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RealtyReturns is a cross-border marketplace that is helping people around the globe access real estate and accumulate wealth. Real estate has always been a bountiful investment with rich returns through income generation and capital appreciation, but the problem is most people can’t access this source of wealth.

We live in the era of transparency where trust is absolutely essential for lasting success. You see the evidence of this as politics, businesses, and celebrities are brought down by insider information and accusations that come to light. Like it or not groups like Anonymous have become modern day superheroes for bringing confidential information to light. The current trend of transparency is disrupting hierarchies and offering opportunities to everyone. In the finance and real estate world select groups have controlled the dissemination of information to only a select few, that is all about to change.

Platforms like RealtyReturns embed compliances at the token level and allows for decentralized trading of across any platform that supports ERC-20 tokens. This significantly increases liquidity in comparison to confining trade to a single centralized exchange. Investors can find trust in the ERC-20 smart contract because it’s completely transparent on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s almost statistically impossible for forgery of fraud to take place on the blockchain. When a transaction takes place a block is created, each block contains encrypted data about each block before it. If a block is changed in anyway it makes the chain invalid, which means that each transaction relies on the next. Because there is a digital footprint with each transaction, if fraudulent behavior were to occur it would be detected immediately.

RealtyReturns is a transparent cross-border marketplace that is helping people around the globe access real estate and accumulate wealth through the blockchain. Through their online portal people from all over will be able to invest in fractional real estate and take advantage of income generation and capital appreciation.

how did works

RealtyReturns is building a security token with a decentralized compliance protocol to create an industry standard for how asset-based tokens are issued and traded on the blockchain. The Returns Token is an open-source ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. What we are building is a compliant way that asset-backed tokens can be traded on any ERC-20 platform.

Token info

Token RRT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 1 RRT = 0.00012 ETH
Accepting ETH


Our Team Has Over 100-years of Real Estate Investing Experience and our Blockchain Programing Team is Some of the Worlds Best.

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