A lot of stake holders in the realty industry like rental services, management, and construction services amongst others usually are not able to take advantage of the benefits even though realty investment is a sure way to possibly generate profit constantly.  A lot of times, clients that are affluent are usually given preferential treatment or favored In traditional (offline) investment ecosystems while other normal investors are excluded. Also today there are lots of ICOs organized by scam companies, companies with business models that aren’t feasible or realistic or companies that lack proper experience; as a result, investors tend to lose huge amount of money from investing in these ICOs.

Realty Crypto Investment Company provides solutions to the problems stated above. With the Realty Crypto Investment team made up of realty professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of buying, selling, building and management of realty, investors would be properly guided on the right, profit yielding ICO to invest in. Advisers and developers are part of the team providing quality services to the community.

Also with the RCI token, anyone, whether rich poor or average with just enough knowledge of crypto currency can participate in the company’s crypto investment fund and profits would be received accordingly; this eliminates the issue of preference given to some certain people.


The company is a community of developers and realtors from different countries all around the world with a team of professionals from Gergia, Azerbajan, Russia, Spain and Czech Republic, and years of experience.


To create a valuable realty investment platform using a community- centric approach, ensuring that investment services will always be delivered in accordance with the community’s best interests. Thanks to blockchain technology, investors will certainly experience accessibility, transparency, trust and fairness.


Real property investment:

·        $5 million in finished small hotels and apartments

·        $25 million in finished hotels and also build new ones.

·        $45 million in building new hotels.

Revenue is generated by:     

·        Creating hotel businesses to get profits from tourism

·        Creating RCI network

·        Selling a part of objects to secure profits

·        Investing continually

·        Building hotels to be sold not more than 40% of the overall fund.

Distribution of profits which are:

·        calculated per year

·         divided in a 60:40 ratio

·        Proportional to the amount of tokens

·        Bonus program for the top 20 of the token holders




Total amount of tokens: 100,000,000 (one hundred million)

Price per 1 (one) token: $0.50 USD (zero point fifty cents of the US dollar)

Minimum contribution: 100 USD (one hundred US dollar)

Token convenient name: RCI

Technology: ERC-20 Standard-based token

Ethereum contract address: 0xc0Bd05407FBE1fb6461ce6f33e487A573551b927

 Start date: February 22, 2018

End date: May 20, 2018 (may be extended to reach the closest cap)

Hard cap: $45,000,000 USD (90,000,000 RCI sold)

Soft cap: $5,000,000 USD /25,000,000 USD (10,000,000 RCI / 50,000,000 RCI sold correspondingly)

Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC (cryptocurrencies only).


• Realty Crypto Investment Company distributes all of the RCI tokens (100%) to investors

• There are no pre-sale, after-sale and any other kinds of discounts

• 90% of RCI tokens are to be sold during the ICO

• 10% of RCI tokens are to be used as a reward for bounty program participants

• Any unused tokens are denied for further distribution after the RCI ICO has finished

The RCI team members do not allocate tokens to themselves.


Real Crypto Investment Company will serve as a bridge between traditional (off-chain) and on-chain investment world, providing investment solutions that are suitable to both worlds. RCI is fully committed to revenue generation and the company also believes that a major key to the long-term growth of a portfolio is quantitative tactical asset allocation. The company also believes in diversification, providing investors with a diversified, transparent and unbiased performance source via several investment strategies. The company designated three milestones with different investment plans depending on the caps reached:

·        First cap ( $5 million): on reaching this cap , the company would commence investments in small finished apartments and hotels. Depending on the location, about 5-10% could be generated from this investment.

·        Second Cap( $25 million): when this cap is achieved, the company would invest in finished medium-size hotels and in building new ones. A part of the new hotels might be sold later, lower entry cost and ability to use a just finished hotel however, directly gives higher profit.

·        Hard Cap ($ 45 million) : with this, larger hotels and commercial properties like shopping malls could be built right from the scratch with the goal of obtaining maximum profit.


Anton Smetanin : CEO (15+ years’ experience, Czech, Russia)

Mikhail Meshyarekov: Chief Assets Manager (11+ years’ experience)

Moskivina Natalia: Realtor (22+ years’ experience)

With the highly experience team of Realty Crypto Investment Company and the level of accountability, support and transparency in their operations, very little or no cases of investment losses can be recorded and every investor can be given equal opportunity to participate in investments and reap the corresponding benefits. For more information about the RCI project, please check out the following links:







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