RECORDS KEEPER – The Open Public Blockchain For Record Keeping And Data Security

In spite of the fact that an expansive level of records are electronic presently, there are well more than 400 unique electronic document designs, that may have distinctive handling and capacity prerequisites. Records are also delivered by a variety of sources, for example: mainframe computers, business applications and office applications.

Records management frameworks presently should coordinate with a wide range of frameworks that make them. What’s more, they need to consistently catch records from the time they are created and promptly store them without human intercession. For truly seamless integration, it’s important for the solution to have an open architecture. Associations presently confront these center difficulties at the convergence of individuals, forms, and innovation:

  • How would we adjust these frameworks to the coming flood of gigantic information?
  • How would we comprehend and use what is in these frameworks to take care of the up and coming age of issues?
  • How would we deliberately move from heritage content frameworks to more current ones – and still keep the lights on?
  • How would we give our representatives and partners the instruments – and data – they have to charm their clients?

These issues can be summarized as:

  • It isn’t changeless. Simple to change, extremely hard to identify the tampering of information.
  • Security is costly in centralized tech. It costs a great many dollars on the off chance that you need bank review security.
  • Indeed, even in the wake of contributing immense measure of cash, it can never give you same level of trust or certainty on security.
  • Difficult to validate and check information without including trusted third party.
  • Difficult to check information trustworthiness without including confided in outsider.
  • By what means will you check the respectability of a large number of information questions or records have been kept up? Its unrealistic with MySQL except if MySQL records are un-editable.

RecordsKeeper offers a full suite of structured and easily accessible record keeping and data security solution for organizations and individuals. RecordsKeeper creates a platform for structured storage (NoSQL Database) over decentralized network for the ease of data access and security between peers. The RecordsKeeper capitalises over the pros of the Blockchain network to create a ecosystem for secure transfer, authorization, integrity and authenticity of data. Each peer is an autonomous agent, capable of performing these actions without significant human interaction.

RecordsKeeper is a Blockchain-based, peer-to-peer structured document storage for Businesses and Individuals. It let user store document, data and any transaction immutably in private-blockchain securely without the need of central authority.

RecordsKeeper enables anybody to push verifiable records of any information objects in the worldwide open RecordsKeeper Blockchain.

By pushing the irrefutable records in to the RecordsKeeper Blockchain anybody in the entire world can confirm the realness, honesty and unchanging nature of the information without including the trusted third party.

Every one of the records can be pushed in Key-Value pair format (simply like some other noSQL DB) utilizing a little exchange expense in XRK tokens (RecordsKeeper fuel) and similar information can later be gotten utilizing the same key or exchange ID free forever.


Our vision is to create a global open ecosystem for data sharing and verification.


  • Completely Open Source.
  • Get up and running within a day and get your PoC done faster than ever.
  • High security with mining or permissioned configurations.
  • Easy to let anyone get read only access for data verification without involving you.
  • No need to understand the underlying architecture to get the PoC done. Just focus on your use case and applications.
  • Easy to update maintain with APIs and Libraries.
  • Easy to integrate with other businesses for external use if needed.


  • Step 1 – The user should register on the Recordskeeper Blockchain by providing his or her name and email. Next, the user will generate an XRK wallet where the data will be uploaded.
  • Step 2 – The user will receive the public and private keys to access the wallet.
  • Step 3 – After that, data recording can begin and the user can create a record by entering the data he wants to record. It can be in any format.
  • Step 4 – To confirm it, the user will review his or her data and if everything is okay, the data will be published.
  • Step 5 – To review that data, the user will have to enter the record’s identifier to retrieve it from the Blockchain.


RecordsKeeper offers an out-of-the-box functionality for structured, decentralized key-value pair database storage. When a user uploads a file, a condensed record along with meta-information is signed and registered in the RecordsKeeper ledger. If the amount of data is significant, it can be pushed to the encrypted storage layer for later retrieval. If any alteration of the record occurs after it is uploaded, the hash of the record will be different, and its immutable traces will be reflected in the blockchain. A client can also use checksum with SHA256 hashing to ensure that the digest of the record hasn’t been altered.

RecordsKeeper is an open platform with key-value storage. A user accessing the RecordsKeeper can create a key-value stream on top of the RecordsKeeper ledger which then ensures secure data storage. The user can also use encrypted storage with our public ledger to store an unlimited amount of data. This data can be shared with interested parties by sending a transaction. An open ecosystem to manage records reduces the need for establishing trust in 3rd party organizations. Moreover, it provides community-control and verification of the data shared on the RecordsKeeper ledger.



XRK are the native tokens of RecordsKeeper Blockchain which are tracked on peer-to-peer network. XRK tokens behave as an economy to power the whole system. Users pay the records upload fee using the XRK tokens which gets delivered to the miners for mining the Block and securing the Blockchain. This utility token fuel the entire ecosystem and ensure it runs as a win-win for everyone including the XRK holder, user and miner.


RecordsKeeper will be conducting XRK token sale for end user to buy XRK tokens in advance for using it later for uploading the records into the RecordsKeeper Blockchain. There will be total three phases of sale spread over two months (June and July).

Phase 1: Private-Sale (9 AM UTC, 24 May 2018 – 9 AM UTC, 6 July 2018)

In this phase the company will be selling 36,000,000 XRK to buyers and enthusiasts with some early discount. This phase will begin at the time of announcement of the Token sale and will end on 6 July 2018. Discount on the token price will depend on the participation volume and the order of contribution. The earlier contributors will get more discount than the late comers.

Phase 2: Pre-Sale (9 AM UTC, 4 July 2018 – 9 AM UTC, 6 July, 2018)

In this phase company will allow 300 high volume online participants to participate in the Token sale between 9 AM UTC, 4 July to 9 AM UTC, 6 July 2018. Only whitelisted participants with proper KYC with contribution volume 1 BTC and above will be allowed in this period. The participants in this phase will get flat 25% bonus on the public-sale XRK token price.

Phase 3: Public-Sale (9 AM UTC, 7 July 2018 – 9 AM UTC, 22 July, 2018)

In this phase company will allow anyone with confirmed KYC to participate in the Token sale between 9 AM UTC, 7 July to 9 AM UTC, 22 July 2018. RecordsKeeper hold the rights to close the token sale early incase all the available XRK tokens have been sold or till the hard cap is hit whichever is earlier. In this phase first 3 Million XRK buyers will be getting 10% bonus, second 3 Million XRK buyers will get 8% Bonus and then next 3 Million XRK buyers will get 6% bonus Tokens. No bonus will be given to the participants after that.

Token Details

  • Sale Type: BTC Capped
  • Soft Cap: 1200 BTC
  • Hard Cap: 2000 BTC
  • Price: 20,000 XRK/BTC i.e. 0.00005 BTC/XRK
  • Bonus: 10% to first 3 Million XRK, then 8% for next 3 Million XRK, then 6% for next 3 Million XRK, No Bonus post that
  • CryptoCurrencies accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BCG, XRP Only
  • Crowd Sale Start: 9 AM, 7 July, 2018 (UTC)
  • Crowd Sale End (Approx): 9 AM, 22 July, 2018 (UTC)
  • Team Tokens Escrow: Yes (RecordsKeeper MultiSig Wallet, 3-out-of-5 Signatories)

  • 30% Blockchain Scale & Development
  • 20% Research & Development
  • 20% Contractors & Salaries
  • 15% Marketing & Promotions
  • 15% Legal, Licenses & Admin


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