Hello! Today I would like to tell you about Redcab company.
Redcab: offers a decentralized transport solution for people (individuals). Use of blockchain technology. It is also a unique business model of a transparent, accessible and innovative future.
Redcab was founded in 2016 as a platform for the use of cars in the community and business.
Using markers Redcab driver will get them more profit, as this is the lowest price rate! It is also easy to access the service and pay for it.
In the near future, individuals and organizations will use Redcab tokens. And this will create a huge demand for tokens. And therefore high profits for the owners of the tokens.
Redcab is an opportunity you should not miss. If you pass these projects in the future, you will regret not participating. I encourage you to support the Redcab project and you can buy tokens!
Redcab is supported by a team of experts and their advisors (with the team, you can find the official Redcab website They understand the diversity and dynamics of transport. They have combined their experience and hto solve existing problems in the transport industry.
Starting its growth in 2017, the project has a specific road map until 2021 (you can also visit the official Redcab website Because Redcab is a WHITEPAPER detailing the company’s idea and advantages over traditional transportation services (
In addition, Redcab has a social network:
Facebook: https : //
If you have any questions about the project, you can request them on Telegram redcab channel (, you are there necessarily reciprocate.
100 000 000 Redcab (REDC) will be released.
Distribution of tokens in the red box office: team and founders-9%, advisors-3%, private sale-7%, Bounty – 1%, Presale – 15%, reserved for the production of markers “Proof of driving and proof of marketing”-25%, Crowd – sale-40%.


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