2022/Q1 MoMoCoin = Moco Token Exchange System Launch


NAOTO YOKOUCHI: CEO & Business Planning
MARK MORRIS: Creative Development Ambassador
CORINA LAZARESCU: Overseas PR and Partner Development Manager
CYNTHIA KOSHIN: Operations Support Manager/ Chinese Market PR
ROMA SENISHIN: Blockchain Technology Visionary & Project Manager; Dappband
MISHA EFIMETS: Blockchain Architect & Decentralized Web Developer; Dappband
MICHAEL LOBONOV: Expert in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Developer; Dappband
JUN MIYAZAKI: AI (Deep Learning), RPA, IoT System Consultant
YUTAKA SAIKI: Blockchain Team Advisor and Coordinator


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