Invest in Real Estate Using Cryptocurrency


Cross-Border Blockchain-based Real Estate Marketplace

The traditional real estate investing market is antiquated. The times of needing large, onhand capital reserves to invest in promising real estate is over. Technology has brought the world closer together, but it has also given people the access, the means and the liquidity to participate in previously out of reach investment opportunities, typically reserved for the wealthy and well connected.

RealtyReturns is addressing this by allowing people, such as yourself to invest in vetted and promising income generating real estate properties using cryptocurrency.


“I have been an investor in cryptocurrency for many years now, through the huge rise and recent fall of values. I asked myself how I could find a way to avoid the volatility of the markets by investing in income-producing real estate. Unfortunately, I did not see an option available at the time.

This was around the same time I was invited to speak about cryptocurrency and its influence on the global economy at SLUSH Conference in Singapore. After my presentation, I began interacting with attendees living in Singapore and surrounding Asian countries. Many of the attendees I spoke with voiced their similar concerns with the volatility of the crypto markets and were looking for a safe place to invest their crypto. Coming from a cryptocurrency, real estate and crowdfunding background, I immediately saw huge potential to combine all three of these aspects.

However, when I brought up this new model, a new concern arose. Investors were concerned about the lack of liquidity in the real estate markets. With the typical real estate investment having a hold period of many years, our team figured out how the blockchain could fix this lack of liquidity by allowing investors to sell their ownership stake in a specific property with the push of a button through our platform; thus creating a liquid real estate market.

We launched to help overseas investors and others avoid the volatility of the markets by securing their money in income generating properties and providing instant liquidity not previously offered by real estate. ” – Manny Fernandez, Co-Founder, CEO


RealtyReturns is building a security token with a decentralized compliance protocol to create an industry standard for how asset-based tokens are issued and traded on the blockchain. The Returns Token is an open-source ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. What we are building is a complians way that asset-backed tokens can be traded on any ERC-20 platform.


  • International real investors want to own American real estate but are faced with significant barriers to entering the market.
  • Cryptocurrency owners seek creddible opportunities to receive stable income to blockchain invesment backed by real assets.
  • Real estate is liquid and capital intensive.


  • The blockchain is global, and our platform leverages that strength to provide opportunities for investors to participate in real estate investment across borders.
  • Our tokens allow buyers to capture a proportional share of the income produced by real assets, as well as any sale profits.
  • Our system is built on a proven crowdfunding model based on our founders experience and success in the real estate crowdfunding space. We pool smaller investors, giving each participant to ability to invest a small basis to own fractional shares of each property. Our Return token will be transferable on exchanges, so investors will have the option to exit their invesment positions.


This platform utilizes decentralized blockchain technology that will reduce the current system problem like there is no need for middleman, complex auditing system and it will reduce long settlement time. The RealtyReturns has a scalable and transparent business model in which buyer invest in property; it will charge 3% of the security token issuance.


We are living in the digital era where transparency and trust are more important for long-lasting success. The blockchain based RealtyReturns platform allows its customers for decentralized trading across any ecosystem that supports ERC-20 tokens. This platform will allow you to increases your liquidity, and this platform is helping people by allowing global access to real estate and accumulates wealth through the blockchain model. With the help of our online platform, people from all over the world will be allowed to invest in real estate and take the benefit of income generation in a more secure and transparent way.

We will allow our customers to exchange our tokens with physical real estate and allow investors to sell their interest in a property on a listed token exchange. We will provide you liquidity in the real estate markets as cryptocurrency market is very volatile and many investors are looking to secure their crypto options. The RealtyReturns ecosystem provides a reliable option for many trader and investor and reducing the risk of illiquidity in the market.


Our platform will issue two types of tokens namely Access tokens and Reality tokens.

  1. Access Tokens: This token enable dividend payment in ETH cryptocurrency and return token must be held by the same account. This is known for a membership token and is designed to support our members’ without charging a transaction fee. This token can be sold or transferred to other members and it will be offered as a part of the pre-ICO, and it is a limited edition of an ERC-20 token.
  2. Return Tokens: Our token is basically backed by the physical real estate market. Each return token is connected to a specific property and can be sold on a security token exchange for liquidity. The type of this token is ERC-20 and the price in ICO of 1 RRT=0.00012 ETH.


Our Team Has Over 100-years of Real Estate Investing Experience and our Blockchain Programing Team is Some of the Worlds Best.

Manny Fernandez: Co-founder / CEO

Rexford Hibbs: Co-founder / COO

Trevor Whiting: VP Investor Relations

Robert Loebl: Deal Flow Manager

Gustavo Guimaraes: Blockchain/Smart Contract Engineer

Yuguang Li: Asia Social Media Marketing

Vis Chen: FinTech Research

Neil Ayton: Vice President of Operations

Alexandr Larionnov: Software Engineer



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