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Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called RedCab LLC, based on the following criteria:



RedCab LLC. The company was established to offer a seamless peer to peer transport solution for individuals and businesses through the decentralization of the entire process using blockchain technology. The REDC token will be used as a utility token for everyday transactions that creates massive requests for restricted restricted stocks.


The digital revolution has changed our lives to be more comfortable and comfortable in many aspects. The global share economy has reached $ 18 billion by 2017, is expected to reach $ 335 billion by 2025. Uber and Airbnb are two great examples of what can happen if you activate a peer-to-peer economy between community users. However, they are limited to two areas of specific service needs, transportation and lodging. Imagine you can turn everyone into a service provider for just about anything.

Many start-ups have been increasing in the market recently to solve transportation problems. Most of them are successful as a business, but nothing works without damage to social security. Despite the fact that technology has bridged the gap for transportation needs and has managed to solve some problems in the last 10 years, this leaves us with some business model impersonator without iteration or innovation. Customers are not only looking for trendy services, but are looking for truly reliable services with sustainable quality and safety, offering all transport options and services at low competitive prices, and because customers do not like to be misused, so on a rainy day , or a day with heavy traffic; The “high price” rate is not a good move.

RedCab has surveyed part-time drivers, with 91% of the population using car apps and having an income hold up to 87% with flexible working methods. RedCab’s business model ensures a 20% increase in driver revenue with a clear strategy to capitalize on 10 on dominance networks where the time of those who choose to partner with Redcap and manage drives more efficiently.

  • What is RedCab?

RedCab LLC. The company was founded to offer a seamless peer to peer transport solution for individuals and businesses through the decentralization of the entire process using blockchain technology. The REDC token will be used as a utility token for everyday transactions that create a massive demand for restricted restricted stocks. Companies that have existed since 2016 with real field operations. Bringing global innovative solutions through Blockchain to existing market needs with annual demand of $ 230 Billion.

  • Vision RedCab

The RedCab LLC team has seen a clear opportunity in the transportation industry for its unique business model to balance business objectives and customer needs, backed by a strong technical platform. Blockchain technology is regarded as the backbone of this business model from providing secure transactions and quick contracts; it perfectly blends with our business model to deliver a world of decentralized managed and managed transport solutions to people who are ready to serve individuals and support the business.

  • How RedCab Solution Works?

RedCab is a decentralizing the transportation solution for individuals by utilizing Blockchain technologies for cost-efficient and secure transactions. On the other hand, saving billions of dollars from transportation commission to be rewarded back to the ecosystem ensuring sustainability and business continuity through cutting-edge technology, performance management and customer loyalty. Our business model is designed to ensure smooth market penetration through lean and reliable processes, and our scoring and reward program ensures loyal and productive community. With the variation in fare calculation from one country to another and even from one city to another, RedCab LLC has managed to keep the tool flexible to amend the best pricing formula without surge price or high-cost fare in holidays or bad weather.

  • Problem Solving: Why RedCab?

Many start-ups have been rising in the market recently to solve the transportation issue. Most of them are successful as a business, but none of them have succeeded without a social collateral damage.

Despite the fact that technology has bridged the gap for transportation needs and has successfully solved some problems in the past 10 years, this left us with multiple copycat business models without any iteration or innovation. Customers are not only searching for a trendy service, but looking for a true reliable service with sustainable quality and safety, that offers all transportation options and services with a low competitive price, and because customers hate to be abused; so on a rainy day, or a day with heavy traffic; “high rates” fare is not a good move.

  • Service and Segmentation for Customers

RedCab LLC has spent enough time understanding customer needs to customize not only travel or transportation stylish from point A to point B but a convenient, secure, and affordable solution that meets everyone’s needs. From business to family and from individual to group, RedCab LLC manages to categorize car models as needed, without limitation for certain segments and to ensure all travel demands are covered.

Economic Cabin
RedCab selects cars carefully with a focus on affordability. Less fuel consumption means lower tariffs. The economic journey is for the use of the City. Short and quick daily trips.

Luxury Cabin
Luxury car for those who want to arrive in style and do not mind the additional cost.

Family Cab
The bigger type of car to take the kids for a long trip or go out with the whole family. Suitable for special care or senior citizens. Family Cab is a unique feature of RedCab LLC for the extra care of children and seniors.

Red Cab
Red Super colored car. This is the last trip. Users will pay a lot, and the driver will make more on the tokens. But the impression it will go … Priceless!

  • RedCab Technology and Applications

From the technical aspect to the business model, a dedicated research team spends a full year studying needs, assessing market gaps and exploring potentials with a focus on the driver’s experience and driver’s needs. One of the key aspects of RedCab’s business approach is global reach.

RedCap has 6 Languages ​​in its app and links to Global maps to be matched and includes different user experiences, as well as diverse car choices and categories from RedCap, covering all travel needs.

The first beta version of Mobile Apps was aired in 2017 both in the App Store and Google play, and the soft launch took place at a small tourist spot by the Red Sea for more hand operations and to test car calling services, consuming most of our business models. We see great potential in the industry and growing demand in all metropolitan cities in the hope of future growth for the industry reaching $ 285 Billion by 2030.

  • Ico Details

Pre-Sale: Starts 01 June 2018 at 12:00 AM GMT and ends on 21 June 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT with early bird investors getting a 15% Bonus till allocated amount is sold out or phase ends.
Main Crowd-Sale Start Date: 22 June at 12:00 AM GMT and ends on 15 August 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT.
Accepted Currency for Token Sale: Ethereum
Token Name: REDC
Token Type: ERC20
Exchange: 1 ETH = 2333 REDC
Hard Cap: 24529 ETH
Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH = 233 REDC
What Exchanges will REDC be listed on? REDC will be listed on exchanges that are regulated and have proof of reserves, including the Korean, Japanese and other globally recognized major exchanges.

  • Tokens distribution

9% Team and Founders
3% Advisors
1% Bounty
7% Private Sale
15% Presale
25% Reserved for Proof-Of-Driving & Proof-of-Marketing token generation.
40% Crowd-sale

  • Budget Allocation Overview

29% Product Development
41% Marketing, Acquisitions and Partnerships
13% Management & Advisory board
11% Admin and Operations
6% Legal

  • Roadmap
  • RedCab Team
  • Advisory Team

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